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Free Nutrient Samples - PICS

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by idlehands80, Feb 10, 2010.


    idlehands80 Active Member

    There is another thread on here about free samples, sooooooooo, I sent emails to several nute companies and requested free samples. So far I have recieved.

    Dutch Nutrient Formula
    Gro A
    Gro B
    Bloom A
    Bloom B
    Bloom Fortifier

    Pureblend Pro Grow
    Pureblend Pro Bloom
    Sweet Grape
    2x Liquid Karma

    I know for sure that I am also getting sample nutes from DutchMaster and BioBizz (formerly GH organics). The Dutchmaster samples are being sent to my local hydro store and bio bizz should be being sent to me directly.

    Pics below

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    idlehands80 Active Member

    I got a pm asking what I did to get the samples so I will post a generic email that I sent to numerous companies. It would probably be best to change it up quite a bit because if they suddenly get numerous identical emails then they probably wont send anything. Include what type of garden you have, soil/hydro etc...

    Don't forget to give your address and do not mention what you are growing.

    I was recommended to you through a friend who depends on your products.
    I am currently using (insert competitors name) line of nutrients and additives on my (type of garden), and I am happy with them, but, I have been told that since switching to your products my friend has increased his yields and overall plant health significantly. Before I make a switch I would like an opportunity to try some of your products and was hoping that you may have some samples that I could try on my next grow along side (insert competitors name) nutrient line up so that I may decide what will work best for my needs in the future. Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    Insert name and address

    I hope this helps and remember to change it up some because I ton of identical emails will likely be ignored!
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    suleman New Member

    Haha at the email. I placed a sample order with BioBizz almost a month ago and still haven't gotten anything... wonder what's gonna happen lol

    idlehands80 Active Member

    I think the biobizz takes awhile because they have that open sample request on their website. Im sure they got thousands of requests.

    Vindicated Well-Known Member

    Right on. I read about a guy who wrote a book about his experience writing for free samples. He wrote to every company he could think of and a lot of them actually did give free stuff. He gpt razor blades, gum, toothpaste, shampoo, and bunch of other weird shit. Once you get some samples back, update your thread with the address to the companies that you used.

    Dankster4Life Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the response bro.......and surely putting up the "How to" will help others as well.Peace


    idlehands80 Active Member

    No prob man. Hopefully this will help some of us cash strapped ganja lovers!!!!!!!

    If anyone else has received samples of anything else from other companies let us know. C'mon contribute to the RUI knowledge bank, I need to make another withdrawal lol.

    blaze1camp Well-Known Member

    samples i love samples...heres some i got...
    I got the bio bizz, Bloombasitic, Dutchmaster, and a couple others on the way...

    Attached Files:


    idlehands80 Active Member

    Im still waiting on the biobizz and dutchmaster and just submitted a request to bloombastic.

    I see you have technaflora, I requested samples but they said they don't provide samples to people in the USA.

    Mr.Luso Active Member

    But what is it completely free you don't even pay for the shipment?

    Dankster4Life Well-Known Member

    Sent my request to Botanicare yesterday at around 11 am.Got my response at 4 pm.Hopefully get what i requested in a few weeks.

    THANKS AGAIN Idlehands!

    Gonna hit up a few more here in a few.

    KayAreOEnnEyeSee Active Member

    Wow... this could not have come at a better time. I am just getting ready to become a caregiver and need as much help as I can get. Free samples would be a blessing from the heavens right now. Thank You all for the help on this one!!
    Can anyone help me with some other free sample soil nute links or sites. +rep Much appreciated.
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    idlehands80 Active Member

    Yes you are correct. I did not have to pay anything. I have heard that there are some companies that will send you samples but you have to pay shipping but these dont.

    These should get you started. I just looked at tons of threads about nutes and then found their websites and looked for the contact information. Then I just sent an email or used the contact form.

    hope this helps


    http://thebiobuzz.com/ - just click on request free sample link

    http://www.hydroponics.ca/contact_representative.html - This link is for Dutch Nutrient Formula


    KayAreOEnnEyeSee Active Member

    Thank you so much for the help... +rep!

    idlehands80 Active Member

    No problem, make sure you lets us know what you get!!!!!

    jpnspec Well-Known Member

    just awesome, thanks so much for this! i will try and report back if i get anything +REP!!!

    MrBlanco Active Member

    Man, all I got from Botanicare was a bottle of Hydroplex and three bottles of grape Sweet. Not that I'm complaining, of course, because I'm using the Hydroplex and didn't need to spend any money on bloom nutes. I need to write some of these other companies. I tried Humboldt Nutrients because I use Oneness but they said they didn't have any samples to send out and I've been waiting on BioBizz since November.

    growingwild Active Member

    I just sent a request to all 4 of them I have my fingers crossed.Hopefully they send something.I`ll let everyone know what I get.

    growingwild Active Member

    I`ve already been e-mailed by 2 companys telling me that they would send out free samples.:eyesmoke:

    idlehands80 Active Member

    Which companies responded? Let us know what you get and how much!

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