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hello new guy here

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by pomito, Mar 14, 2013.


    pomito Member

    hello my name is pomito and the real one is george i live in greece and i m outdoor grower.i need some answer before i start my indoor garden.i made a small reserche andi think i m gonna buy electronic box kit 400w with sonlight MH 400w and a HPS TS 400w fromhydroponics.eu chek it plz http://www.hydroponics.eu/electronic-kit-400w-sonlight-mh-400w-sonlight-hpsts-400w~5018.html the question is if MH FOR VEGI and HPS for flower are enought light for 90x46x160 space and if this kit i chose is cool.:-?

    dtowndabber Active Member

    I don't see any information on the amount of lumens which is important. Also it's not a brand I'm familiar with. It seems inexpensive which can be good and bad. Maybe check out the forum section here on grow room set ups and get some tips on good brands and necessities for indoor growing.

    And welcome!

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