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How Long After 12/12 Does Sex show

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by jdd616, Nov 29, 2009.


    jdd616 Active Member

    i just put my plant into 12/12 2nd night and was curious how long until sex shows god i hope female....someone told me i should give it 24hrs of darkness 1 time to jumpstart shit but i never heard of that how about you guy's

    JN811 Well-Known Member

    depends on how mature they are, 4 out of 7 of mine showed sex after 3 days 2 more with in a week, and im still waiting on the 1 other

    tmaster2 Active Member

    i have heard that the 24h darkness can increase the chance for hermi
    (u use the 24h darkness for clones before the flowering to check the sex)
    i wouldnt recommend doing that, but before harvest u can have 1-2 days of darkness so the plant will release all of its THC .

    as for showing sex , from what i know it can varys betwin a week to two .
    Mr.Therapy Man

    Mr.Therapy Man Well-Known Member

    Your plants will show within 10 days,most in the first week.I wait for preflowers before I flower my girls..

    RandyRocket Well-Known Member

    If you have 0 veg time about three weeks. (12/12 from seed)

    If you veg for over a mounth and a half about three days. (veg to 24")

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