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Great AN side by side by side comparison article

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by Auzzie07, Apr 20, 2011.


    Auzzie07 Well-Known Member


    had5onit Member

    man that is years old i remember reading that 10/11 years ago.

    mrduke Well-Known Member

    it maybe old but still true. I just made the switch to AN from dyna-gro which i went to after GH. AN by far blows them both out of the water leterally. there is a lot of cost differance between them but when all is said and done its not even a question of the extra few hundred bucks. I run a modified expert(or what ever is the highest) growing feed schedule. No tarantula or parhana but I sub great white. this ststem cost about 700 for a 3k setup which will produce by the looks of at least a full pound more then ever before. in the past i would get any where from 3 to 3 1/2 a cycle this time i suspect it will be more like 5, but time will tell

    mellokitty Moderatrix of Journals

    so...... a company-sponsored comparison grow shows probative positive results for said company? i beg to differ.

    this is just badly spun bad science.

    i'd be more willing to take this with a grain of salt if the 'expert' in charge wasn't eyebrow-deep in the AN camp and a close personal friend of the owners of the company, who, btw, you might as well be giving your money to the OC's who are ruining my hometown.

    mrduke Well-Known Member

    have ever tried AN in there recommended feedings??? So many people hate on them for there crazy ads and higher price but have never even tried them

    mellokitty Moderatrix of Journals

    that's so not my point.

    (and yes. i have a number of friends who work for them/used to work for them, i have access to their whole lineup at "the bro price". we actually pay *more for our grotek lineup (also local), where we don't have an "in", than we would for AN the way it's available to us.)
    maybe because i didn't have to invest the big bucks in it, i never had that moment using it where i was like, "oh, so THIS is why it costs so much more." and when i DID find out what it retailed for, i *pffft*ed and then half-seriously joked about quitting growing to bootleg AN nutes. (yes, there is *That much of a retail markup.)

    my point here is the absolute **fallacy** of putting forth company-sponsored data as definitive fact, in spite of the obvious AND admittedly shoddy science.

    like i said, i'll be more willing to believe it when the comparison grow is done by a grower NOT on the company's payroll. (and no, remo may not draw a "paycheque" from AN per se, but they definitely have their hands DEEP in each other's pockets)

    again, to each his/her own. i'm not saying you should or should not use them.
    i just think that as a local resident whose friends have been personally fucked over by AN and/or intimidated by their OC henchmen, i would be remiss in my duty to my fellow riu-ers as an info-sharing forum if i didn't at some point mention that giving money to AN is like lining the coffers of one side of the biggest gang war this port city and its suburbs have EVER seen.....
    Stoney Macgyver

    Stoney Macgyver Active Member

    Really? Advance Nutrients are Snake Oil in a Bottle... I was unfortunate enough to invest 500 dollars in a system and it was a huge waste of money... Insane salt build ups, that shit was worse than Fox Farm. Fucked up PPM levels, there never what they say there going to be. Then worse of all, I had better results with both basic Fox Farm series and the 3-Part from General Hydro. Never again, they don't have all these special formulas that make them better from the rest, if that were so they would have patents on all they're shit, don't you think? Just go basic I learned, I don't mean miracle grow or anything, just don't go spending tons of money just for nutrients.
    benny blanco

    benny blanco Active Member

    When you say it fucked up your ppm levels what exactly do you mean? Do you not monitor them when making feed?

    Auzzie07 Well-Known Member

    Don't believe it if you don't want to, but I truly believe AN when they say that they are out there to find the best nutrients possible, even if it means that another company has a better nutrient (be it a cal-mag supplement, or a base nute), then the results of that experiment would show them that, and allow them to figure out how/why it's better than their product which serves the same purpose. Call me an optimist, but I think they're telling the truth.

    I just thought this article was interesting, and thought some others would too, but flame on.

    squarepush3r Well-Known Member

    the article is a paid advertisement by AN, but if its true? can't say, would prefer an independent test.

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