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GreenHouse: Hawaiian Snow

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by DontBogart, Sep 25, 2009.


    DontBogart Active Member

    Short report on some HSnow picked at only 7 weeks (11-12 weeks recommended)

    "Let us pray... for the HEAD we are about to receive, we give thanks"

    At only 7 weeks this shit will take you places you did not know existed!bongsmilie

    Wild Well-Known Member

    I'd really like to try the H Snow sometime, sounds an interesting combination (Laos and Hawaiin sativas). Any more to report on it? Thats harsh having to chop real early.

    DontBogart Active Member

    I didnt chop the plant ... just took a sample. Ijust tried the nine week product and HOLY SHIT. 12 weeks is gonna be a killer!

    plantsinpants Well-Known Member

    nice!! i have one in a 10gal drum outside and i topped the shit out of it early and its huge now, did the hairs on yours turn yet?? mine did this week , im not really counting weeks i like looking at the plants signs of ripeness, i think 1 or 2 more weeks should do it even tho i know she has already swollen and is just getting her finnishing touches in

    Matt731 Member

    Hye guys im a new member. I just ordered the hawaiian snow seed and I was just wondering any advice you can give me for growing the hawaiian snow?

    tom__420 Well-Known Member

    Make sure you have the room for it, she is going to get huge without any training

    plantsinpants Well-Known Member

    your gonna notice how fast she grows upward,
    dont be shy with the siscors, i like to let it get 2 or 3 feet tall then i simply cut the bitch in half,,,, believe me you will not regret hacking your baby,, she'l get bushy as hell after that,

    and last but not least , be patient, this isnt a early strain by any means but when she finaly does start flowering she does so pretty fast its just the veg and transition phase that take forever, ,, shit smells so unique,, weird like new book smell in school ( closest comparison i found)

    Funkymunky Active Member

    Mmmmmmmm. New book smell.

    Dr.RR Active Member

    LMFAO "then i simply cut the bitch in half" that's hilarious man! I've got the Greenhouse HS ready for my next grow; can't wait! How long did you veg & to how tall?

    ledgrowing Well-Known Member

    im doing hs right now in coco and i veged from seed only 4 weeks and mine is in full flower now at just under 6ft and i toped the shit out of it i let mine go 11 to 14 weeks and man what a yeild

    LifeGiver Member

    I got 2 feminized seeds of Hawaiian Snow in the Sativa Mix pack from Greenhouse. I noticed a beautiful stem smell from one of the plants and sure enough, the aroma is present in the dried buds (along with some other surprising smells). I picked up the smell of wild grape from the stems in veg and the dominant smell became an onion/wild grape aroma that smelled creamy smooth. The high is outstanding and inspirational; I feel like taking on challenges after I smoke it. I can vouch for the chopping in half method, as I did this to my mother plant to reduce her height and the amount of growth and branching that occurred after I did this was staggering. Hawaiian Snow has impressed me with both its vigor and quality of smoke, therefore I would recommend this strain to patient growers who long for a creative daytime smoke. The buds are just smothered in crystals; the live nugs have a crystal density which rivals normal dried nugs.
    I can't personally vouch for the consistancy of these qualities in the strain, as I only germinated 2 seeds. Also, I should mention that other people picked up different subtleties in the aroma but agreed that onion and a berry smell were present.
    This bud was the fastest to be consumed by a long shot. I've kept the mother and grow clones for my personal stash.
    The other plant hasn't been flowered yet because it was a much weaker grower and more difficult to clone.
    dr easer

    dr easer Active Member

    so heres my side of the story. got a color 5pack from greenhouse and all 5 died due to a over watering incident. i cloned the hawaiian snow right before and it was the only survivor. one of the clones even bounced back after a complete wilt. THIS WAS MY FIRST TIME SO I GOT ALOT OF MISTAKES OUT OF THE WAY!!! anywho about two months into veg these babies where growing right into the light which was about a meter. so like mentioned earlier i bent it right in half. so my mommies are all bonsai. i cut some stalks here and there but they just bounce right back. have some nutrient deficiencies in the mothers and despite that the clones look beautiful.
    so got two in flower using like a basin and i'm @ about 6 weeks and the hairs are starting to change. crystal production is gaining momentum and the one straight plant is about a meter and a half. gonna see if i can't harvest after 8-9 weeks cause of space. i need to redesign my setup to compensate for these "mighty redwoods"!
    -to be continued!!

    Dr.RR Active Member

    Sweet, I got one about 2 weeks old and I can tell it's gonna be a whole different ball game than dealing with Indica's lol.
    dr easer

    dr easer Active Member

    went on vaca for christmas and returned to a double-take scenario. these lady beefed up. i'm at almost ten weeks and the lower branches' hairs' are completely orange. i was planning on flushing in a few days for at least a week.

    quick question: should you start flushing even if all the hairs haven't changed yet? i have two planets plant b is about 5 days younger than a......so obvi its gonna be harvested later but they are both running off the same resevoir.
    OB Cron Kenobi

    OB Cron Kenobi Well-Known Member

    I let mine go to 16-17 weeks it didnt look quite ripe until then, I yielded a personal record under my 400 hps and 6 bulb T5 10 OZ! off of one plant. The runt Hawaiian snow gave me an ounce and a half. And that was just one rez. I still have a runted pure gold and a Neville's Haze that will probably be putting out 4-6 but thats what i said last time.

    check my other Greenhouse seed reports http://www.rollitup.org/seed-strain-reviews/292399-greenhouse-seed-company-methods-results.html

    Dr.RR Active Member

    Very nice report and thank you! I've got one at around week 7-8 right now, definitely nowhere near finished but I decided to sample a small lower nuggie tonight & holy shit it's undescribeable right now. I've only smoked Indica's for the past 2 months so this is like a totally new life! Definitely the harshest smoke in a while but it's got a very onion-y taste on the inhale. I just ripped some in my 3-foot bong & I'm definitely flying up there right now.

    One word: AWESOME :mrgreen:bongsmilie:eyesmoke:

    i81two Well-Known Member

    How can i get some of these beans if i live in usa ?

    Ponyo Member

    i feel a little skeptical about tellin you where to get these, cuz im about to buy some in a month or so and dont want em to run out haha, but im feeling helpful for some reason.


    i have buddies that have ordered from here to locations in the states and it has been a non issue.

    might want to get these now if your seriously gonna get some - i had banked on an Alaskan Ice grow this summer, and now theyre all out and dont know when they'll be getting more... :( made me a little sad.

    i81two Well-Known Member

    You da man.

    tom__420 Well-Known Member

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