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Grow Project : Sun_burns Every Summer !

Discussion in 'LED and other Lighting' started by stardustsailor, Mar 1, 2013.


    stardustsailor Well-Known Member

    Well-well ....
    Time has come for another led grow ....

    Let me show you folks, some details :

    The space : Silverbox Evolution Grow-tent 1 x 1 x 1,6 m ( ~ 3x3x5 feet )
    P3016181.JPG P3016182.JPG P3016168.JPG P3016172.JPG

    Exaust :
    S&P TD Silent 100/160 with selection switch ( set at 100m[SUP]3[/SUP]/h )

    Act.Carbon Filter:

    Other :UVC sanitising lamp ( for pre/post cultivation sanitising )

    The light :

    1x GD-SDS Box Led grow system .
    P3016176.JPG P3016178.JPG

    Which features :

    -36 x Osram Oslon SSL 80 leds

    ( 24x Warm White 2700° K LCW CQ7P.CC & 12 x Hyper Red 645-660 nm LH CP7P ).

    -3x Recom RCD-48 -07 drivers .

    2x 80 mm_3000rpm_Industrial Quality fans .
    Each fan => 30-57 Volts operating range . ~1.75 Watt (48 V).Flow:1.027 m[SUP]3/[/SUP]min (48 V).Noise: 32.11 dB (48 V).

    -MeanWell SE-350-48 main PSU .

    -200x160x40 mm 1050 AA heatsink .

    -Analog Dimming Control ( 200-710 mA ).

    -Power Range *at plug.PSU_Bucks_Fans_leds :
    22 Watts
    *leds at 200mA/fans at lowest setting .
    100 Watts
    *leds at 710 mA/fans at max setting .

    -'Thermal Copper Pour' enhanced metal core pcbs.

    -Corrosion resistant construction,offering durability to environments with
    lots of

    water vapours and /or high humidity .Resistant to fertiliser/salt/pH regulators &
    other chemicals spills /droplets/sprays ,used commonly at plant cultivation.

    -Main PSU Fan Control
    PSU can supply led box fans , from ~39.8 Volts up to ~ 57,5 Volts ...
    (Buck-drivers need minimum ~37 Volts to drive the 36 Oslons ... )
    (Psu has it's own cooling fan also ,automatic switched on /off depending on PSU operational temps... )

    At 39.8 V ,fans work really silent ...
    At 57.5 V fans are kinda noisy !!!
    Set a sensor ,at middle fin channel (no rotating fan-blades above it ) of heatsink,
    approx above middle mcpcb ....
    P3016169.jpg .....
    -Ambient temp : ~ 18.5 °C
    -Leds driven at 710mA.
    Heatsink temps when :
    Fans working at most silent (s_lowest ) setting (39.8 V ) : 23.8-23.9 °C
    Fans working at "normal" setting (48 V ): 23.3-23.2 °C
    Fans working at max setting (57.5 V ): 23.1-23.0 °C
    P3016173.JPG P3016175.JPG P3016180.JPG ..
    So .....
    Worst case :....... Heatsink gets ~5.5 °C above ambient temperature ,leds driven at 710 mA !

    To be continued ....
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    Chronikool Well-Known Member

    Great looking panel you got there Stardust....where can i buy one? :)

    Now just missing a bit of green to go underneath... :)

    LEDmania Active Member

    Amazing project~ I am most curious about the size of your LED chips, will it be burnt if you continue running them at 710mA?

    stardustsailor Well-Known Member

    Now just missing a bit of green to go underneath..


    Chronikool Well-Known Member

    I can wait..... :)

    stardustsailor Well-Known Member

    After ~ 50.000 Hours of operation ,output power might drop around 70-75 % of initial power ....
    -Driven at 710 mA ...& cooled the way,they are cooled right now .

    led max 1.jpg led max 2.jpg

    HiloReign Well-Known Member

    What I've been waiting for friend... Now's the time to reap what you sow...

    picolada Active Member

    more sun-like the light of your new panels..i wish you all the best sailor!

    stardustsailor Well-Known Member

    Sun ...
    Here ,I come ....

    LEDmania Active Member

    Hey, the SUN, can you shine a small bunch of light to Amsterdam please? Here has been raining and cold for a long time. Thanks to the LED lamps, or where can I get some pots for entertainment at the coffee shops??

    stardustsailor Well-Known Member

    Substrate : Black Peat -Perlite 50:50 .Fortified with : MgSO4 ,KNO3 ,CaCO3,MgO and Miller Nutri-Leaf 20-20-20.

    Pots :
    3 x 25 liter Bins made of HD_PET.With plenty of drainage holes at bottom part .

    P3016183.JPG ....

    Species at sowing trial #1 : 3x White Russian (W.Widow x AK 47 ) & 3 x Unknown / Random
    Note : Both six seeds sowed are regular and have been treated with the Vernalization procedure *.

    *( Seeds kept in fridge for more than 6 weeks ,at ~ 7 °C,
    inside a solution of Nordic sea seaweed Ascophyllum Nodosum .
    Seeds germinate slowly under these conditions . )
    P3016188.JPG ..

    Each pot accomodates 1x W.Russian & 1x Unknown ..
    Only three will be " chosen " to grow ...
    Target is 1 - 2 females ..

    Temp Sensor placed near mcpcbs with Aluminium tape .
    P3016185.JPG ...

    Leds set at 200mA ,~ 30 cm over Pots ,for few hours every day until ,seedlings sprout ....
    Let's see ...
    Are there any survivors from the Vernalization procedure ?
    If yes ,will those show premature and/or enhanced flowering ?

    All we 've to do is wait ,for now ....

    P3016189.JPG ....

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    stardustsailor Well-Known Member

    Ans some readings after 60 minutes of led operation ,inside tent ...

    PSU output set at 41.5 Volts .
    Fans operate quite silently ...
    ..Leds driven at 200 mA.

    Ambient Temperature : 16.6 °C
    Relative Humidity : 65%
    Heatsink Temperature : 18.1 °C .

    agios Member

    Have a nice start SDS!
    ...the title of the thread is provocative i must say...;-)

    PSUAGRO. Well-Known Member

    I'm subbed for this SDS, amazing job on that panel.........3 pots a little too much or are you sexing???

    Maybe i should read first ^^^^bongsmilie

    stardustsailor Well-Known Member

    Some bad news ,guys ....

    At one pcb ,one led (white ) ws flickering(just a bit ) at 200 mA ..
    -" Ok .not soldered good enough or there's a tiny short-circuit somewhere ",I thought ...

    So without switcing off the PSU ,I unpluged the box ,reworked the led a bit with the solder gun ...
    Went back and plugged back the box (PSU switched on .... ) ...
    Bam ! ..None of the leds of the pcb now ,lighted up ...
    "Shit ! Something bad happened " ....
    Went back ....
    Check all the leds with multimeter ...
    Couple pof them didn't light ....

    First in the series (a red one ) has burned (close at it's cathode ,chip is totally black ...) ...
    Oh ....

    Now I've to fix that ....

    Wonder what exactly caused that /..

    Agios ,in what way provocative ,the title might be ?
    Don't get it ...

    foreverflyhi Well-Known Member

    Damn, dont trip Im Sure U Will Figure It Out

    SnotBoogie Active Member

    awww man! How difficult to remove the copper plate and reflow? or you will do it another way?

    guod Well-Known Member

    the psu stored a lot of energie without a load in the output stage. (Capacitor and Coil). it´s the same as a car Ignition system works.
    now if you reconnect the load this energie will flow and it does as you know now.
    was also stupid enough to do this on my modul, and i know it. see here... http://www.rollitup.org/led-other-lighting/547085-diy-modular-led-light.html#post7754589
    so, for switching drivers always disconnect the primariy side first, then connect your load.

    stardustsailor Well-Known Member

    Oh yes ,brother Guod ....
    I think I understood it ...

    Anyways ,it was a good chance for me to get to know the leds ...in deeper .....

    Well ,Oslons are made of two primary parts : the " base " and the ..." lens bulb " .....

    The base :
    P3016191.JPG ..
    Well ,I 've tried to unsolder it in situ ,with several soldering tips (25 Watt Weller solder gun ) ..
    Silver solder is way ,heat -resistant ..and hard !
    Tried with a torch-lighter ,also!!!

    Still nothin' ....

    I guess I've to wait for my hot air-gun ,to arrive ....

    Base made of ceramic Aluminium Nitride ....
    Hard ,robust ,doesn't melt ,withstands lots of ....nasty behaviour ...

    I want to chisel it out !!! (I've to restrain myshelf ,somehow ........)

    Gold inserts for contacts and heat conductance ....

    Top quality construction and design ......

    The "lens bulb " :
    P3016192.JPG ...
    A hard silicone dome which contains the chip ....
    ( thin film tech ,surface top emission ,not surface & side ,volume emission as cheap asian ..) ...
    Almost undestructable !
    I've pressed it ,stepped it ,hammer it ! torch it ,put the burning solder tip over it for at least one minute ....

    Wow ...this tiny thing is way robust ......

    Only weak point of Oslon leds found :

    Easy to decapitate ! ...
    Bulb says "goodbye " to base with a certain pressure applied .....
    I guess that's normal ,anyhow ....

    ( I'm thinking .....How about a chip ,inside a ceramic package ,base-lens ,one same thing ?
    Or ceramics AlN & SiO ,fused together into body and lens ,respectively ....
    With a thin film (die ) inside ....
    A glowing "stone ",indeed .......

    guod Well-Known Member

    this will damage the MCPCB
    milling or grind will maybe a way.

    heat the complet heatsink at about 100°C on a stove and with a little bit luck and some heat from above...

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