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GreenHouse: Hawaiian Snow

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by DontBogart, Sep 25, 2009.


    buckets Well-Known Member

    Hi guys:

    I'm new to this thread and am researching strains. Can you confirm whether or not the H. Snow can yield pounds if grown outdoors? I am using 21 gallon pots with soil and perilite outdoors and I was wondering if I could get some poundage (more than one or two dried) from this plant? I ask that question because I saw some master grower with pics of H. Snow and it looked to be several feet above him in height and it yielded something like 5 pounds so they claimed. I am wondering if that's possible or not. Can you let me know please?

    Also...question about coco coir. Does that stuff swell up and retain water or does it require you to go to your outdoor site every couple of days to rewater? I need to find out the answer to this question...

    Thanks for your advice.

    OB Cron Kenobi

    OB Cron Kenobi Well-Known Member

    Easily doable. I did a LB indoors off of some Neville's Haze and over 10 oz off a H. Snow indoors. Under one 400 watt hps and a 6 bulb four foot t5.

    They are super long flowering plants, my snow went 17 weeks, my nevilles' went 23.... so i hope you've considered your temperate zone.

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