Hans Panel 56w triband led(65w total)>VS<Indagro 100 full spec induction(105w)+FIGHT!

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    PSUAGRO. Well-Known Member

    Alright fellow Led and "other lighting" growers:P........I'm gonna run a comparison grow between the Hans triband led panel and an Inda-gro 100 full spectrum induction grow light.............Onto the pics vvv:

    Hans Panel: specs are here http://www.bonsaihero.com/ledgrow.html

    003.jpg 040.jpg 037.jpg 035.jpg 031.jpg 026.jpg

    Inda-gro 100: specs are here: http://www.inda-gro.com/store

    006.jpg 007.jpg 008.jpg 009.jpg 012.jpg

    Strain: (Blue Dream x Auto UK Cheese) X (Exodus Cheese X Spacedawg)==Cheese Dreams (5 reg seeds)...I know I'm taking a big gamble running reg's in a comparison grow, but I wanted to try this breeder's seeds(one of our own) because he really seems to "love his plants";-) and that's a big pro in my book.....Also wanna test a hunch I have by sexing these kiddies under two vastly different light spectrums...Yes I see the auto cross in this strain!!Pray for stability..lol.......if shit hits the fan, I have a five pack of Pyramid Seeds Anubis(fem)..

    Medium : (75%)Local organic soil (they may have changed their mix/ more peat moss!!not happy!) with (25%) coarse perlite....

    Ferts and Additives: Roots organic Uprising foundation & bloom/ Azomite/ horticultural lime granules/ liquid beni bacteria(flowerthrive)......The RO foundation/ azomite/lime granules where mixed into the soil at 1/4 strength....The RO bloom and beni bac will be added when necessary later on; No grow nutes needed as I'm mainly in soil this round.....


    Containers : 2 gallon Root Trapper II bags........Not using aeration containers in the cold ass North East......these do root prune by fabric not through air contact, and I'm not even gonna start typing about the numerous cold medium===/==root issues ....either way I've always wanted to try these pots/pricey fuckers..


    Intake/Outtake : NONE.......still gonna run a sealed stealth shoe closet for the winter...No co2 generation this time around due to the cold temps....air movement will be done with a 12 inch fan and that's it....The ppm meter has been around 600-850+ppms! ===tenants in the apt complex have turned on the heat; so the levels will rise even more when it gets frigid outside......

    005.jpg ....little worried about my germ % ATM..

    Odor Control: Small air ionizer.....will break out the larger one If smells get outta hand....

    Light schedule : starting off at 24/0 and will slowly bring it down to 12/12 by day thirty if the plants cooperate:).....both panels will run at full draw (65w vs 105w) and they both compare to around 200w hps (supposedly)...will see.

    Well that's it..........should be a fun ride and Ill probably wont panic as much this time around .....ha.....famous last words:eyesmoke:

    The seeds are in the ground (after a 24 hr soak) and will start the countdown once they head north.....Not putting up pics everyday/ that shit was exhausting and my job is a pain right now...

    010.jpg 013.jpg 014.jpg 015.jpg <<<<the partition will go up in a couple of days

    *still gonna need your help fellas*............Thanks for last time!/ saved my ass:P

    guod Well-Known Member

    i'm only lurking, really

    chazbolin Well-Known Member

    Ahhh a baby 420!!! This outta be good!!! Love seeing the envelope pushed on energy efficiencies and happy plants that yield.

    Psuagro you are the conductor of a small but passionate orchestra bro.


    IvanP Member

    This should be interesting! I will stop back in soon to see what's going on.

    Beefbisquit Well-Known Member

    Curious to see the Induction light in action!

    IlovePlants Well-Known Member

    I hope they do alright by you PSUAGRO. Right now we're finding that the AO X CW2 is the clear favorite of the offspring, though the Auto Cheese Dreams is doing well, she just looks weird. Not low yielding, or poor resin profile, she's just an odd plant when it comes to fading. Her main fans get drained early on and the plant keeps trucking for a while without them. We'll be updating babies,babies,babies with the final pictures of her as shes finishing. At first all the Cheese Dreams seemed the same, but once they established roots they seemed to get minds of their own. We've had one auto female who's turning into a solid ouncer, a sativa pheno that is quite tall and strong she would have made an excellent mainline, but I was gone for the last 4 weeks so the rooms needed a bit of TLC. I'm helping to teach my friend to fish, rather than giving him one. He's coming along well. These little buggers should give a their fare share of nugs. I've still got nuglets left from their mother, I keep it as a head stash.
    Happy Hunting,

    Endur0xX Well-Known Member

    Thanks for doing this PSUAGRO, It will be very interesting to follow!!

    hyroot Well-Known Member

    Im subbed.

    puffenuff Well-Known Member

    Can't wait to see this one! Are you going to add another Hans panel to make it closer watt to watt? Good luck with this, I'm in for the haul.

    PSUAGRO. Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your honesty :P

    Thanks..........That Inda 100 is a bright little fucker........will see what it does

    Bring some beers when you get back!!

    Me too!.....never used one before

    I have little doubt that they will make you proud my friend.........I will try my best, they are my "babies" now:)

    Happy to have you along brother Endo...

    Thanks for the fert suggestions..... will have this stuff around for a while with my little grows...

    Yeah he wanted to send one ASAP but he's backordered for awhile(got to take care of the customers first/ I understand that) and I can't wait anymore...so if a second one shows up ill add it but I think it's still close enough to be fair....will see , pull up a chair brother puff...

    Oh did anyone catch the RED BULL space jump today???http://wtvr.com/2012/10/14/watch-live-redbull-stratos-skydiver-jumps-from-edge-of-space/ ballsiest shit I've ever seen!!!.........maybe the Philadelphia Eagles can hire him as a motivational speaker (fucking sucked today:()....bad loss

    better link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Oq2Xl7oiws CRAZY!! best I can find before the official videos come out...

    stardustsailor Well-Known Member

    The Dawg

    The Dawg Well-Known Member

    Whats Up Brother Psuagro.Ahh A Indagrow Induction 100 A Side By Side Comparision Grow With The Hans Kewl Beans And Speaking Of Beans I Hope Your Genetics Are Better Than The Last Nasty azz Hoe You Grew :weed:

    puffenuff Well-Known Member

    What are the temps like with both lights on vs just the hans vs just the indagro?

    PetFlora Well-Known Member

    I'm here for the party

    PSUAGRO. Well-Known Member

    Ha..........yeah should be better "Hoe's" this time/escorts??;p.......how's fat ass sally doing???

    Hans panel raises the 3.5x4x6 room temp by 3-5degrees and Inda-gro raises it by 5-8 degrees by my observations/obvious wattage diffs....most of the heat from hans comes from the driver, and with inda it's the bulb that throws the heat( id say about the same as my T5's)......temps are good right now/ won't be later on in the winter..

    Did you bring beer???

    So 2/5 beans popped up and have been placed under their appropriate sides..

    001.jpg 002.jpg 003.jpg 004.jpg 005.jpg 006.jpg 007.jpg

    Waiting on the other three(2 seeds in one pot) and we start.......Hans panel at 18inches and Inda 100 at 12inches above the soil.....lights are on for 24/0 to start.....

    Tried to put up a full partition but it's too fucking tight in the room, so I made a little half-assed free standing one.......may not end up using one at all/ big pain to get out of the way......IDK, gotta think about it.......happy growing

    hyroot Well-Known Member

    yo with those cups. are you trying to reduce intensity or creating humidity. humidity is no good for seeds. only good for rooting clones.

    IlovePlants Well-Known Member

    That squirt bottle in pic 4 gave me a much better understanding about the size of your room. First bean looks purple tipped, better not be a boy! Anyway I think that not having a partition is a great idea, mainly because I think that those lights would do wonders working in cooperation rather than competition. Looking great!

    chazbolin Well-Known Member

    Hiya Psuagro!

    Off to a good start there bro. As to the hassles of a partition I can tell you this. When no partition is used what I've seen when other lights (1000 watt HPS) are used in the vicinity of the Inda-Gro 420's anyway, is that the plants under the HPS side will lean in towards the IG side. If you see that start to occur you'll want to come up with some method of partitioning the two sides it so as to get a true comparison between the lights.


    PSUAGRO. Well-Known Member

    Yeah......but my rh was brutally low(29%) and my temps kinda warm(80f) here in the room/ not babysitting this grow .....beautiful weather outside in the NE.....thanks for the advice my friend....

    Better NOT all be males:P..........I'm thinking Induction/led combo maybe a winner/ well a little early for that assumption.......that's for the next round:)

    The partition is up as of now.......I may just hang it from the Inda-grow's reflector if it becomes to much of a hassle.....But I'm gonna remove it today to see if the seedling leans over.......I'm Interested if this phenomena also occurs with the Hans led panel.....I'll put it back soon!

    Inda-grow kids
    002.jpg 003.jpg .....the two seeds in the other inda-gro pot are breaking through.....so were at 4/5 germ rate ATM

    Hans panel kid
    001.jpg ....still waiting on the last one in the other pot....................happy growing

    006.jpg 004.jpg 005.jpg .............

    ironfox Member

    IM subbed too!
    Nice experiment PSU. Im still wating for Hans to send me my panel... i guess there's a lot of people doing the same...
    I was wondering if you are running the Growth phase for seedlings with 28watts... does the other panel have different growth phases too?

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