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Grow journal / video *- berry bomb, super lemon haze, white widow, blue widow. *****

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by deza, Feb 6, 2012.


    deza Active Member


    I have decided to get my 1st grow journal back up and running again; it will be in VIDEO format most of the time to 'enhance' your viewing experience haha.[​IMG]

    Will do two video's for the first two weeks then a video every fortnight as 'progress updates' [​IMG] *SUBSCRIBE*[​IMG]

    Details on my 1st Grow:

    Hyrdo setup in grow tent, 400 watt MH (Vegging) & 600 Watt HPS (flowering), Flood and drain system; Cooltube setup; two plants in hydro one plant in coco coir.

    1 x Berry Bomb (Bomb Seeds)
    1 x White Widow (Seedsman)[​IMG]
    1 x Super Lemon Haze (Greenhouse)[​IMG]

    Room Conditions & Feeding Shedule:

    Ph Level is kept between 5.8 and 6.0 (Resivour/Tank PH Level)

    Fed 3 times a day for Two minutes at a time (During Light Hours) - Flood & Drain @ Appropriate EC levels.

    WEEK 1


    WEEK 2.



    Have switched over to a 600 WATT HPS with BALLAST and 12/12 hour lighting as of the 6th Feb 2012.



    deza Active Member

    Bump!! Have completed the VEGGING STAGE.

    swapped my lighting over to a 600watt HPS and ballast along with 12/12 hours on timers.


    crackbaby Well-Known Member

    nice plants subbed!

    TheGrotesque Active Member

    Hey, nice grow. I wouldn't trim the bottom fans off unless you're gonna lollipop'em before flowring. The bottom fans will eventually die off to some extent..... Looks good, don't know much about your setup, I'm a soil guy.

    Looks like we have the same cooltube 600 setup, ig your ballast dimmable?

    Happpy growing

    deza Active Member


    Thanks guys!.. nope my ballast isnt dimmable i wish bro

    What do i expect from here? this is my first ever grow never done this before and havnt flowered a plant before.. just a long time smoker; and gave these babies life so i can ditch the dealer and have my own shit from now on.

    sincitygrowJB Active Member

    Yea u should get a bigger flood table cuz they look like there going lock up in the roots and if that happens its all bad other then that lookin good bro!!! JB

    deza Active Member

    Please explain this to me... i thought two plants would be a perfect fit in the tray was i wrong?.. i hope i dont have 'ANY' problems. let alone what you said..

    deza Active Member

    Im very tempted to go home and put them back in VEGGING mode.. too many 'oh nooo' comments about putting them into flower early lol.

    Damn!!.... will this create problems?.. its been in flower mode for 24hours.. should i quickly put it back into veg mode?.. i want a pound of good gear combined.

    Senseimilla Well-Known Member

    24 hours in 12/12 is not going to affect anything. It takes the plant several days of 12/12 before it even decides it's flowering time.

    You're going to have to scrog or train those plants really good to get anywhere close to a lb. 5 1/3 oz per plant takes 3 big plants with lots of bud sites.

    bigmanc Well-Known Member

    You will not get 1lb lol sorry man but someone had to say it

    deza Active Member

    hmm... next grow ill just grow one single massive fuking plant instead of three varieties etc.

    ill veg it for 4 months. (next grow)

    deza Active Member

    I JUST RANG THE HYDRO SHOP I BOUGHT my equipment from.. he said that plants in the wild always tie roots into each other thats not a problem and i can afford to veg them an extra two/three weeks at most.. and all i have to do is make sure the 'drainage' from the tray back into the resivour doesnt get filled with roots thats all.. and if it does i can cut the roots around the drain only.

    so this means i can veg longer..!!

    true or not?

    deza Active Member

    quick update guys; ive switched back to veg and also thrown in a legendary 35 yr old seed that germinated. 'unknown' plant. some of you may have seen the thread on it before; well guys.. she's come back strong!.. since its unknown.. i call it the 'TERMINATOR' because no matter what happened to it it just would fukn die.. some cases she was 99% dead on atlerast 5 seperate occasions.. but she gets right back on her feet and comes back stronger!


    crackbaby Well-Known Member

    Those, except for the little one, are plenty big enough to flower! Sorry I can't help with the hydro, never got that brave (soil only for me). Like you said, they can take all kinds of abuse jsut beware of hermies.

    Good work on the unknown, looks like a sativa and should be a giant once it flowers. Remember, they will double or triple in size during flowering.

    Thedillestpickle Well-Known Member

    you managed to sprout a seed from 35 years ago? That is the coolest shit ever man! If she's 6 months old you should be able to tell the sex by now? do you see white hairs coming out from the nodes? If you can hermie the plant and send me some seeds I will send you money lol. I want that plant!
    I don't know for sure but if the seed is truly 35 years old then I would think it's very likely to be a landrace. Question is which one? That's totally badass man, so many people would love to have that plant(assuming its a female). Or maybe I'm just getting too excited and it's a useless shyte plant ? I dunno but I'm interested to find out.
    If it turns out male could you send me some male flowers for breeding?

    FR33MASON Active Member

    I just recieved Some berry bomb seeds so i'm subbing this one. Looking good by the way.

    budsmokah Member

    Have you considered topping during or before the stretch phase going into flower? I want you to try and top a single plant for me and see how it works for you. If you don't want to I understand, but it is just one plant. Your call. I'm thinking it will double or triple, maybe more, the yield of that female. Try to top every/all tops that could make the "V" or "Y" effect, even the small bud sites on the lower areas if possible. Hope this sounds like a fun experiment. I'll keep checking this thread and I've also bookmarked it.

    Thedillestpickle Well-Known Member

    If you top one plant only you will end up with an uneven canopy, which will reduce yield because you'll have to hold the light farther from the topped plant.

    If your going to top any, you should top them all with the goal being to have the most even canopy possible

    I wouldn't top them, because it doesn't look like you can really veg much longer in that small tray. I know you can get away with a smaller space with hydro than with soil, so maybe it won't be too bad... but I wouldn't push the veg too much longer just incase

    budsmokah Member

    You are right but if you continue to top the new growth "Tops" then you can prevent the canopy from becoming uneven. If you top the latest growth early the other plants will mostly likely be the same size because the two new tops will start to take over.

    Topping increases the yields by making more nodes that cause more pistils which will make more buds form.

    When there are a new Top Set of Leaves, you can still top them until no further sets of leaves are being produced. The stretch going into flower is the final step to producing a more bigger Cola that can hold more Bud. Topping them during the stretch is like helping the plant out to make more Areas for the buds to form.

    Thedillestpickle Well-Known Member

    I understand but I don't think he should top only one, plant as the other plants will definately grow taller than that one plant. You should not top during flower as topping slows growth temporarily. You need to veg longer with every topping you do, and I don't think he has enough rootspace to continue vegging much longer. So for this particular grow I don't think topping is a good idea

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