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Help my leaning plant!

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by dewk, Apr 10, 2008.


    dewk Active Member

    I'm new to growing and I have a question about a leaning 1.5 week old plant.
    It started leaning to the side and I don't know if this is a problem or not.
    I have 2 25 watt flo bulbs 2-5 inches away from the plant. I also have a fan going (not directly on the plant) and I do not over water. Any suggestions on how to correct this problem?


    cannaboy Well-Known Member

    get a twisty tie (like the ones on bread bags) and a small stick or pencil ect. and correct the posture of your plant,the fan blowing on the plant helps it develope a strong main branch and leaning will be a thing of the past

    CHornic Active Member

    stick or pencil bro and tie your pant to it straight up and it should be fine

    Twistyman Well-Known Member

    You turn the plant daily... pile some dirt up to lower leaves.... if you do stick something in the dirt.. be careful not to hit the roots.. (I don't risk it).. I put my 26w lights about 1.5" away to avoid stretching....

    epixbud Well-Known Member


    rkm Well-Known Member

    What spectrum is the light? I personally have the belief that the plant should be able to hold itself up. If you are having to rig something to hold it up, you are missing something. You say you have 25 watts but what do you have 25 watts of?

    NoobRyder Well-Known Member

    rub some superglue on the stem, then let sit for 20 mins.

    seriosuly though, bit of perlite round the base and a smal piece of bamboo and it'll e fine.

    cannabinol9 Active Member

    The position of your light could make your young one lean, make sure your light is directly above your plant & as close as possible without doing damage, this should correct your problem.

    D.Hydr0.DGAF Well-Known Member

    I got a piece of chicken wire across mine so it supports it so that why I'm not sticking anything in the dirt and I can edit it whenever. I found a roll of it laying around my house. OR you could pack more soil up to the leafs like said before.
    Grow Ops

    Grow Ops Active Member

    Sounds to me like your plant is stretching, how far is your your light from the top of your plant?

    thcheaven Well-Known Member

    Aren't pencils made out of graphite?

    worm5376 Well-Known Member

    i got a sure fire way to correct it.. 100% lean proof

    1 you're gonna need 2 paper clips 5 bungee cords 8 gas masks and a missile from the U.S.R LMFAO!! j/k do as they say above. sure fire way.

    thcheaven Well-Known Member

    if you are using those black plastic pots with the cut out for a plant label, then get something to anchor to the hole and then to the plant (the tension you apply will straighten her up. do you have a fan? oscillating fans can really improve stem strength. Is she chasing light?

    eagles1090 Active Member

    i just rotate my plant in a circle if i start to see it leaning one way, its worked for me before

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