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Free Nutrient Samples - PICS

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by idlehands80, Feb 10, 2010.

    old gimp

    old gimp Well-Known Member

    thanks for the heads-up:lol:

    blaze1camp Well-Known Member

    the only company i had to pay shipping for was GO General Hydroponics Organic line...But how can you complain about paying $25 for over $250 in free nutes...Also pictured is my botanicare sample kit...Oh and the Techno samples i had to have them shipped to a local grow show...

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    idlehands80 Active Member

    I sent a message to FoxFarm and never heard anything back, but this just showed up in the mail today! These are small bottles but it should be enough for 1 plant through the whole cycle. We shall see!

    2x TigerBloom
    2x Growbig
    Big Bloom
    Cha Ching
    Open Sesame
    Beastie Blooms

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    idlehands80 Active Member

    LOL WTF.

    OK peeps. I posted the letter I sent as an guide on what you can write to request samples. Really if you are too lazy to change it up at least a little then shame on you. For that reason I am removing the sample email from the original post.

    I requested samples from bloombastic and got a response. They are sending them but they also mentioned that 2 others sent the same exact email. C'mon guys be at least a little original. below is a copy of part of the response I received from bloombastic.
    Notice the multiple names in the salutation.

    So please don't ruin it for others.

    idlehands80 Active Member

    I sent an apology email to bloombastic, but I did let them know that I was the original author.

    Also, apparently I cannot edit the post I made with the email template in it. PLEASE IF YOU ARE GOING TO USE MY TEMPLATE, JUST CHANGE IT UP SOME. MAKE IT YOUR OWN. DON'T BE THE STEREOTYPICAL LAZY FUCKING STONER!!!!!!!!!!!
    Pipe Dream

    Pipe Dream Well-Known Member

    That's awesome! I hope that if you do this you actually use a different product and compare the 2 side by side. I mean your getting free nutrients it's the least you could do and would be a big help to a lot of others to see non biased side by side comparison.....PLEASE!

    slyer8 Well-Known Member

    lmao the bio buzz had it already lol they even put a announcement lol yea good shit idlehands80 and thas messed up but i can imagine some people copy and pasted your paragraph and just edited the red words lol i just sent them request too but made my own little story lol ill let you guys know how it goes...

    ps:whats up wtih Mr. Black Messiah lmao :eyesmoke:

    firelane Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much for this tip Idlehands, I just got my first sample package from Dutch Nutrients. I got the organic grow and bloom, Carbo Load, and DNF Enhance. I have received confirmation and am just waiting on samples from Biobuzz, Botanicare, Fox Farms, and Dutch Master(to grow shop?). I actually tried fox farms on my own, got a confirmation, then the next day, you posted that you also got fox farms products, I was hoping to be the first to announce that Fox Farms shipped samples. Why do they want to ship to hydro shops? To show the owners of the store that people are interested in their products? To try and sell their line in local hydro stores? I felt weird asking my hydro store to be a middle man for me and Dutch Masters, and now feel like I have to buy something when I go to pick up my samples.

    idlehands80 Active Member

    Don't feel bad for the hydro store. They are also going to get samples as well as you. My local store was glad I requested samples because they are getting a big display and sample packs. Don't feel like you should have to buy anything either, but I bet once you are there you are going to want to buy something anyways.

    Glad to hear its working out for ya. Good luck and happy growing.

    jpnspec Well-Known Member

    hey everyone,

    just wanted to let you guys know that I also received my samples from Dutch Nutrients today as well. They sent me gro and bloom, DNF enhancer, bloom fortifier and DNF Gold! I also sent in a self addressed envelop for a sample of superthrive as well, you can print this out from their website. ..peace

    firelane Well-Known Member

    Just received my fox farms samples. I got two small Grow Big bottles, two tiger blooms, and three big blooms. I also received Cha Ching, Beastie Bloomz, and Open Seasame samples. Like said earlier in the thread, it should be enough for one/two plants. I can't wait for my next grow to start, so I can use all of these products from start to end and see which one gives the best results.

    Sackman Member

    idlehands that's great you received all those from Botanicare.

    I revived a sample pack from Botanicare a few months ago, 1x bloom,1x grape and 1x karma. The free nutrients in the mail were a nice surprise, it made my day and helped my grow. If you send an email to Botanicare requesting a sample,they will reply with a link for you, it's a survey to answer,fill it out. If you want the link message me and i can give it to you.

    Last year i requested a sample from BioBizz,i revived them within a couple weeks. I got the 50ml bottles. 2x Bio-Bloom 2x Bio-Grow 2x Topmax
    I personally love BioBizz nutrients,I've purchased their nutrients since then,that's all i need for my amended soil grow.

    I've contacted Grotek, Humboldt Nutrients, FoxFarm, Dutch Master and Earth Juice, no reply from them. I asked if they had any Samples available, that i was looking to try another product than the current line up i was using etc etc. That was before i read this thread back in October 09 and i didn't include my address.
    Hibud Ganjamanjutu

    Hibud Ganjamanjutu Member


    cameron666 Well-Known Member

    does anyone know if these free samples have been sent to the UK, i just emailed Botanicare, Biobizz and dutch Nutrients and am about to try Fox Farm. Thanks

    greenthumbsman Active Member

    www.xnutrients.com/sample this place right here is the shit i got a sample box for me my wife and mom and its damn good nutes best ive use and half the price im tellin ya this shit runs clean in my dwc system

    greenthumbsman Active Member

    just go to that site put all your info in takes about 3 days to get your box of your samples but im tellin ya this stuff is good youll be buyin it when sample is out

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    KayAreOEnnEyeSee Active Member

    3 days? Sweet. were you required to have it sent to your fav. store? I just filled out the form yesterday. 2 days to go! Cant wait lol

    greenthumbsman Active Member

    nope i just put in there i didnt have store close to me gave them a friends address "as i never send shit to my grow place" and bam it was there in about 3 days so i had my girl my mom and a cpl other family order them to so i have a shit ton of free sample enough to last me about 2 complete grows !

    st0ned Member

    Man you guys got lucky getting those Botanicare samples! I guess I am too late.

    I emailed in my request and got a reply that I have to sign up for an account, select "up to 4" samples, and pay $16 shipping.

    Looks like you guys got the entire line up shipped free of charge! Anyway these threads helped me either way because I have already had roughly 5 companies agree to send me samples.

    (Sorry for bringing an old dead thread back to life)

    silusbotwin Well-Known Member

    A couple years late lol. This thread is now The Scrolling Dead

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