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Homemade smoking devices

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by mogie, Apr 10, 2007.


    mogie Well-Known Member

    Okay I need info on any homemade smoking devices you have built. This is for FAQ. Must have pics & instructions. Lets see what you can come up with. If the idea is good and not already in FAQ you could be immortalized! :hump:

    DoobsDay Well-Known Member

    simple one we used as kids, so easy it dosent need a pic,

    take a 12oz can

    bend in the middle of the can (shape of bowl)

    poke small holes in the middle where you were shaping

    cut a larger hole in the side as a carb

    pull thru top of opend can and start toking

    Biggietalls Well-Known Member

    aluminum is bad for your lungs soo I wouldnt recomend that

    qwerty Active Member

    ya but i used one yesterday for first time in years. easy to make u dont need anything desperate times..... but def not for regular use

    DoobsDay Well-Known Member

    i know but we were kids then so who gave a fuck. but hey it works

    Wigmo Well-Known Member

    i must confess, i have a pretty massive arsenel of homemade devices. i have made beastly bongs, using plastic tubes, and salt shaker caps. right now im using a little bird feeder flowe slide thing, as the bowl piece to my refurbished hookah. i have also made many birch pipes, which are very very nice, given that birch is one of the best of woods.

    Wigmo Well-Known Member

    and yeah, fuck aluminum.

    bilbobb Active Member

    paper towel tube....cut a hole in it and use tinfoil for a screen. tape the tinfoil to te tube and poke holes in it with a pin ....works awesome...the incinerator!

    Vermilion Well-Known Member

    check out this baby

    pretty trippy looking right? well its made with so many home-found utensils. i'll put together a 10 step guide for it.

    items needed:

    1 trippy looking plastic cup from the dollar store
    1 empty two liter bottle
    some chewing gum
    1 roll of electrical tape
    a bowl from a metal pipe. the kind you can screw on
    a drinking straw
    power drill with drill bit

    step 1: drill a hole near the bottom of the cup at an angle. Then drill a hole in the middle for the choke-hole.

    step 2: take out the drinking straw, cut in half at an angle. Insert it in the bottom hole angle side in.

    step 3: chew the gum, stick it around the straw to prevent leaks. where the straw comes out, you know.

    step 4: cut the top of the two liter bottle off, with the neck intact.

    step 5: cut ridges into the pop bottle top, so it can form around the cup and can be taped easier. (see poorly drawn picture)

    step 6: with the ridges cut, form the bottle-top around the top of the cup. bending the ridges around the cup will form it to the shape. Then tape. Its best to have someone holding the cup and the ridges around the cup and have you tape it.

    step 7: now, use the scissors to cut ridges into the top of the STRAW (not the bottle) this will allow the screwing part of the bowl piece to stay on the straw

    step 8: form the ridges around the stem of the bowl piece (the part with the screw ridges) and tape!

    step 9: for some added support, use the electrical tape to tape around the straw.

    Thats pretty much it! Wait for the gum to dry.

    use a screen of your choice for the bowl, or use foil.

    SUGGESTION: do NOT use cinnamon gum. it sure stinks strong. mint gum is the best.

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    mogie Well-Known Member

    Now that's using your imagination. You McGyvered it.

    I've added a bunch that I found under DIY (actually a second page now). Take a look and tell me what you think.

    Vermilion Well-Known Member

    fuck man i am stoned...

    can you tell me what forum thats under?

    mogie Well-Known Member

    DIY & Save

    mogie Well-Known Member

    be sure to ckick on page 2

    mc.eddy.supreme Well-Known Member

    hey what about the do it yourself pipes that are healthier and have better tastes

    mc.eddy.supreme Well-Known Member

    for instance the fruit do it yourself pipes. like pipes and watermellon pipes. they are pretty easy to use and give the weed a good taste because it soaks up some of the juices from the fruit and gives the weed an or watermellon taste. u can still eat it to

    mc.eddy.supreme Well-Known Member

    5) Pipe

    Everything is good about the pipe. They're cheap (under a dollar for a couple at the store), easy to make, smokes VERY WELL along with a cool, smooth, y taste (yup!), and they conserve weed because you are forced to pack little bowls rather then a joint.

    Items needed:

    -- . I prefer a nicely shaped that can stand up on its own without falling over. That?s unless you like holes burnt in your carpet.

    -- A pen...best is the cheap Bic ones. Any pen is fine just as long as it doesn?t have a pocket-clip-thing. If there is no pen around, you can use anything that?s shaped like one, just as long as the sides are parallel.

    -- If you don?t use a pen with the ink thing on the inside you will need a nail or something of that size.

    The trickiest part about making the pipe is pulling off the stem on top. The trick is to pull out the entire stem. Do this by gripping it as close to the base of the stem as possible. You DONT want to rip half the stem off, or your pipe is already ruined. Its not hard, just give it a twist before/while you are pulling.

    Use the pen to penetrate a hole HORIZONTALLY ALL THE WAY THROUGH the middle of the . Make sure it lines up with the hole on top where the stem was.

    Pull out the pen and then penetrate the again with the opposite side of the pen...this will push out all the gunk in the middle of the . What I do after is blow out any seeds or extra crap inside the (you dont wanna be smoking seeds, or choking on them).

    Take out the inside of the pen, the ink cartridge. Use that smaller diameter cartridge to poke another hole, this time VERTICALLY, HALF WAY THROUGH the . This is your toke hole.

    Push down until it meets up with the horizontal fat hole. Its real important to make sure you DON?T make a fat hole or your weed will suck through when your are . After that, once again, I blow out any extra gunk....Its all really important to make sure all the holes are nice n clean so the airflow between them are not clogged up....You don?t want a pipe that takes all your strength just to pull in some smoke.

    BOOM! theres your pipe. Put your in the bowl on top. Use one hole as a clearhole/carb and suck from the other. The pipe will last a whole day until its starts to go brown n rot. Best thing about the pipe is YOU CAN EAT THE EVIDENCE!

    Here is another pipe that is a better one than the other one and it is easier to make

    mc.eddy.supreme Well-Known Member

    this one is really good

    mogie Well-Known Member

    Look at what is already there. If what you have isn't then let's think about adding it! I need at least one pic to go with it and detailed instructions. Okay lets see what you guys can come up with.

    mc.eddy.supreme Well-Known Member

    wait i dont get what u r saying u dont want this one.

    mogie Well-Known Member

    All additions have to have enough instructions so anyone can make what you are taking about. Even someone with no imagination like me. Check out what is already there and you will see what I am talking about. :)

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