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Fox Farm is NOT 100% organic!

Discussion in 'Organics' started by destros beard, Aug 3, 2009.

    destros beard

    destros beard Member

    I have noticed a trend in this forum for a lot of people thinking for some reason that Fox Farm is 100% organic. THIS IS NOT TRUE! This is straight from Fox Farms own website:

    [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Our Products: Organic or Synthetic?[/FONT] [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Our Peace of Mind® and Happy Frog® fertilizers are 100% organic. Our Big Bloom™ Liquid Fertilizer and all of our soils are also organic. We do offer some fertilizers with mineral-based, time-release ingredients that are not classified as organic. These include American Pride® and Marine Cuisine® fertilizers, Tiger Bloom® and Grow Big® liquids, and our soluble products like Cha Ching®, Beastie Bloomz®, and Open Sesame®.

    So basically, the only all-organic products that Fox Farm offers is Peace Of Mind line (which are great dry nutrients IMHO), Happy Frog line, Big Bloom, Ocean Forest Soil, Light Warrior Soil, & Original Planting Soil. NOTHING ELSE BY FOX FARM IS ALL-ORGANIC!

    Now that this is covered, lets all please start getting into discussions about REAL organic growing. Blood meal, bone meal, cottonmeal, earthworm castings, compost, manure, oyster shells, guano, dolomite lime, k-mag, mulch, teas, kelp meal, greensand, soft rock phosphate, humus, fish emulsion, bark, alfalfa meal, yucca, vermiculite, azomite, ect. ect. ect. and the list goes on. There are plenty of truly organic products & minerals out there. Lets start talking about these things and get Fox Farm's synthetic line out of our heads.
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  2. you killed your own discussion, the good products from FF are organic. Whats the problem now?
    Green Cross

    Green Cross Well-Known Member

    I'd like to know where they get their "compost" from. If it's anything other than forest materials it is most likely made from plant material that's been treated with chemicals.

    bakeddude Active Member


    Thanks for pointing out that a fertilizer company has organic and non organic products.

    Just wow...:neutral:

    Oh and there compost comes from trees that sit in a huge field and decompose over time. Talked to a buddy who has a friend who works for FF. Got the scoop on the Ocean Forest soil before I bought it. It is still great stuff.

    FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half

    Who was saying that Fox Fram were all organics? Its pretty common knowledge what they make is both organic and non organic hell says on the bottles what they are or on the bag. i never saw anyonw dumb enough to say Fox Farm is all organic only. They big bloom is guana and the grow big and tiger are chemical solutions. Just curious who you refer to thought that they were only orgnaic never saw anyone post that
    destros beard

    destros beard Member

    My bad, didn't want it to come off like a dick, but I know that it probably did. There are A LOT of posts on the organics forum asking about their tripack, asking about tiger bloom, and grow big. That was the main reasoning. For some reason, it seems, that some people believe that just because it is fox farm it means that it is all-organic. Talks about synthetic chemicals shouldn't be in the organics section is the main jist. IMO. And a lot of people in this very section are recommending that people use a non-organic fox farm product and giving advice on how to use it.

    I'm looking at the organics main page right now and there are atleast 3 threads that blatantly want info about fox farms synthetic lines. Thats all I'm saying. Maybe I was outta line, but when joining I just didn't expect to see so much synthetic talk in an organics section, that's all.
    destros beard

    destros beard Member

    The problem is that there is a lot of discussion on this forum about the synthetic-not-so-good FF products.
    to serve man

    to serve man Active Member

    :clap:Couldn't have said it better myself! There is quite abit of chemical fox farm talk on this forum.

    FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half

    The problem is that there is a lot of discussion on this forum about the synthetic-not-so-good FF products.

    What is the not so good FF you refer too? The 3 bottle mix and micro elements trio pack are great nutes and suplliments not a single bad thing about thier nutes. I mean unless your into just organic then Id assume youd be more in to guana and casting then pre made nutes but as far as nutes go FF is great stuff the entire line. I guess if its in the organic section thats why i never saw it. i dont go in there much
    destros beard

    destros beard Member

    "not so good" are his words, not mine. He said to just use "the good FF products that are organic".

    The only reason I posted this thread is because of all the synthetic fox farm products talk that I see in the organics section. Thats it! I didn't want to come off as a dick, I just wanted to make sure that everyone knew. I expected the same as you about making your own stuff in the organics section. I didn't expect to hear about fox farms non-organics line in the organics sections which claims "growing the clean way... without chemicals." I am big into making my own soils with real organic/mineral techniques. Just wanted everyone to know.

    FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half

    not coming off as a dick just I wanted to see sorry if I sound abrasive not my intention

    hfig Active Member

    I assume you have an organic certification process in America. Is Fox Farm certified organic?
    At most Australian garden shops you can get big bags of organic soil in many different brands, all of which are certified under pretty strict rules.

    jeebuscheebus Active Member

    Just like Wild Oats became Whole Foods. WO very strict on stocking ALL organic products. WF not so much.

    People end up thinking they are buying organic when they aren't.

    Discgolferman Active Member

    Well I for one am glad this was brought up. Im a newbie trying to grow organic, just seems right, and sisnt realize not all FF was organic. I did use Tiger Bloom, not going to cry too much but now that Im out Ill get someting else. Speaking of it is there a thread out there with a home made organic recipe for Tiger bloom/big bloom type nute? Well Ill go smoke some bud and come back and search.....if I remember what I was soing after the bong.

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