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House & Garden Nutrients

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Gygax1974, Dec 20, 2007.


    Gygax1974 Just some idiot

    Anyone try the House and Garden Nutes from VAAN DE ZWAAN? I was lucky enough to be gifted the whole line with Coco A & B, I was going to see if anyone used before I did. The hydro shop I got it at has a grow they been doing with it, it is absolutely amazing from what I have seen. I also thought it was a bit pricey at first but when I looked at the feeding charts this stuff goes a long way. You need the whole line to really do a nice grow, so I was told, but the good news is all the supplements are a one time purchase they are compatible with all mediums. They have a hydro formula, a soil formula, and a Coco formula, with these you buy parts A and B. Anyways this will be my first time growing in Coco...so far I am happy it's cheap and holds water great, but like I said I would like to know if anyone has used or heard anything about these products.

    Humboldt Wholesale Product Lines

    Gygax1974 Just some idiot

    Bump, anyone? Anybody?

    Growbot Well-Known Member

    my grow shop gave me a bunch of free samples of h&g stuff a few months ago. i too grow in coco. they gave me the a and b and mutienzym, roots excelurator. i used that and pro-tekt. i got great results. i used a loose version of the h&g scheme. it is a bit pricey but works well and is easy to use. the roots excelurator is some dynamite stuff! it is totally expensive, but a good investment.

    Gygax1974 Just some idiot

    Hey thanks, I thought it was pricey too, I looked at a spread sheet at my hydro shop, turns out it's cheaper than both Botanicare and Fox Farms. So if I don't spill any I;m good. Thanks for the reply I was curious. How do you like coco?

    Growbot Well-Known Member

    coco is the shit! i'll never go back to soil. as far as i know, it's the only medium that provides your plants with 100% nutes every time they're fed. i run to waste, some peole don't.

    Growbot Well-Known Member

    my mistake. i should have said, "every time you water!"

    hooked.on.ponics Well-Known Member

    Well of course the guys at the hydro shop are gonna tell you that. ;)

    House and Garden is some pretty decent mid-grade nutrients. If I had to use them I'd probably want to get a lot more supplements than I would be satisfied with if I were using a higher grade of nutrient, but you can grow fine with just the basic stuff, maybe a couple extras.

    I know a few people who really love their House and Garden and swear by those nutrients, but I just don't like to compromise. My grandpa always told me to buy the best you can afford because you'll rarely be disappointed. In my experience that's just as true for hydroponic nutrients as it is for anything else.
    7oh7 lowCal

    7oh7 lowCal Active Member

    i used their stuff once before when they first got the line in...steve their owner got me try the stuff..ardee a and b for soil and the coco a and b. first off im used to general hydro and metanaturals....but got lured into trying it....looked really good and yielded very well, but lacked flavor and was a bit too chemmy for me even though i flushed for 2 weeks. more on the bland side......but my usual stuff had that diesely kush flavor tha OG normally has not with VAN DE BLAND...

    GanjaGood! Active Member

    That;s wierd...I switched from Canna to HG and the taste was better and stronger. It brought the skunk phenotype out of my Hindu Skunk...I flushed just for a week (3 days with final phase, 4 just water and sweet)

    Were you using drip clean too?

    iamgrowerman Active Member

    I think a lot of Americans and Canadians make the mistake of thinking that simply because something comes from Europe (or Holland) that it must automatically be better for growing cannabis. I'm not saying that House and Garden aren't good nutrients, I just don't think they're anything special.

    Compared to something like Advanced Nutrients they just seem very dated to me. Cutting edge for last century, but I don't think House and Garden has made any real improvement to their nutrients in a very long time.

    Like I said, you can do fine with House and Garden but personally I want to do better than "fine" so I stick with something more "advanced". Hehe

    THseaman Guest

    Since somebody brought this back from the dead, I just want to say I think Advanced Nutrients are the Bush Administration of nutrients. Nothing but money grubbing, capitalist pigs! Fuck em, you don't need to spend $1000+ for 15 different bottles of stuff to get top results.

    House & Garden are far better than descent mid grade quality. I wouldn't put it past AN to open accounts on these forums just to bash their competitors and push their own products.

    You can get the entire H&G product line for $250-$500 depending on the size of your grow. That's really affordable for top shelf nutes. And you use so little of the Roots Ex., Top Booster and Magic Green that a small bottle will last the average grower for several grows. I use the entire U.S. line minus the Algen Extract (I already have a lifetime supply sized bottle of Age old Kelp).

    Don't BUY the Advanced Nutrielts HYPE!

    Give H & G a try you will love them.

    plump Member

    I'm not into the politics of it, but once i switched from general hydroponics to house and garden and i was totally sold. That shooting powder is like steroids. Plus its super easy to mix and the bottles last forever.

    chouette Member

    I recently have bee converted from a mixture of Botanicare and Dutch Master products to the HG line.
    I think it is a fantastic line. using the Soil A B line, I am noticing explosive growth and the shooting packets are like high powered octane racing fuel. totally impressed
    Impressive areas of the HG line included:
    its super concentrated. so mixing up a your reservoir is simple and quick
    there are no additional colors or dyes added (unlike GH or advanced or DM) as I don't wanna give them anything they don't need

    I have bee thinking about running an aeroponic setup with their hydro line... anyone have any thoughts on that ?

    ganicsarebetter Well-Known Member

    go to coco. use the whole line and see for yourself. then you make your decision. youll be more than happy

    spesh123 Well-Known Member

    hey people im about to use the budXL because the first flowers have shown up just wondering how long i use it for???

    thanks for ya help :smile:

    THseaman Guest

    Start the Bud XL week 3 or 4 and go until you start your flush a week or two before harvest. If you use the drip clean properly a 1 week flush is plenty!

    spesh123 Well-Known Member

    thanks for your help THseaman ;)

    think2toke Well-Known Member

    H&G is the shit.

    I use there whole line good good stuff.

    You know whats funny we had a Advanced NUte guy come in the shop today and he said that using roots exelerator is good isea because it out performs the "jump start" that adnvanced has lol.

    Thats why you wont be seeing jump start anymore.

    Yay one lesss Adnvaced Nutrient fert out now only 600548687 more to go!:hug:

    ievolution Well-Known Member

    thats hella funny. kids on the first page saying h&g is mid grade and advanced is better. keep paying too much for nutes. ill use house and garden and blow your results away lol. my friend uses advanced. he spends WAYYYY to much on nutes and he knows it. im actually in the process of having him do a experiment of house and garden vs advanced. i can gurantee the yield will be better on house and garden. the quality i will have to admit will be close. advanced is really good. just way to overpriced cause its 'made for cannabis' haha. i wish people that talk shit bout house and garden and uses advanced would switch over for 1 grow. at least half the people wouldnt go back. advanced has done tests against a lot of nutrients companies. but why wont they do it against h&g. or have they?? they just wont let it get out after they saw the results. who knows. all im saying is H&G is way above a mid grade nutes. there right next to advanced. if thats above or below idk.

    think2toke Well-Known Member

    Hell yea.

    Trust me when people come in the shop looking at AN its like a fucking crack head coming in.

    They run up to the products and start saying my plant my plants they have a deficiency i need to get this supplement and that one like the website says.

    Its a joke....:bigjoint:

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