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How cold can my plants get?

Discussion in 'Michigan Patients' started by gladstoned, Jan 23, 2013.


    gladstoned Well-Known Member

    My furnace broke and we woke up freezing. I'm hoping heating co will have it running before noon. (Fuck I hope)
    The temp is -7 right now outside, without wind chill.
    So I ran down and checked my bud room and it was 36 degrees.
    How bad is that? What damage did I do?
    Canna Connoiseur

    Canna Connoiseur Active Member

    Not good. Certain death will come soon. I believe at around 40-50 they start dying.

    VTMi'kmaq Well-Known Member

    Can you use your oven as supplimental heating until its fixed? i'd hate to see or hear of any farmer losing his ladies this way. Fucken old man winter is pissy this winter!

    oldesthippy Active Member

    we lost our electric some time back and my grow room was 32 when i got up and went out to bring them in the house we have a wood burner.well they are the one i have on my best grow and i am so happy i just lost some leaves.good luck glad hope you have the same luck i did.

    gladstoned Well-Known Member

    The stove couldn't be further from them. But I have 4,000 watts of light on them now.
    I have 11 hrs to get service dude here smart enough to fix everything. I think he will
    be here in about a half hour. If they die, that will be a pretty big, wind-up kick to the sack.

    I let the dogs out at 7:30 this morning and by the time they hit the swing set, 2 laid down to get
    their feet off the ground!!!! That is cold as fuck!! TV had -10 at that point. Honestly I thought
    yesterday was a little colder cuz wind chill was -33, but the dogs can't even walk outside right now.

    These are the days I cuss Belle out for having my city ass way the fuck up here in the Tundra!! roflmao.
    It's all good. If they die, I'll have more going tomorrow.

    oldesthippy Active Member

    it was -6 when i got up -3 when i walked sasa and she did not like it but did her job. hope the lights keep them warm glad

    gladstoned Well-Known Member

    I just went down and looked. Lights have been on an hour and it's only 61.
    I checked the digital thermometer and the recorded low is 30.7 degrees! If that's
    true then they will probably be fucked up. 37 I was worried, 30 degrees, there
    isn't much to wonder about, eh.

    oldesthippy Active Member

    shit it was 32 when i got there but 61 is good they need to warm up slow imo lets hope for the best. i feel my ladys are behind becuse of the cold imo

    zone5bmi Active Member

    Lets hope the bud gods are watching over you sir. This cold sucks.

    feva Well-Known Member

    damn bro that sux. i hope they get that furnace goin for ya quickly, im sure the plants will pull through.

    Trichyn9ne Well-Known Member

    fuck the plants! how are you guys surviving a house temp of 35 fucking degrees? Hope all works out for ya bro...its not the best scenario!

    potsnoberry Active Member

    Raise them lights, if the plants are seriously injured hitting them with lots of light and air movement will finish them off. Low light, low air movement, and don't wet them down.

    gladstoned Well-Known Member

    The house is at 50. my bud room in the basement only has plywood over the window with exhaust fan hooked to it. Not insulated at all.
    HVAC dude was supposed to be here around 9:30. I'm looking out the window as I type this. lmao.

    gladstoned Well-Known Member

    I'll go raise them now. it's up to 65 in there.
    thank you,.
    Uncle Pirate

    Uncle Pirate Active Member

    Fuck man, you don't have any space heaters? That sucks. Last year it was below zero and windy as hell, my power went completely out for 16 hours. I can't remember exactly how cold it got in my rooms but it was in the 30's-40's, and everything was ok.

    gladstoned Well-Known Member

    I have 2 space heaters. One is in front of Belle, the other my dad.
    I didn't know the furnace was off till I woke up and went downstairs.
    At that point it was 15 minutes till the grow lights came on so I just turned them on.
    Those 4k watts will out do any space heater I have.

    norriski Member

    Next time, let me know. I have a generator amd can backfeed your house through you ac circuit. At least to keep you from losing them

    gladstoned Well-Known Member

    The timing is bad. I am redoing my middle room and have my exhaust
    disconnected at the moment. My room was cold the last few nights, but nothing
    like this. Service dude is late. I conveniently saw his magnet stuck to the
    furnace. So here is yet another stranger gonna be hanging out in my basement today.
    Worse case scenario, he shows up with some tweaker piece of shit looking, unbathed assistant.
    That is my fear. I will need to say, sorry I fixed it, see ya. and get back on the phone. lmao.
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    Trichyn9ne Well-Known Member

    50 is still insanely cold Glad! Either way I hope that HVAC guy finds your house soon!!
    Cory and trevor

    Cory and trevor Well-Known Member

    Don't sweat it for 2 reasons; 1) it's out of your control and in the past. 2) it's just one day for a few hours so far, cats harvesting outdoor in october would laugh at a few hours that low. Is it ideal? No. Will it be perfectly fine with a few jacked leaves on them? yeah that's my guess. I had the furnace go out a few years ago and mine were in a plywood box with a hole cut in it and 4" duct to the outdoors thru a window in the dead of winter and a little fan to bring air in (in hindsight it's funny how stupid that vent system was) it got around 20 for a few hours before I acted and I lost maybe 15 leaves on 4 plants (was only growing 4) by harvest due to frost bite. They were mid bud cycle bout 4 weeks if I remember right. Get yourselves warm and don't sweat them. They have perfect weather all but one day of their life, best way to look at it.

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