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Go Green LEDs Cree CXB3070 grow lights

Discussion in 'Rollitup Advertisers' started by GoGreenLEDs, Sep 22, 2015.


    GoGreenLEDs Active Member Rollitup Advertiser

    Here is a great deal for all COB users, for a limited time we are selling 4 packs of our Citizen CLU048-1212 COB lights. The sale price of the 4 pack is $600. RIU20 discount brings the price down to $480.
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    TheChemist77 Well-Known Member

    damn, i shouldve waited and got 4,, but the 2 i have are working great

    rocknratm Well-Known Member

    Thats a very tempting 4 pack deal. Swap them out for my t8s and t5 in veg. Add one for flower.... But i told myself no more leds unless their 3590s. But im quite happy with my 3070 200 watt fixture.

    Could you explain how the clu048 compares to 3070? Is it an efficiency difference? Are you using similar efficiency drivers with the 200w 3070 and the citizen 100 watt fixtures?
    Apologies for my ignorance
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