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Hairs turned brown after Foliar Spray

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by coworker23, Oct 1, 2009.


    coworker23 Member

    So, today is the beginning of Week 7 for my babies.

    I saw some Powder Mold so I thought I would spray them down with this stuff I found called GreenCure. It's potassium bicarbonate based and has worked better then SM-90 by far.

    This is the first time I have sprayed them during flower. Last night I had 100% white hairs.

    This morning I woke up, and all of the top buds/hairs are brown. Like they matured overnight.

    Since I assume they are just "dead" and not "mature" will they continue to grow as normal? Or did I just shock the plant into flowering early thus effecting weight?

    Has anyone had any experiences with their hairs turning brown after a foliar spray?

    Here are a couple pictures. The top two were from Yesterday, the other is about a week or so ago.




    coworker23 Member

    Sorry, I didn't take a photo of the brown hairs. But, they basically look 100% brown, like they are ready to be pulled. The buds/hairs further away from the lights and/or fan, are still 100% white.
    Del Boy

    Del Boy Member

    no they are fine - just dont spray at all during flowering - this will increase the chance of getting bud rot and you could lose your crop

    coworker23 Member

    Yeah, that would suck. I have more then enough air flow in there, pretty disappointed in seeing all that. I guess I will look into a sulfur burner. Thanks for the heads up.

    bniller Active Member

    Did white hairs come back to your plants? From what I read, you should use half strength of greencure during budding.

    coworker23 Member

    They did, I am a week away, I will know in a couple weeks of it effected yield. They seem to be doing great.

    The bad thing is I see mildew again, not sure what I am gonna do.

    bniller Active Member

    I would spray with 1/2 tbsp greencure per gallon water. At that concentration level I am getting very little to no pistol color change. I took a smoke sample from a 6.5 week flower after being sprayed with the greencure 3 days beforehand. It looked clean, smelled good and for the exception of a green taste it smoked clean.

    Please let us know what the browning of your pistols did to your yield when you have that number. Also if you can notice any taste or smell difference. I can't. But this is my first time playing with greencure and i'm still a couple weeks away from harvest.

    JustDave New Member

    Nobody else will say it, I will.
    Nice plants OP.

    Roseman Elite Rolling Society

    I never mist in Flowering Cycle and I greatly fear Bud Mold. I advise highly against foliage spray in Flowering, you should be trying to reduce the humidity, and not increasing it.

    bniller Active Member

    I generally agree. Spraying buds is not optimal. But if your buds are showing mildew and your still a week or longer from harvest... Save your crop with some greencure or some other potassium bicarbonate product. Keep doing what you can to maintain proper humidity but once you see PM the PM will spread like wild flowers.

    I had a power outage while I was gone and my AC/Dehumidifier shut off during the start of a night cycle. I didn't notice it until the start of the light cycle and the humidity was out of control. I switched back on my ac/dehumidifier but it was too late. Not long after that I started to see powdery mildew spring up all over the place.

    Drop your humidity, add some fans and spray your girls with some Greencure just before "lights on". Give them about 15 minutes to dry up a bit and then turn your lights back on.

    I'm on week 8 now and I have crystal clear buds growing that taste and smell just as good as any other green bud. But I totally understand the fear of spraying anything on your flowers. I don't like doing it either and I can't recommend any other product late in flower.

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    coworker23 Member

    Have you run into an issue with it burning your plants at all? I know it burns the hairs on buds, but Vegging plants I have seem to be getting burnt. It could be too much N but this doesn't look like the same type of Nutrient Burn.

    Jizzmaster0 New Member

    Sometimes during flower it is crucial to spray your plants...SPIDER MITES! I had them bad a week or 2 ago and the foliar combined with low night temps turn the pistils brown prematurely. Watch your buds and trichs for when to harvest unless you note a visible slowdown in bud growth then just do what you feel. Im chopping my gigas early for this reason, just tired of looking at them all brown hair and sad

    kstampy Member

    I have had slight burn when I ran 1L w/ 1.5 tsp but this was only on a couple weak buds near the edge of my table. I suspect possible wind burn, not burn from greencure. I fear bud rot myself, which is why I am trying to spot cure the PM with a good spray of greencure and then everything else gets a fine mist. The plants seem to LOVE the spray, they perk up in minutes and smell twice as potent for a little bit, but thats probably just from the water. :)

    I spray with the lights on myself... everyone looks at me like im crazy but its not burning anything. Room temps around 76F. I have a 750cfm fan pulling air through my 1kw light (which I temporarily turn off while spraying as to not suck any moisture into the bulb area), a fan blowing down on the tops from about a foot or two above and two fans on the floor on opposite sides, one blows through the buds gently and the other through the bottom 1/3 or so where I went to town on em and cut them up because I was overcrowded and PM hit a couple weeks into flower.

    The reason I am spraying during lights on is because I do not have a dehumidifier yet and night humidity is around 55%. I thought that would just make matters worse by spraying during the night and decided to try a plant during lights on and it has always been fine.

    Totally not here to preach my methods.. It's my first grow and everything is experimental and I am lovin it.

    Can any seasoned growers explain why spraying foliage in MY conditions is a bad idea? Other than the fact that it 'could' burn my plants or the light 'can' blow?


    mr.smileyface Well-Known Member

    The mildew was in your plants long before they showed. High RH causes it.
    Mine did the same thing. I put a dehum in the room and the mildew depletid.
    if you cant afford a dehum, try a heater.

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