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Green Light Super Bloom 12-55-6

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by cookiesandbones, Nov 12, 2007.


    cookiesandbones Well-Known Member

    what up to all. the title is the brand and NPK, it also has .10% chelated Fe. my question, is this a good food for flowering, it says on the package "designed to help produce more flowers and improve beauty." at 1/4 strength during wk3 of my bubbleponic grow would this be a good food to use? if not what NPK should i look 4? all wisdom is greatly appreciated

    anhedonia Well-Known Member

    ive been using fox farms granular solubles throughout my flowering period. the lable on beastie blooms (0-50-30 mixed with grow big (6-4-4) another fox farm product) states to use it during middle to final weeks of llowering. "formulated to produce heavy weight fruit and maximize blossom bevelopment". i use that for 2 weeks then switch to the finishing fert cha-ching (9-50-10) mixed with tiger bloom 2-8-6 for the last weeks and again the back states boldly, "maximizes essential oils and heavy resins production". so with that i bought all 3 of them and as far as i can tell im getting great results. i harvest 3 bag seed plants the first week of dec. that i grew using all foxfarm products and feeding schedule. its easy. you cant fuck it up. and the results: this stuff looks nothing like the bag seed that i got them from. the buds are covered in resin and have huge pistils, and i still have about 3 weeks left! good luck man.

    cookiesandbones Well-Known Member

    thats whats up, thanx on the advice. after reading a few posts on the same brand, ive decided to go wit it but at 1/16 strength beginning wk2. Foxfarm is on my agenda but later seeing as its pretty much the #1 choice here, but 4 now this will do. this is my first dro grow, jus tryin to get a feel for it. im also tryin to minimize spending, my entire grow area was less than 60 bucks (already had lights n fans). any good current Green Light testimonials? complaints?

    headspace Active Member

    i use it...works fine...start with a weaker mix then build up to a stronger solution...

    availability, location and price is right for me :)

    tusseltussel Well-Known Member

    are you growing hydro with green light super bloom???? i got some gl sb but use it in soil as i dnt think it is ment for hydro... and in soil it is still missing a few nutes, ended up with mg def.

    cookiesandbones Well-Known Member

    thanx tussel and ande. yea i plan on using it in my dro grow. if i leave all the growing and experimenting to u, I wouldnt learn much would i? when i use d it on my soil grow, i grew a 4ft plus plant. male, talk about hurt. lots of hash though. im also using tap water which has trace amounts of mg in it, if im not mistaken. what other issues did u run into usin GL SB?

    KifBox Active Member

    I know that this thread is old, but I am using Green Light Super Bloom in my soil plants right now.

    I read about the mg deficiency comment but I think that has to do with your soil prep. From what I understand dolomite lime in the right quantity mixed with your soil will provide a decent quantity of magnesium.

    You can also add mg with epsom salts in spray or soil or dissolved.

    So anyway, anyone with any feedback on the Green Light Super Bloom would be appreaciated

    SmokesLikeBob Well-Known Member

    I'm using GL SB, in soil and dwc and their doing great, using full strength now!

    Izoc666 Well-Known Member

    hello anyone ? this thread is dead since march 2010....

    it will be highly appreicate if anyone can help me out with about super bloom, after i researched about green light super bloom....it has high of p , im wondering its really working for my cannabis plant? or i should get alaska fish 0-10-10- since no nitrogen. thanks for your time.

    alwaystoken86 Well-Known Member

    yeah it works great" Grew some Lowryder 2 all organic except 1 plant i used it half of what it stated and it grew bigger and produced alot more crystals rule of thumb use half of whats stated first and then do what is says also every time u feed it this water with plane water also

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