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grow room's temperature too high

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by xmegademonx, Nov 6, 2008.


    xmegademonx Well-Known Member

    I have a small grow area about 2x2x2ft with 7 lights. i think i have 2 27watts cfl, 2 22watts(?) cfl, 1 little cfl, 1 140watt normal light bulb, and 1 full spectrum clear light. I have a thermometer in there and it's always <85. It sometimes goes up to 105 even. I have a 1ft in diameter fan near it facing the lights and plants. It doesn't seem to help much. Anyone have any suggestions?

    jesus420 Well-Known Member

    no.1 take out all incandescent lights (typical light bulbs) they are inefficient and hot, you don't really get much usable light out of them but they give off a lot of heat.

    if after that the temp drops below 85 you're okay, if not then you need to work on your ventilation, get a PC case fan to exhaust air out the top or side of the box and make an intake port for air to enter (read cut a hole in the side of the box)

    if it's still hot after that you need to use fewer lights. yeah i went back and looked a 140 watt incandescent is HOT.

    gotot Well-Known Member

    the one pc case fan i have is really low in CFM, i'd recommend a duct fan. and if your light isn't cfl, flor, MH or HPS your best off not using it

    jesus420 Well-Known Member

    some pc case fans go up to like 115 cfm...

    gotot Well-Known Member

    they just seem kinda small, i don't know how effective they'd be in my room with box fans blowing crazy already:?:

    ststepen420 Well-Known Member

    theyd ventilate the room so of course its effective? you take the hot air out and you should have another fan bringing fresh air in because the plants are producing oxygen and your plants like co2 so the fresh air that comes in will be more rich in co2 then the air that just blowing around that room with more and more o2 coming off the plants

    gotot Well-Known Member

    all fans are effective, obviously, but how effective is my question and how do they measure up to box fans. and there's more co2 in my GR than there will ever be outside of it(co2 tank)

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