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Getting caught in the UK

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by skunkbudnice, Jan 28, 2008.


    skunkbudnice Well-Known Member

    If I got caught in the uk with say..........8 healthy plants, what would I get jail?big fine? comunity service???

    any ideas people:spew:

    mrskitz Well-Known Member

    probably a fine and community service,possibly a suspended sentence!if you can prove they were for percy!if old bill could prove intent to supply then maybe prison but it would depend on ya criminal record!

    Hanky Well-Known Member


    skunkbudnice Well-Known Member

    lol, Im buff enough....................got a cork ready for my ass though..

    skunkbudnice Well-Known Member

    what about if it was only 4 plants, would that make a difference?

    kathleenbilly Well-Known Member

    Basically it works on whether they can prove you are a commercial grower or a person who grows for personal use in relation to amount of plants you have.

    So lets look at it both ways, someone with 4 plants in a fairly modest grow could comfortable say, personal use given the amount of bud produced from 4 plant in 8 weeks, so lets break this down into what you could smoke on a daily basis, easy for a solicitor to argue on your behalf as personal smoke. smoked on a daily routine per 8 weeks etc. :blsmoke:

    Now someone with more than 8 plants etc makes you look, in most cases as more than a personal grower, given the possible yield and the plants you will have probably in veg which is then added on to your 8, :-|

    Now your looking exactly like a commercial grower and with serious difficulty to prove otherwise, on this amount of evidence the police would be able to put you in prison even on a first time offence.

    Less than 8 is safe......''

    More than 8 it's too late :mrgreen:

    skunkbudnice Well-Known Member

    come on.............will 4 plants be any difference

    skunkbudnice Well-Known Member

    looks like ill be going for 4 then ;-), they are for personal, but wanted to try different strains. Thanks for the info

    kathleenbilly Well-Known Member

    Don't worry bud, 4 plants you would get a caution. :peace:

    But you should not be looking or thinking to get caught? :mrgreen:

    Enjoy your plants :blsmoke:
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    mrskitz Well-Known Member

    listen i live in england,ive been inside a few times and noone gets raped!its extremely rare!maybe its different in a maximum secruity prison!but if you get caught and you can prove it was for personal use you wont be sent down!

    mrskitz Well-Known Member

    im growing right now and i aint even worried about getting caught!

    skunkbudnice Well-Known Member

    Im a very carefull person and I like to know all my options and solutions b4 I try anything, I like as much info and detail as poss, again thinkyou allllll.

    and the cork thingy was a joke;-)
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    iceman77776 Member

    i live in UK too, and i just opened a similar thread on UK420.
    i am growing 7 plants and i guess if i get caught im going to have to say personal use but how does one Prove personal use...

    moodster Well-Known Member

    i know sum1 got caught with 16 mature plants and got community service so fuck them grow as many as you want m8

    nickyp Active Member

    I think it has way more to do with the money you have for a lawyer. A very good lawyer.

    JimmyTheJaw Active Member

    i know someone who got caught with 29 plants in his attic, not sure how far along they where, im in scotland, all he got was a 450 pound fine and community service, not sure how many hours tho, there is not a set limit on what is personal use, as some one said before it all depends on your record and what you are found with, if you have scales and small bags lying about then that would make matters worse.

    xogenic Well-Known Member

    i know some one who got busted didnt have any plants growing but was over 30 coco filled pots and a black carrier bag full of clippings and fan leaf and a bag of stems he said it was his first and only grow and that he wouldnt do it again he got a slap accross the wrists and sent home 2 hours later took his 3 400w hps and the pots and the bags of leaves and stems his nutrients and his mylar and his ph meter and that was all he heard from it that was just over 9 months ago

    sambo020482 Well-Known Member


    Tamerlane Active Member

    How on earth did you get caught??? Have any advice on how to avoid this from happening to other people?


    just realized this thread is like 2 years old....

    JimmyTheJaw Active Member

    not sure exactly how the guy i know got caught, he's more a friend of a friend, i think he always had people at the door and going away for small amounts of time alot through the day, just stupid things i think but it all adds up, maybe they smelt it outside his house aswell, i cant say exactly

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