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Fox Farms Ocean Forest

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by jackinthebox, Dec 3, 2007.


    jackinthebox Well-Known Member

    So I went to the local hydro shop a couple weeks ago, and was looking at Foxfarms soils. I was trying to deciede what soil to buy. Ocean Forest, Orginal Planting Mix, Happy Frog, or Light Warrior.

    First off, does anyone know if any of these soils are better then the others for Cannabis?

    Second, the guy at the store told me Ocean Forest has to many nutrients in it, and could burn plants when they are seedlings. Anyone start there seeds off in ocean forest? Any nute burns?

    Thanks alot guys <3

    Lounge Well-Known Member


    At our super helpful local Progressive Garden shop, the clerks are usually very happy to talk my ears off about soils, and mediums in general.
    You might ask around there, I know I learned more talking with the associate than I had about soils on RIU in a week.
    Foxfarm Ocean forest, with all the goodie nutes is a safe bet, and many members on RIU swear by it.

    Hope it works out, take er' easy...

    LOUNGE; No Seaweed Required!

    JJgrands Active Member

    youll want to get a mixture. Fox Farm is the good stuff, ocean forest is thick black potting soil, great for seed starts or to tp clones from rockwool into 4 or 6 inchers. For Vegging id suggest 1/2 ocean forest and half compost/coco coir in your 1 or 2 gallon pot. Then for flowering youll want a trifectya, add in light warrior or black gold/ another mix with the ocean forest for a 3 part mix. More aeration is necessary than ocean forest for long term and more retention is necessary than sttraight light warrior. My suggestions from experience good luck. Actually look for "Bio Flora" compost and mix in equal parts for a banging 4 part equation. Coconut coir, ocean forest, bioflora compost, and lightwarrior/etc.

    jackinthebox Well-Known Member

    From what I heard light warrior is goof for seed starting, and clones. And Ocean forest is good for plants past the seedling phase.

    I know foxfarm is good stuff, im not asking about that. I just want to know if it is safe to start cannabis in Ocean forest, because the guy there said it has alot of nutrients in it, and can burn seedlings.

    Thanks for the replies <3

    pjboy31 Well-Known Member

    ok FAILS.........read the nutes on ocean forrest and it is next to nothing . It has natural stuff like worm castings and stuff from the ocean. I use it plus some perlite on ALL MY DIFFERENT STAGES. The reason I use this is because the NPK values are so low , thus I am in control of what nutes my babies get. This is a great soil and I hvae never had problems. One time I couldnt get fox farm ocean and so I used organic miracle grow.....................NOW THAT GAVE ME TROUBLES!

    Just my experience I share and the guy who said it has too many nutes is an idiot just read the bag

    jackinthebox Well-Known Member

    Exactly what I was looking for Pj, thanks. Who is FAILS tho??

    Thanks for the help mate <3

    By the way you still play css?

    jmac Well-Known Member

    i know this is a older thread but i use straight ocean fores from seed to flower

    creativemind21 Well-Known Member

    I used there original potting soil and it worked great from day one.....all the way thru.....that stuff is soooooooooo soft it makes u want to swim in it...lol....

    jackinthebox Well-Known Member

    hahah thanks for the replies, even if they were late. Did you guys add anything to the foxfarms? Perlite? Wormcastings?

    I want to add perlite and wormcastings, im just looking for a good ratio.

    xXKUSHDOCTORXx Active Member

    Fox Farm Ocean and Forest is the fucking shit i swear buy it. I use it wen i grow a few plants inside in the winter. And i add it to my soil mix when i go outside in the summer. With the right balance of nutes. to much phos. when ur flowering will kill em quick. but its the shit buddy.

    jackinthebox Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the comment doctor = ), glad you like it

    Anyone tried any of Fox Farms other soils? Light warrior? happy frog?
    Random Haze

    Random Haze Active Member

    Im in my second grow... my first plant got stolen when my house got robbed. However for my first plant used some of scotts soil from home depot, and my second plant is in some Happy Frog from a local Hydro Store and my second plant looks twice as good as my first one did. Although my light setup is a lil better... the differences in the color, size, and formation of the leaves is like light and day in the two. As i progress further in my journies of canabis growing i will experiment with other soils, im just trying to complete a succesful grow first.

    I know that i cant tell you how the different Fox Farm soils differ from each other, i can tell u that the Happy Frog(the only F Farm soil i have used so far) is the shit.

    jackinthebox Well-Known Member

    right on haze, right on. And good luck progressing further in your journals of cannabis growing. And may many many successful grows be on your way.

    Well this thread is over id say, I went to the hydro and picked up a big bag of ocean forest, with some worm castings. Going to get perlite a bit later, and some builders sand to make a nice mix.

    Growers <3

    Mantis Active Member

    Hey.. just wanted to say it's nearly impossible to burn your plants using organic fertilizers.. If you start with the Ocean Forest as a base, you can add Light Warrior and use that combination all the way through the plants lifetime.. If just starting out with seeds or clones, they will be sustained for 2 months with the organics that are in the mix. The person who burned his plants probably added nutes to this mix, and by doing that overdosed his plants! Use this mix or just the Ocean Forest by itself for 2 months watering with clear water, no nutes. If you're transplanting, and your vegging plant is already established and not very young, you can start normal feeding around a month or so, the organics will be used up by then.

    twinkie21 Active Member

    I have a burn story...decided to clone directly into ocean forest after using dip and grow, and clonex (seperate batches)
    THey all DIED, burnt up with yellow spots, all 20 of them. Took clones out of ocean forest and added cups of pearlite to it and flushed it, and the clones came back to life.

    Yes ocean forest is powerful stuff, and not sutiable for sticking to clone, EXCEPT when it has been diluted with pearlite and some hyponex type soil, to make it less potent.

    For seedlings had 50% germ rate success with ocean forest (dissapointing!) compared to pearlite/peat/hyponex mix, 90%.

    Nute burn is a serious problem its better to undernute, and then add more later, its almost like too much salt ruins the pot analogy.

    Ocean forest amended with hyponex and a sprinkle of pealite, is the bomb for when they are slightly more grown up.

    Also some seeds are more sensitive than others, ex: blueberry, WW...are more sensitive to nutes, and high maintenance.
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    Mantis Active Member

    Fox Farms Ocean Forest and Light Warrior both have Perlite inside, and used together, they are the best medium I have found in existence. You can definitely start clones with a mixture of both, or start from seeds, but IF YOU START FROM SEEDS AND USE NUTRIENTS on TOP of that, then youll burn them.. Ive seen it!

    You should definitely Use 70 percent Ocean forest and 30 percent Light Warrior. Light Warrior is a soilless medium whereas Ocean Forest is a potting soil.

    What Someone said earlier was true, according to the woman I spoke to over the phone from Fox Farms: Ocean Forest needs more aeration, which Light Warrior provides, and Light Warrior needs more water retention, which Ocean Forest provides. Such a beautiful union.. This is why a mix is best, and for vegetative cannabis stage, like I said, 70/30 is ideal. She also told me that the Light warrior was designed partially as a soiless medium and also as a compliment to the Ocean Forest potting soil. Fox Farms is owned by an older couple that picked out the absolute best stuff possible on planet earth that your plants need.

    You will not believe the results when using this mixture!! Within less than 2 weeks from transplant I noticed insane growth, and a lot more new growth as well!

    So try it out, and yes you can start from germination with no problems as everything in there is organic and natural. OVERGROW THE PLANET!!!

    Mantis Active Member

    Just thought you might want to know that people have told me not to add anything to a mix of 70/30 percent Ocean Forest and Light Warrior, they have plenty of aeration with the perlite.. Hope I could help out

    TheSky Well-Known Member

    I have my plants in .5 gallon bags of OF and I'm wondering, if I transplant when getting into flowering to 3 gallons, if I use OF again, will I supplement w/ theyre other nutes? Or is it going to feed it again through flowering. It's high in nitrogen which is needed during veg, so is this bad?

    420inmyapt Well-Known Member

    I germinated a seed with the old paper towel method (3 days to get a huge root) and planted into a 10 inch pot of Ocean Forest and its just broke the surface (2 days after potting) So in 5 days i went from seed to sprout. This Ocean Forest stuff is awesome, I drove 30 minutes to a hardware store just to pick it up :D

    TheConfucius Well-Known Member

    i just picked up a bag of FF OF and some NUtes and SOme worm castings and some perlite later, this is going to be a good time from what others are saying

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