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Have any of you ever used the services of an escort/prostitute?

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by Padawanbater2, Oct 1, 2012.


    MonsterBuzz Member

    Alrighty then. Well I read the first couple of pages but had to skip to the last page. So let me get this straight you feel you need a hooker cause you like oral...(duh who dont). And you have been unlucky enough to find the anti-penis eating chicks. I wanted to lmao at first but instead I am going to tell you, your not alone.

    Dated my wife for 2 years before we got married, she was a freak(but didnt smoke weed). After we got married it was a effing disappointment. We didnt last long about 15mo is all I could take and one day she asked me IF she could leave....my remark" can I give you a ride" and took her and her things, dropped her off at her mom and dads and said good riddance. In 15mo I got 1bj and just a handful of reg sex. I think I should have sued for false representation..lol.

    NOW married again and this time around and 5 years into this relationship. The sex is great and she is a pot smoking sexy freak. So no your not alone and remember women are like shoes, if they dont fit right toss'm to the curb cause sooner or later you will find the right fit. Not to mention some are designed better than others ;)

    Padawanbater2 Well-Known Member

    What's with that? Why does the sexual side cease to exist once you tie the knot?

    Females are a confusing bunch...

    xKuroiTaimax Well-Known Member

    I don't think it's ever not going to be me nagging for it lol

    batf1nk Active Member

    Happened to me, crazy shit right! Its not always the case but a vast majority of couples I know are the same.... I lasted 2 years then that was it, I was off.

    budsmoker87 New Member

    LOL if you were with me, you'd be worn out, raw and begging for a break

    bluntmassa1 Well-Known Member

    I got head from a whore for $10 down in daytona beach. I also fucked a crack head stripper and her freind payed for with a $50 rock. I wore a rubber for sure and damn sure didn't eat their pussies. crack whores are every where down their.

    FlowerPower! New Member

    I lost my virgity to a prositute in New Orleans. I was 17 yrs old. It was $33 for 2 of us! My clothes afterwards stunk like pussy so bad I just put them in a bag and threw them out! I'm not exactly proud of this but, it happened.......
    guy incognito

    guy incognito Well-Known Member

    Yep, total bitches. Forget about them. There are good ones out there. I still get bjs from my gf. We like to keep each other happy. And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.


    crownjewelz Member

    Im guilty.....shit, you gonna pay one way or another, even your wife aint free!, lets see how long the pussy fountain flows, when you lose your job or stop buying her pretty things or you aint hitting the bottom....hoes gotta work and eat too!...lmmao:idea:

    batf1nk Active Member

    Amen brother!

    themanwiththeplan Well-Known Member

    whats that place like? i wasnt aware there was such a place so close to the u.s.a. border (they say less than a mile on their page) ive never paid 4 sex but lord knows i love my latinas so it would be worth at least checking out

    sounds like a job for my gf. shes what i like to call a "dik whore" thanks to me of course. i met her when we were young and she was inexperienced. i got her hooked on giving me head. shes the type who will get really wet just from giving head. definitely doesnt do it as a "favor" to me or asks "are you done yet".

    i was asleep on the couch before and a wake up to.....holy S**T! her on the couch on both knees (like a doggy position) blowing me. very hot.

    we're huge freaks tho. too many stories to share lol.

    but the good news is shes not a prostitute...which means its free.lol

    patrickkawi37 Well-Known Member


    ebgood Well-Known Member

    sorry bruh i wasnt implying, im just sayin freaks come a dime a pallet. it may be a lil more work but im sure you could find help for your prob without coming out of pocket. maybe i just hate hookers that much, i dont want to see them succeed. my bad ill shut up

    rainman36 Well-Known Member

    Thank you,that's what I'm saying,you aint gotta be a trick,or a john whatever you wanna call it lol..

    ebgood Well-Known Member

    ok sorry one more thought. a prostitue is a profession. these heffas do the shit for a living not always cus theyre natural born freaks. would you rather see a county doctor thats there for the check, or a physician that actually cares for their patient? think about the experience. u just need a down ass chick that likes to please. and they are out there in droves... sweet, clean girls with healthy and or strong sex drives. quit fuckin with them squarebear bitchez and never waste time on a girl that doesnt understand, respect or fulfill your needs.

    purpz Well-Known Member

    anyone ever hear of "myredroom" or some shit like that? My buddy said " it's the new craigslist, to pick up girls".

    rainman36 Well-Known Member

    I had to co sign this.If you gonna be a trick,be a trick,but also think of all that money your gonna be throwing away,but if you find you nice chick,and she down for whatever,you hit the jackpot. loan_co_sign.jpg

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