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hempy collective re-vised

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Azgrow, Oct 4, 2009.


    Azgrow Well-Known Member

    here we go....
    i'll interject here..an say that i have switched to using ready grow plugs then puttin these into 16oz cups for seedlings an clones...the organic material helps feed the young plants....
    you dont need a screen just helps stops perlite overflow from the hole...
    i prefer to use the gh flora line ran under the lucas formula...

    i have found that a bucket with 50/50 coco perlite yeilds the best...you can use your normal nutes with this aswell since it's not pure coco....make sure the coco is flushed out of excess salts...

    this can be done but like coco needs to flushed an ph'd first before use...also rw drys out quicker then perlite imo so you'll need to increase watering's by 20/40%....

    i dont like to feed everywatering...this is considerd fertigating..an just requires you to mix nutes at less strenth but more often so it's essentially the same....

    i have since found that chunky perlite is the best to use but usually can only be found at hydro shops or online....
    also 1 3.5green bag fills 5 5gal buckets

    i have found that after you run a crop or 2 the re-used perlite cause less shock an the plants respond more favorbly to it...this is what the big time tomatto farmers do...

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    Azgrow Well-Known Member

    this is for alge^^^^


    ^^^^really a ph from 5.7-6.5 is what we want...

    this is the lucas veg formula....8ml micro/16ml bloom per gal forflowering

    ^^^wet perlite prior to using....

    alright thats the first 70 pages from the old thread condensed..i'll work more on it later...need a breakkkk....az
    Dr. VonDank

    Dr. VonDank Active Member

    What's shaking AZ---it's been a long time:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:. I'm using a variation of hempy I call "Loose and Lite"---75%perlite--25%CANNA PROFESSIONAL TERRA PLUS. Drain to waste in 3/5 gal containers 100% vegan grow. What strains you running as of late??? any long term keepers???

    GHOPZZ Well-Known Member

    looking to try my hand at hydro. i have a few questions about this hempy method.can you use rapid rooters with this method? what is the ideal size container to use? 3gallon? how long should u veg for if u are using a 3 gallon bucket? can you really average more than a soil grow? what nutes are most commonly used? i would like to go with 20 plants in hempy buckets, how much space and light do i need?
    Dr. VonDank

    Dr. VonDank Active Member

    Rapid rooter work great in Hempy but i'll let AZ answer the rest--lol...bongsmilie
    Dr. VonDank

    Dr. VonDank Active Member

    One thing I do want to inform growers that don't know already is a small fact about the LUCAS formula.

    It works with the standard GH line GROW-----MICRO----BLOOM.

    This is one of the very few lines of nutrients that has a large ratio of Nitrogen in its MICRO bottle(most lines of nutes have the N in their VEG product.) So in a nut shell you don't need to use their GROW product in veg or flowering with the LUCAS formula.------simple------. NOTE: If you already purchased or have the grow and experience nitrogen def in the first three weeks of flowering or just need to green up your plants then use the grow at 1/2 dose rate for 2 consecutive watering's.

    Azgrow Well-Known Member

    the bulk of those questions can be awnserd in the first 2 posts with closer reading....az

    Weeded.dk Active Member

    Weee my regular thread is back up :)
    Good to see youre still around AZ :)

    Still loving hempy, and on week 5 of 12/12 atm..
    Pics are about a week old tho..
    Running some different strains this time, would be the Super Lemon Haze from Green House and the Blue Cheese from Barneys Farm in these pics and a Blackjack from Nirvana in the background.. :)

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    GHOPZZ Well-Known Member

    how much could i possible yeild, if i had a 600watthps in a 4x4x7 area with 6 5-gallon hempy buckets witht eh lucas formula? the strain will be lemon skunk

    GHOPZZ Well-Known Member

    has anyone had succes using bmo's nutes in hempy buckets? can you grow hempy in bigger containers with success say 7 gallons?

    ndcrusher Member

    Thanks for bringing it back AZ! Cant wait to get started in Jan. Subscribed!!!

    GHOPZZ Well-Known Member

    also how often should i flush ? and what meters will i need for this method of hydro?

    Azgrow Well-Known Member

    ghoppz take the time to read the thread..go back to the old one if you need to....yeilds are grower/strain/room specfic....your other questions have been awnser'd again in the first 2 posts i made.....az

    DaveCoulier Well-Known Member

    I haven't read the other thread Az and dont think I really have the desire with it being 70 page :), but did anyone do a side by side comparison using Hempy vs normal growing method in the other thread? If so, Ill check that thread out to get the info I desire.

    Azgrow Well-Known Member

    the other thread is actually 190pages long..i just condensed the first 70 pages..there were some side by side's so defently go threw it..there's also alot of other threads around side by side'ing it so google may work for you....im not knocking anyone's system just showing yall how i do...az

    GHOPZZ Well-Known Member

    how many times a week do you nute with the lucas formula?

    GHOPZZ Well-Known Member

    can you use distilled water or poland spring water instead of ro water. or will you run in ph problems?

    zechbro Well-Known Member

    ive got and idea, im pretty lazy when it comes to growing, partly cos im not home half the time, im stayng at the mrs... but any way... so i did hempy last grow, went ok, but there was a lot of times that i didnt check them for a week or so and the nearly died.. ok it pretty much happened every week... but what im thinking of doing is having 2 hempy buckets side by side, flowering 4 weeks apart with scrog, and hooking up a pump feeding system, then i can set a timer and feed twice a week, with low nutes, and then once a week i can just top u the res and also give them a bigger feed, what do you reckon?

    MBD Member

    More feeding usually equate to better plants, correct? Is it possible to just use 100% chunky perlite without the reservoir on the bottom? I assume this will promote the ability to feed more often but how often would you have to water a 100% chunky perlite medium? I'm not looking for a number but rather a frequency, very often? Often?

    Xare Well-Known Member

    I Hempy in 2 liters with 2 or so inches of 100% perlite in the bottom. Then the rest a mix of 75% perlite / 25% vermiculite

    I water each one with 9 ounces of water.

    Its enough water for 2 days.

    My nute schedule is setup to alternate days like so:

    Feed,Nothing,Water,Nothing,Feed,Nothing,Water... and so on.

    Young clones get half strength 5-10

    Then I work up to full strength 5-10 lucas, and when they get big enough I use 8-16 lucas formula

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