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Germinate Seeds with Rapid Rooters

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by fattybulge, Dec 10, 2009.


    May11th Well-Known Member

    Nullis, I don't germinate in them, what if the stem grow and lanky before it takes root, no way to bury it deeper, I just do paper towel, ziplock, humidity dome and a heat blanket from hydro farm, close vents in hood and a week later my stuff is in straight coco thriving, its simple. Ive tried putting directly in rapid rooters and they stretch, I dont want to risk them falling over so I do my method, I will say though that rapid rooters are my perfered method to clones, 6days and my clones show root. Beat that rockwool.

    Ps I also use aloe vera juice for foliar spray, try it, may like it.
    l 20131009_183829.jpg

    grasscropper Well-Known Member

    You've probably got your answer by now, but these are called Jiffy Pots. They are peat moss and have a netting around them. When put in water they expand and make tiny little pots. Great for cloning and once you see the roots through you can just plant the entire thing in a pot. You can get them at Canadian Tire... Home Depot etc., People use them to start seedlings for their vegetable gardens in spring. then into the ground they go. Better late than never with an answer.

    TroubleMaker93 New Member

    i just use glass of water and paper towel for germination, then i just put it in rapid rooter my roots its approm half a CM i put in a germination station under a 300 mars hydro is it too quick ?
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    BushMaster15 Well-Known Member

    You just dug up an 8 year old thread.

    TroubleMaker93 New Member

    what do you mean ? ( im not very good in english sorry)

    Jgray766 Well-Known Member

    I would keep them under a few 6500k cfls about 3 inches from bulb...gets u fat thick stem. Once it has a few nodes, put it under the LED

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