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Germinate Seeds with Rapid Rooters

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by fattybulge, Dec 10, 2009.


    fattybulge Member

    I purchased 10 seeds from Nirvana. I decided to go with Northern Lights and Blackjack. I purchased 5 fem seeds of each strain. I wasnt able to get any info from the net on how to germinate seeds using rapid rooters. Some people said they tried or used and it was a success or not, but no one saying how they did it. I found some info on how to germinate in a shot glass with water then transfer to soil, but I grow with a hydro top drip setup. And I place my clone cuttings in rapid rooters. So I decided to use the shot glass method and then try my own rapid rooter method. I just checked my seeds after placing them in the rr's and discovered I have 10 of 10 showing the tap root and a few already breaking the surface and begining to thrive! So let me give my info so you can do the same. I am a novice grower but have been reading and attending classes and have really became knowledgable as of late. Lets begin...
    I received my seeds, I then filled 10 shot glasses with tap water, I am in portland OR so we have clean tap water, people say to let it sit for 24 hours, I had a bucket of water sitting out for 10 hours that I was saving for my hydro veg room, so I took the water from here and put it in the shots. I labeled my shot glasses with a piece of tape for the 5 BJ seeds, and left the NL seed glasses blank. I then placed my seeds into the glasses and let them sit in a shoe box in my office at 70 degrees for a day. This is intended to let the seeds get wet and fill with water. You know they are full when then sink to the bottom, because at first they will float. My seeds however didnt sink on their own, so I decided to stir and tap them, to my surprise most of them fell to the bottom of the glass and stayed. So I figured they were done. The others did this after a few more hours.
    From here I took my rapid rooters and dunked them into my water bucket, the same water as I filled the shots with. I squeezed the rapids a bit to get excess water out, these things as I have found, hold water and stay moist. You dont need them dripping wet. On half of the rr's, I placed the seeds in the top hole and pulled a piece of rr from the bottom and stuck it in the whole to cover the seed. For the other half of the seeds I cut a slit in the bottom of the rr midway on the bottom, and halfway down the side so I could place the seed in this slit. Like I said, im no expert and I couldnt find any info on people using rr's and how they did it. So this was an experiment. come to find out both methods worked the same.
    I put the seed filled rr's into a small basket i got at the hydro shop and placed them in a tuperware container w/ a lid. I sprayed the inside of the container with water and sprayed over the top of the rr's with this water too. I had a small plastic straw that I put between the container lid and the top of the container to allow air to flow in. I set the container in my dark closet for 2 days. I checked them today and tap roots were out on all seeds, and some seeds were starting to rise to the top of the RR. non having punched through the top just yet.
    I then moved my baskets with the rr's from the container into my clone tray with the dome lid that I place under my 2 24'' t5 grow lights. Pictures are below. I will update as to how long and if this continues to work. So far so good! I am very excited and this has been very easy! I hope people can use this info to help them. Having read other threads on here that have helped me I thought it was only right to share what I have learned and has worked for me. More to come....
    Pics... The rr with the plant showing is a clone cutting I have, and the rr with the white on the top is the first of the seeds coming to the top!

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    kevin Well-Known Member

    i put the rapid rooters in shot glasses and cover with a drinking glass. keep the rapid rooters moist. good luck with the grow. rapid rooters are great for cloning too.

    fattybulge Member

    That sounds like it would work, but it doesnt really maximize the space and the shot glasses dont allow much air to move through the rooter. As long as I keep my humidity around 80% or higher and look at the rooters once per day atleast, I might have to spray them once every day or two. But ya these rooters are legit.

    kevin Well-Known Member

    they are handier than a shirt pocket

    Mr.GreenJeans Well-Known Member

    RR's are great!!!! I use basically the same method, but I don't bother with the whole seed soaking thing. I just put my seeds about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch deep in the hole in the top of the plug, then use a knife/screwdriver/or whatever to push some of the material over to cover the hole (I soak the plugs/rooters the same as you) and put them in my domed propogation chamber with a single 24 inch T5 light. So far every seed I've done this way has popped its head up within 3 to 4 days. Then I give them about another 3 or 4 days and pull the plugs out of the chamber to check for root growth. So far all have had at least 3 inches of tap root hanging down plus smaller peripheral roots. At this point I go ahead and put them in the 3 gallon pots that they will live their entire lives in (I don't like the bs of transplanting repeatedly) and start vegging.

    As strictly a soil grower those rapid rooters/super plugs beat the hell out of any other germination method I've found!!!!

    jonboy30 Well-Known Member

    RR's are the best germinating medium...I love em'! I germinate in a 7" humidity dome with a heat mat underneath set at 72 degrees farenheit. humidity is at 90% always and seeds/clones love it!

    Mdot923 Active Member

    Planning on using rapid rooters but still confused. When a seed is in a dark place how does it kno which way is up and which way is down? I have heard that germinating the seed is only used to see if its good or not and could cause long term damage.

    fattybulge Member

    The seed just somehow knows. I have just found out that you can leave the seed in the shot glass w/ water until the tap root comes out. Once the tap root is out and you plant it in the rooter, make sure you plant it tap root up, this is how the tap gros naturally, it will come out of the seed and up then make a turn and go down. If you plant it root down it will go down up down, wasting energy and possibly causing death. But i think the tap knows due to gravity, not sure.

    fattybulge Member

    Here is a picture of my seeds on day 6. Day 3 and 4 they really grew most of the way to this point, the last two or so days they have just gotten a little larger leaves. But proof that either the rooter germ method is legit, or Nirvana has some bad ass seeds. Im gonna say its a combo of both. Thanks nirvana, Northern Lights femenized, BlackJack femenized.

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    Heads Up

    Heads Up Well-Known Member

    I soak my seeds in distilled water for twenty four hours and then put them into my soil and wait for them to pop. I probably should do the whole germ thing but so far I have had great luck with that simple method. So far, including the ten I have going now, I've only grown about thirty plants. Only one seed has not popped out of that number. I don't know if it's the magnetic field in my house, or maybe it's built on top of an old indian ceremonial tent where they used to smoke the ganja or maybe just dumb luck but my female rate is around eighty percent from regular seeds. I got seven out of ten my last grow, and twelve out of eighteen my first grow and this grow ten for ten females. So until my ratio drops dramatically, I'll keep soaking my seeds and then putting them right into their homes.

    That transplanting thing, it bothers me too. Why transplant? I did this time and my girls showed no transplant shock at all but I didn't care for the whole procedure. The only reason I can see using smaller containers is not having to water a three gallon container for a seedling. What are the advantages to transplanting versus just popping it into the container you plan on growing in from a seed?
    Heads Up

    Heads Up Well-Known Member

    I forgot. I also bought a bag of rapid rooters my last visit to my not so local grow store. I have to go to Tampa and it's about ninety miles away but buying three bags of soil and paying for the shipping is nuts. Plus, I can get a good cuban sandwich when I go.
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    fattybulge Member

    I start in small pots for two reasons. One, my clone/ start room is lit with a T-5 floro. It is less harsh than my 400w mh, reason two, the soil I use is "hot" right out of the bag, I use a neutral potting soil until the seeds/clones get a certain size.

    SumDumGuy Well-Known Member

    You my friend have a Gitchy Manitou living in your home :)

    As for the transplanting? It's the best way to know where your root system is with respect to plant size.

    Example. I once had a tall plant in a 5 gallon pot - went from seed to 5 gallon. After harvest it was lanky! When I pulled the stem I realized the rootball was insufficient and false advertisement for the size of the stem. Must of had a super root strand cause I saw hardly any roots.

    Then I went ahead and started transplanting once the root ball became root bound. Once pot to the next and the next. Ofcoarse trim a quarter inch off the sides and the bottom so that the roots regain direction. When she hit 5 gallons "oh baby!" the final harvest weight was about 8 ounces from 1 plant in a meter squared. HID's ofcoarse.

    So... an experience grower may not need to transplant granted they know what phases the plants are in although it may help to transplant but for the indoor gardener I think it's very important to transplant and get a feel for the most important part of ANY plant. The root system. I hope this helped my fellow stoners. Blaze one up for me please ;)
    Life Goes On

    Life Goes On Active Member

    I simply followed the directions that came with the Rapid Rooter plugs. All but one of my 11 seeds have popped and are ready to be put into one gallon pots (and it has only been one week to the day) Although I think I may have left them in the dome a little too long as one of my babies fell over :cry:. But I think she will be fine as she has turned back up towards the light :grin:. I just hate putting my girls through any kinda stress.

    Also I've read that light damages the roots my question is how long does it take before the light damages them to the point that it will be detrimental to the plant? Because I just noticed today that the roots were semi exposed to the light (probably for a couple days) as they broke free from the plugs and were exposed to the light via the empty slots in the Rapid Rooter tray. Hence the reason I transplanted to the pots.

    Anyway I have them under a 400W MH that is raised to 4 feet. Temps are probably around 70-75F (I say probably as I have not been able to purchase anything to give temp and humidity as of yet) and humidity is 33 percent (according to the weather forecast) So in the dome I would imagine it was a bit more humid. All plants seem healthy and happy!

    Bubba Kush/Bubble Berry/Blue Widow/Critical Jack/Road Runner/

    T&Ahall11 Member

    IMG_20111026_164043.jpg we have these things for growing with but dont know what they are can anyone fill us in?? we want to start growin our own..hate goin thru dealers..:(

    CriticalEater Member

    Watering in too big of a pot can cause nemetodes, which will eat the roots of your plant. You can avoid this by just giving it a very small amount of water until it's large enough to warrant watering the entire pot. Why some people transplant 2 or 3 times beats me. What a waste of time, energy, potting soil, etc. It's a weed for crying out loud! Just give it some TLC and it will grow. As for the shot glass method, another total waste of time. Either just germinate it in the RR plug, or using the old paper towel method (for growing in soil). You can also use the paper towel method, cut a slit in your RR plug, and insert it tap root down for a hydro system. Just don't get the RR plug too wet, or let it dry out. Just like Goldie Locks, it has to be just right!

    Badmf Well-Known Member

    Small pockt on the side of the seed, it has a compass and depth gauge some have oxygen masks too.

    RawBudzski Well-Known Member

    Plant a seed POINTY SIDE UP in rapid rooters, dont cover seeds with dirt and dont make hole too deep, you should be able to Visually see your seed down in the hole. Planting it with the POINTY side up is best because the TAP ROOT will pop out the TOP of the seed instantly making a U turn back into the soil, that Movement the taproot makes, flips the seed right side up and it will begin growing the opposite way of the taproot.
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    Darth Vader 1947

    Darth Vader 1947 New Member

    Bro I've been looking for this info all over the place. This is my first grow so I wasn't sure about what to do. Thank you for posting this.

    Nullis Moderator

    To me, this is a good illustration that rapid rooters really aren't the greatest for seed germination. It isn't really a surprise that the taproot is so long, and it doesn't really want to just hanging there.

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