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High Yield Organics!

Discussion in 'Organics' started by ChelateKing, Nov 30, 2012.


    ChelateKing Member

    Hey everyone!

    Lots of people say chemicals produce the biggest yields. I don't think this is true.

    Here is my latest run using Veganics. I did two plants per 1000 watt light and bent them using a modified super cropping method. I used West Coast Horticulture Grow 213, Bloom 224, Micronutrients and Chelated Calcium. I used wire tie stapled to the ceiling to tie up all the heavy buds so they would fill out fully. I have found not tying the buds up lowers yields substantially. Yield was
    very high quality Sour Diesel and just over two Lbs per 1000 watt lights! Does anyone else have experience using West Coast Horticulture nutrients?

    I have grown with chemicals and organic nutrients over the years and as far as I can tell organics produce just as good of yields as chemicals.

    west coast horticulture organics.jpg west coast horticulture veganics.jpg
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    Saldaw Active Member

    can you tell us your way of feeding?

    Agito Well-Known Member

    until you introduce hydroponics
    organic growing might just suit your style more there so so many

    strong first post your not a mate of kyle are you

    RedMan420 Active Member

    I use AN iguana juice ,it is organic and I get great yields . But that doesn't look like 4 plants!!! I would have to see the bottom of those plants to believe that it's only 4 plants , take some pics of them in there containers there in and I'll believe you.

    munchies7 Active Member

    well this is only my 3rd grow and was with nutrients all the way.. but now i wanna smoke pure organic ive heard tasting its better and u dont get the salts from bottles.. im guessing if u smoke a lot... it really can harm u? not sure really... but rather smoke something purely organic, even so i would and will smoke bottled that i will keep growing, but i was testing organics a couple of weeks ago and some results were better in short term tho.. didint watch em flower

    Nizza Well-Known Member

    try SOS. super organic stimulator. throughout grow :D http://www.superorganicstimulator.com/ i just started using this product in conjunction with Dynagro: Grow, bloom, Silica, and foliar feed.

    munchies7 Active Member

    u grow in soil??

    ChelateKing Member

    I feed nutes every time and flush with pure water once a week.

    Kyle is friend, love what he does with veganics.


    Sorry for the late response everyone, I've been super busy!

    I just finished another run using the West Coast Horticulture Organics, I harvested 1.9lbs per light. I could have hit over 2lbs but I missed a few watering's.

    Here are some pictures from the grow:


    Golden Pineapple close to finish^


    Blackberry Kush Manicured ^

    I'm really happy with the results from my last few runs and plan to continue using the West Coast line. Does anyone have experience with these nutes?

    For my next run I'm thinking about adding some amendments to the soil like Bokashi and Mykos.

    Hope to see more discussion about big yields in this thread! I'll be back with another update soon.

    snowboarder396 Well-Known Member

    I would consider any bottled nutrients to not be organic regardless what the company says

    Sincerely420 New Member

    What about the taste difference between the organic and the veganic herb CK?
    Was there a noticeable difference?? :joint:
    personal lux

    personal lux Well-Known Member

    thats deffinatly not your garden being it has more than two plants per thousand watter to begin with. but i think west coast has an alright line up youll need there cal and mag products, using there growth stimulater and bloom booster makes there bloom formula 2-5-7 which is pretty good to be honest. though they lack any microbe products id suggest OGtea, and GO calmag instead.

    otcganjagrower Member

    hahaha good call LOL
    personal lux

    personal lux Well-Known Member

    but as far as high yielding organics go, ive been getting 22-24 ounces on average per light with 5 plants vegged two months per light in 7 gallon fabric pots. ill skip to bloom phase since this will determine yield overall. i like iguana juice, but have been using biothrive to do a vegan grow. i use calmags at high dosage, along with biobud, and humboldt bloom 0-10-0 and technaflora SS 1-1-16 as PK boosters in the 4-6 weeks starting at 1/5-2/5 in week 4, 3/5-4/5 in week 5, and full strength week 6 then drop for week 7, and dial down on your nutrients for weeks 7-8 by 1/6 each watering then flush for the last ten days with hi-brix molasses and and hygrozyme.

    blackrecluse Active Member

    I went in to the hydro shop to buy a brick of coco. By the time I was leaving the guy was telling me to come back tomorrow and pick up three boxes of this nutrient line. West coast horticulture. Hell yeah. Im going to have to journal about it.

    Metalmatt408 Member


    And your reasoning????​
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