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Growing and trying shrooms for the first time.

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by Kush Push, Jun 1, 2012.


    DaSprout Well-Known Member

    I must agree with mojoganjaman and canndo. Spawning to bulk is alot easier than many would initially believe it to be. Heck, you can buy a pre-made bag and innoculate it. Wait for it to colonize, and then just tell everyone that you spawned to bulk sub. I do understand what smilinjack is refering to. As far sterilization technique is concerned and how you would do it for your own particular situation. My advice is either buy a couple/few pre-made bags, or buy/borrow a pressure cooker and make like 8 jars. Innoculate the substrate. Go read more on shrooms. Then use half of your jars as pf tek, and the other you can spawn to bulk (easy as pf tek) and try a mini-monotub, then after that, try a casing. At least you will have something from pf tek. And you will feel good about spawning some to bulk. Spawning to and fruiting from bulk will help you learn alot more than pf tek. Look into "easy popcorn tek" or adding some corn meal to your jars. If you are feeling a bit daring you can check out wild bird seed. Good luck.
    One more thing. I have grown and consumed my own fruit very recently. I have to tell you. There is no better feeling. And you know exactly where they are coming from.

    SCUDkfa Member

    that chicks got some bitties

    smilinjack Active Member

    here is the recipe I use when I do PF jars

    i use
    lake water
    with 2 tablespoons of liquid kelp extract added per gallon

    > a batch = 12 half pints

    each batch gets 4 heaping cups vermiculite , medium horticultural grade.
    2 heaping cups coarse freshly ground rice
    2 level cups lake water 'tea'

    then i add

    1 teaspoon of nutritional yeast,
    1 tablespoon bee pollen,
    1 tablespoon flax seed
    1 tablespoon shredded coconut meat/flour
    1 tablespoon blue corn meal
    1 tablespoon coarse yellow corn meal
    1 tablespoon of powdered/ground kelp meal
    1 tablespoon of cottonseed meal

    and mix well

    DaSprout Well-Known Member

    That is the ever arousing Wendy Fiore. I believe her site is Wendy4u?I have Hitomi Tanaka on my profile page. I'm sorry to diverge from the thread but, I love huge natural breasteses. Makes me miss my ex. And she loved to do it all, and let me do it all... I almost made the mistake of trying to get back with her recently. I'm so fucking hopeless.

    DaSprout Well-Known Member

    When I have some more cash and drive I will also mix up a busy (elaborate) batch of jars. Just for testing purposes of course.

    canndo Well-Known Member

    Wow - don't ever let my mushrooms know you treat yours so well, I will never hear the end of it. Is there a reason for each ingredient?
    Kush Push

    Kush Push Active Member

    Thanks for the info guys. And to dasprout, i just recently got back with my ex :| don't do it the only thing good is the sex lol.

    canndo Well-Known Member

    you don't think it would be more fun to find someone NEW? Fresh? different? strange? unknown? exotic? someone that smelled different, moved differently, had different habits and ideas?

    Just a thought.

    smilinjack Active Member

    The ingredients contain various hormones that contribute to growth, as well as added nutrients. I have seen an increase in yields and get more flushes out of my cakes. I live in a small town so some of the ingredients I can't find around here so I order them in large quantities online, I think I spent about $80 dollars last time I ordered not including vermiculite and brown rice but that gives me enough ingredients to make cakes for a year or more. And I am constantly making cakes, I don't have an adequate source of poo around here so I don't do a whole lot of bulk, I typically average about 10 dry grams a cake so for me it works. I buy vermiculite in 4 cubic foot bags, and have quit using perlite cause it is messy and just another added expense. I set up a small greenhouse with a Kaz coolmist hooked up to it which will hold about 70 cakes. I know it's more work but for some reason I have issues with grains at times and the lack of access to bulk supplies keeps me doing cakes. Cakes are great for making liquid culture syringes too, when i'm ready to birth a cake I shoot sterile water into the jar and shake it up real good an suck it back up in a syringe and use it to inoculate more jars. Oh and by the way this is not my recipe, it was taught to me by an old friend.

    morfin56 New Member

    It's hippie3's special blend from mycotopia.

    smilinjack Active Member

    yep, he was an awesome dude, i miss him, his legacy continues though.

    canndo Well-Known Member

    One of the most wonderful things about mushrooms is their adaptability - oh not necessarily their adaptability to fruiting, that can be very exacting - I am experimenting with Boletus Edulus (sp?), no one knows what triggers fruiting but the mycelium will grow well even on cardboard. Now that is the point. Mushrooms have an ability to conform their digestion and enziomatic approaches to breaking down any number of substances. In fact one of the primary factors in sencience (the final degradation and weakening of mycelium) is a constant and unchanging diet - eventually the mycelium will lose the ability to cross substrates if it is fed the same thing and is never challenged by new nutrients. Now this is the point, the odds of your actually giving your mushrooms enzimes or hormones that the mushroom doesn't already produce are slim. If indeed you ARE doing this, it is as though you are sitting your mushroom down on the couch and forcing it to watch TV 24 hours a day. Now I don't know about all of those ingredients but I know a few - some provide extra sugar, some provide extra protein. I know about plant hormones (see my grow journal - oh, and I have decided not to post anything new until I see ROOTS), but mushrooms are more animal than plant. They breath oxygen, they have a distinct communication (nervous) system, in fact there is a new classification that includes mushrooms as well as animals.

    Owing to that, it is a mistake to presume that mushrooms are plants and it is a mistake to presume that they act as plants or are stimulated as plants. You include a number of grains, including soy and or cotton seed. These are high nutrient substrates, if one were to wish to increase the yeild of pasteurized straw one might amend the colonized straw with either of these and, make allowences for the extra heat produced. Other than that, I really can't see a lot of advantage and a whole lot of disadvantage of using this method. Do what you wish, of course, but I would encourage you to work with the growing cycle. This includes, as I have often said, orchestrating pin sets and letting the mushroom work in the way it evolved to work. Experiencing the joy of accomplishment in seeing a canopy of caps. Learning to use grains is a first step.

    I forage fairly regularly because I believe that the mushrooms that grow in my area are most likely to be able to adapt themselves to my climate, my elevation and my temperature ranges - I recently found a nearly luminescent, translucent shaggy mane. I managed to isolate a clone of this from the wild - I did not unpack my hood, I did not unpack my liquid culture system but went old school - triangles of agar dropped into jars of grain. They are growing nicely - I am no magician, my culture teqniques are no better than yours. If I can do it, you can as well.

    Now I no longer grow the sorts of mushrooms other do here, I have no need and they present no challenges to me, I would rather find something new but I remember the years of enchantment I felt when I did grow those sorts and I would never have gotten to this point if i had not, those sorts of mushrooms are powerful incentives. the story of the black morel is my inspiration. A man who had for years only grown your mushrooms decided to try to grow morels - they are very elusive and their life cycle is very strange, but he happened across a method, a simple solution to a very complex problem, he unlocked the secret and patented it.

    smilinjack Active Member

    As I typically start over with MS every other grow senescence isn't really an issue for me but you do make some interesting points. You grow morels? That is quite a feat. My wife wants me to grow them but I don't know if I want to take that on, maybe after I am done with school and actually have the time I may be interested. What have been your major challenges with them so far. As they are about the only mushrooms that I find in my area and only for about 6 weeks a year, she loves to eat them and I would be thrilled to be able to provide them for her.

    HomeGrownCheeba Member

    I have some brazillians going on right now, about 10 tubs in an automated greenhouse, kind of like a martha, on shroomery they will know everything you need to know about shroom growing

    nick12345 Active Member

    im going to try that thank you for sharing that

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