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House and Garden vs Advanced vs Canna price per grow

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by ievolution, Feb 15, 2012.


    ievolution Well-Known Member

    I just found this and love the info they gave. I recently added up in my journal how much it cost me to make a gal of H&G nutrients so I was very interested too see the other top companies also. H&G may have more expensive bottles but they are far more concentrated than Advanced and Canna. Advanced has way more bottles in the line but that has a lot to do with them splitting up so many things into separate bottles instead of adding them together(does anybody know why they do this besides more money?). This is done by H&G but it is impossible for any Bias to be added into this because it is purely the price of the bottles divided by the ML per bottle. Anyway here is a link below. Thought others might enjoy this as it is very informational for us that use these lines. I have personally only used Advanced(pretty much everything they listed in this) and House and Garden which I still use(H&G)


    ievolution Well-Known Member

    I wish this run was done with Cannabis(if it wasn't) so we could see the yield thc content etc. I know Advanced did one but it didn't seem legit to me plus H&G wasn't included which IMO is the best line I have ran.

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