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hairs going brown in flower period too fast

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by pauljo1972, Dec 7, 2010.


    pauljo1972 Member

    i am growing brainstorm it is a strain that takes up to ten weeks i have been using canna bio flower throughout the cycle no boosters just the organic flowering formula it is now week 7 and up untill a few days ago the hairs on the buds were 40 percent
    now in just a few days some plants the hairs on the buds have rapidly gone brown to maybe 90 percent can someone tell me wot has happened please

    pauljo1972 Member

    also apperantly you cannot overfeed with this nutrient and there is no need to ph adjust

    lowrider2000 Well-Known Member

    go to radio shak get a magnigyer with a light..................look at the tricoms thats the best way to tell

    PistilPimp Active Member

    Make sure your fans aren't placed too close to the plants, or that they aren't turned up too high. Pretty common reason when pistils start to turn brown prematurely.

    Also, some pics if you could would help in identifying the problem.

    pauljo1972 Member

    they are in a tent with sufficent air circulation no fans only intake and out take with a cool tube light and a small filter it is like a bouncy castle maybe too much air is that poss

    Harrekin Well-Known Member

    Your better off having the intake on a lower power setting than the extractor, makes negative pressure in the tent (sides get sucked in instead of out).

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