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How close can I move a air cooled 600 watt light to plants ?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by coopdevillan, Feb 25, 2009.


    coopdevillan Well-Known Member

    If I have a single air flow entry 600 watt HPS with a glass lens how close could I bring the light to my plants with no harm ? Please answer from experience this is the last step of my buying the proper light.

    brownbusta Well-Known Member

    According to the See More Buds videos you can bring them right down to the tops of the plants like as close at 4-5 inches. As long as your hand stays cool under the light the leaves shouldn't burn either. With the correct ventilation in the room, correct ventilation of the air cooled lights, and good air flow throughout the canopy of your plant I think you would be surprised how close you can get it. The only problem is radiant heat, which the air cooled hood "should" take care of.

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