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Home remedy for gnats and fruit flies.

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by asdewqasdfgh, Dec 21, 2011.


    asdewqasdfgh Active Member

    If youre like me, you have gnats and fruit fly problems in your grow space. I found a couple different ways to help rid this issue with some household items.

    1. Grab a bowl and put a bit of vinegar in it (if you dont have vinegar use fruit juice or soda).
    Put some clear plastic wrap on top and secure it with a rubber band or some tape.
    Poke some holes in the wrapping large enough for them to get in, but smaller enough to make it hard to get out and stick it near your infestation.
    This should catch a few dumbass gnats and cut down some of the problem.
    2. Get some double sided tape or fold a bunch of scotch tape so that its sticky on both sides and cover a sheet of paper with it.
    Put some fruit or vegetable pieces on the tape and let the little buggers come to you.
    If the vinegar doesnt catch em, the tape will.

    If you do both of these steps you should see a real difference in your gnat and fruit fly infestation.

    napa23 Well-Known Member

    This is a pretty good idea. We do a similar thing in my research lab. This, and modifying your watering schedule to let the soil dry more, should help a lot. But the most important thing, to me, is stopping the problem before it gets started. If I see any fly in my apartment, it's kill on sight. Once they start mating the fly population will explode. Good post, probably everyone has a bowl, some tape, and vinegar. Don't have to go out and buy fly traps.

    asdewqasdfgh Active Member

    Ive read about buying mosquito dunk and other things but its hard to find these without ordering online. I figured this would help out the peeps.

    zo0t New Member

    nice ill try da vinegar does balsamic werks? dunno how to collect dunk from a moskito isnt it very small??

    Indicator Active Member

    lol... are you thinking mosquito dung zo0t? they are talking about these donut-shaped things that have Bt in them. Thanks for the chuckle... was imagining people trying to pick up mossie poop.

    BeaverHuntr Well-Known Member

    It wont kill the larvae and they will come back. Fungus Gnats have a fuck fest on your medium and drop larvae. The vinegar and yellow sticky traps only catch adults. Good luuck I battled fungus gnats and what got rid of them were predatory nematodes.

    BeaverHuntr Well-Known Member

    Mosquito Dunks he meant.

    asdewqasdfgh Active Member

    if your infestation is severe you will need to take further steps to prevent gnats. i found a few lady bugs and let them crawl around the plant to see if that would do anything 8|

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