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Going to court in 15minutes over speeding ticket advice?

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by tfishing, Mar 10, 2010.


    tfishing Well-Known Member

    Got a speeding ticket about a month a go... 55 in a 30 on an empty road about 100feet past where the speed limit changed from 50 to 30.

    Done a lot of research and attempted to prepare but any last second advice?

    ...... Well-Known Member

    It will get dropped if you dont have any prior tickets.
    He might make you take a defensive driving class I doubt it though.

    Benassi Guest

    If you were radar'd asked the officer when the last time he had his radar gun recallibrated and ask to see documentation. If he has none, your case is dismissed. Really you should of had the court date pushed back as far as possible. Extensions on tickets as well. The longer you wait the more the cop won't remember. Usually the cop doesn't even show and you get dismissed right away.

    PussymOneyWeed Well-Known Member

    My advice, Dont get pulled over speeding. Haha im j/k we have so many spots like that here in FL. Some places the speed limit will drop 15 mph for like 4 avenues and then jumps back up to the original speed its retarded.

    It just seems like these are traps just so cops can post up and rail people with tickets.

    Priscilla420 Guest

    I've gotten 2 traffic tickets dismissed in the past because the cop didnt show up. What I did was I pleaded 'not guilty' the first time I went so that they would re-schedule my court date. If the cop that gave u the ticket doesn't show up on that date.. your ticket gets dismissed. It has worked for me twice.. But I live in Texas. Not sure how it works in other states.

    moodster Well-Known Member

    dont take drugs to court and you will be fine LOL

    sm0keyrich510 Active Member

    deny how far past the speedlimit sign you were. claim you were radar'd just past the sign...

    you are given a reasonable amount of time to adjust your speed. note that you were slowing down for the new speed.

    tfishing Well-Known Member

    HAHA only in mind. I just entered my not guilty plea today, i guess i was a little confused. Court date is resch for the end of april... time to build my case..

    Priscilla420 Guest

    Just hope that the asshole cop doesn't show up.. that way they'll hopefully dismiss your ticket ;)

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    you could just pay it. you were speeding after all. :wink:

    FuZZyBUDz Well-Known Member

    its just a misdemeanor? pay it.

    CLOSETGROWTH Well-Known Member

    Slowdown? :roll:
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    tfishing Well-Known Member

    haha ya it was one of those situations where one would of had to more or less slam on the breaks... with no change in road type and this being a very isolated road (crossing a dam) it seems like a pretty unnecessarily high ticket. ($225). :-(
    Anyways my options right now...
    -DA offered plea deal to reduce ticket to 50 in a 30 taking off about $50.
    -I also can try and get it diverted but the prosecutor said that is unlikely seeing as how it is 20 over.

    Should i take the deal? Could i be worse off if i plead my case?
    How likely is it that the cop won't show up?
    I don't have any other speeding tickets or traffic violations.. nor have i ever been pulled over for speeding before. I have no record. I really would like to keep it that way.


    tnrtinr Well-Known Member


    You couldn't see the "Speed Zone Ahead" sign or the posted 30 m.p.h. speed limit sign as you approached?

    Either way you would have been able to coast down to the speed limit without touching the brake pedal.

    Tell the DA that you will pay the full fine if he will re-categorize the speeding ticket to a non-moving violation. He should be happy to oblige if he is already peddling a deal.


    PussymOneyWeed Well-Known Member

    Just a quick tip, dont listen to people about the cops most likely not showing up. If thats your only means of defense then your fucked. What most people dont realize is that Cops DO in fact get paid to show up in court and fight against you. So unless your cop gets killed/kidnapped on the way to the courthouse chances are thats not gonna work. Im not saying it doesnt happen but its not something id ever rely on.

    Id say stick to your guns and just try to fight it. Best case scenario it gets dropped and nothing goes on your record, But if worst comes to worst your in the same boat your in now and you just gotta pay out some cashh.

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    i was speeding but i should not be held responsible because _______________________ .
    robert 14617

    robert 14617 Well-Known Member

    give yourself plenty of time to get there without speeding , it may look bad getting a ticket on the way to traffic court

    ...... Well-Known Member

    just take the deal.He will end up showing in court and you'll have to pay it all.
    What state are you in?That shit would of got dropped in PA if it was a first offense.

    Priscilla420 Guest

    lol I never said the cop "most likely" wont show up. I said if he doesn't, they'd dismiss the ticket. It happened to me twice already. Just sharing my experience so he knows thats a possibility. I never told him to rely on that. :roll:
    robert 14617

    robert 14617 Well-Known Member

    nuf said..........:bigjoint:

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