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guerilla growing

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by Grape101, Mar 2, 2007.


    Grape101 Active Member

    i want to grow some weed away from my home this summer. i am probably going to buy some purple widow (De Sjamaan), and some TNR and brains amage (kc brains)
    firstly, will these grow ok in southern england?
    secondly, if i just plants them strainght in the groung, are they likely to grow?
    thirdly, i wanted high yeilding plants, whats the quality like of the kc brains seeds?

    help is much appriciated :smile:

    sofly Well-Known Member

    it would be bettter for u to take pots out to were ur planting and put store bought dirt as its clean and better then just some dirt u found in the woods

    Grape101 Active Member

    thing is though, i dont have a light to start them off with. also i have no garden as i live in a flat... :neutral:

    eastlosg1 Well-Known Member


    First, recomend buying some soil to grow. And germinatin the seeds will give u a better chance of having more sprout,s than just planting them in the ground straight. Also about the yields woudnt be able to answer on those strains. good luck mate

    p.s. if this is ur first grow u shud do some researching before growing

    FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half

    I think maybe you misunderstood.Dont grow at home just take some cheap nursery pots and put them in the ground then fill with good dirt and then put seed in that dirt so they have good dirt to get going.Also helps keep natural dirt bacterias to a minimal as good dirt less likely to have it from start til roots get well formed.You then use nature for light and water but you ll still have to check water unless it rains alot weekly by you.You get what you put in is a good rule of thumb.

    Grape101 Active Member

    Cheers guys. I have done a bit more researdh and I will germinate in some soil and small pot. Then I am going to put them on my roof for 2 weeks then take to the planting spot. Does this sound like a good idea?

    eastlosg1 Well-Known Member

    "good one. yeah it sounds like a good idea but if u constantly want to be able to watch them u cud leave them by a window, the seal. And after the two weeks off to thier new guerilla home, good luck

    Grape101 Active Member

    Cheers man.

    Grape101 Active Member

    Whats the best way of transporting all my weed home? It will be in the middle of the woods which is a few hundred yards down the road from my house. If i put it in big plastic bags, will all the crystals fall off?

    eastlosg1 Well-Known Member

    Well UR gonna be taking it home to dry right ? This is how i would do it , i would buy some big ziplock bags and place all the bud in there. And then squeeze all the air and lock, That way the crystals wont fall off.

    StickyNp0t3nt Active Member

    Germinate first then stick them in the ground with no pots or anything. Secondly if your looking for a high yield in outdoors you have to keep your plant all the way till the first snow fall but dont wait for the snow to come down, check your forecast as it nears winter time. Where i live its autumn from late august till late october and thats the time the light cycle is about 12/12. Dont get anxious and pluck them once it fills in let the buds mature wait till the hairs are about brownish that is when you can start to trim off the fan leaves and pluck your buds for drying and curing. And to answer your question about growing in New England, it shouldnt be a problem as where i live i get all four seasons (summer, fall, winter, spring) and growing outdoors is pretty much achievable anywhere but alaska and cold places like that

    binoculars Active Member

    way to revive a 2 year old thread but good advice!

    fellowes New Member

    Here's what you can do i'm new to indoor growing but not outdoors. First thing germ the seeds. Second Keep them in your house until they sprout and a week before go outside of your house and get the soil and them microwave 15secs to kill bugs. Take only 1 seed once it germs and try it in the soil outside if it starts growing just use that soil. get a 5 gallon paint bucket and fill with the dirt wet it down then transplant seedling into bucket. The last step is easy put them in discreet place where ATLEAST 8 hours of direct sun is on them. If you plant them outside in april harvest around september and you will have a nice yield and nice smoke. Natural smoke is the BEST!!!

    P.S. I didnt have any animals just bugs by my grow outdoors so i put a whole bunch of citrenella candles on the ground starting about 5 feet away from plants and I never had 1 bug.

    ironmanx Active Member

    buy jorge cervantes book on outdoor and u will learn what to do. good luck it isn't rocket science but it aint easy either.

    StickiestIcky Active Member


    Do you know how to make a cheap green house for stealthy growing only about 4-5 plants. Would i need to do anything to it for airflow and light this is confusing the hell out of me:wall:

    Also how often would i water once a day or every other day and how do i germinate seed for planting im gunna use pots

    WoW after that long question your gunna have a fucking noval to wright ;-)

    ak40kush Active Member

    another thing that would be helpful in guerilla growing is knowing a little botany on local plants. i know for my area that there are sumac (sp) trees which produce as much heat as marijuana plants. so cops can confuse them with the heat cams in choppers. There are also ferns, thick green moss, and clover in sites location. moss and clover pull nitrogen from the air and put it in the ground ( great for any veging plants. the ferns are exvellent ground cover as they take up alot of space and are like camo for marijuana.

    raloinc Member

    I wouldnt keep it in plastic atall if posible i would use a cloth bag because static from plastic may stick to the crystals

    westgreen Active Member

    I'm doing the same only mines 2 miles away from my house

    stonerman Well-Known Member

    lol whats up with people, none of them read dates, this thread is from 2007. 2007 people, then somebody revived it in 2009 2 years laters, then somebody else revives it again 2 years later, waste of time, nobody that started this thread is even still on riu probably.

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