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Have We;ve Been Visited Already?

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by RASCALONE, Aug 18, 2007.


    RASCALONE Well-Known Member

    the other day i got had a session with my dad and lil bro(31)vietnam,and aliens,we talked for about a good 2 hours,anyways i come in and jump on the computer and start digging shit up.roswell,that fire in the sky movie(?walton)i scroll down and me being from l.a i see this title"THE BATTLE OF LOS ANGELES"Icant put the link up but its wikepedia.the battle for l.a,check this out if ur intrested in ailens,im not saying there real and im not saying there not,i just dont know....let me know what u think?:joint:

    biggflintmi Well-Known Member

    I couldnt find it in wikipedia but i found this pagebattle of LA this one has pictures and witness accounts and all kinds of stuff. this shit is crazy. Im like halfway through it but its long. had to stop and roll one. It really makes you think dont it?

    ILoveUMaryJane Well-Known Member

    Battle of Los Angeles - don't know about E.T but it's a fucking good Rage against the Machine album!

    RASCALONE Well-Known Member

    yeah it sure does,there is a whloe bunch os sightings and shit related to ufo's,good shit,huh.and yeah,u do have to roll one reading all that shit.:joint:

    proudlyashamed Active Member

    It could possibly be another classified military training. Time of the new jet engine propullsion. CrazY pictures, but I just think, our endevours would be so different if we new E.T. is out there.

    RASCALONE Well-Known Member

    true,but they fired over 1400 rounds at something and found no debris from object,eyewitnesses claim target was hit multipule times,and no smoke,no signs of defeat,this lasted from approx.2am to 7am.then this u.f.o. just ups and leaves.the only sighns this this even happened is photos and witnesses.i asked my grandmother who was 18 at the time,she remembers this,what a scary day in her memory,she said...;yes it is"crazY!

    proudlyashamed Active Member

    Wow, but there you go. That has got to be a scary feeling. It makes me wonder, if they visited and then came back again. How would we react. Let's say this is it, this is our chance. WIll someone disrupt our worlds destiny with thier ignorance? I am in. I have learned always to trust grandmothers. (not being sarcastic, I am lukey, I have two, they say, it is true!)

    IdontGetHigh Active Member

    If you knew without a doubt that UFO's and space aliens were real, and that it to say you had irrefutable proof, would you life your life any differently?
    The reason I ask this is because I have friend, who before retiring from the Air Force, was in a position to know. Given the nature of his assignment, he would have to. When I have asked him directly about these type of things, his answers are direct, but don't give a clear "yes" or "no" on the subject.
    I am left to look at his life in general. He plays golf, reads novels, sees movies, and generally lives the life of any retiree just enjoying retirement. What I gather from this is there might be something up there, but I seriously doubt it's anything to spend a second of my life stressing over.

    RASCALONE Well-Known Member

    no i probly wouldnt change a thing about how im living,and stress is an emotion that i rarley use.its just such an amazing subject,how can one not think about it on occasion.very intresting!:hump:

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