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Fox Farm Feeding Schedule

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by M Blaze, Feb 20, 2009.

    M Blaze

    M Blaze Well-Known Member

    I have noticed that a lot of people have questions about the Fox Farms feeding schedules so I thought I would post up this info. All this info is courtesy of the marijuana mastermind that is Lady Zandra at Planet Skunk.


    Product list:

    Grow Big--$16
    Tiger Bloom--$16
    Big Bloom --$16
    Open Seseme--$23
    Beastie Bloom --$23
    And the Optional : Bush Doctor Sledgehammer--$26

    The last 4 Products are used in small quantities and only at specific times during the grow.

    Here's the FoxFarms Feeding Schedule for Soil... Hydro is MUCH more complex, unless you use bubblers then you can follow a Phasic feeding schedule (At end of weekly schedule!)


    WEEKLY FEEDING- per Gallon

    Sprouting and week 1--BigBloom 2TBS
    week 2-- 2tsp Grow Big + 2TBS Big Bloom
    Week 3--3tsp Grow Big + 2TBS Big Bloom
    Week 4--JUST 3 tspGrow Big + 1/4 tsp Open Sesame
    Week 5 same as week 4 unless going 12/12--

    Week 5- OR--day 1 of 12/12-- 2 tsp Tiger Bloom +1TBS Big Bloom + 1/2 tsp Open Sesame
    Week 6--same as above
    Week 7-- 2 Tsp Grow Big + 2 tsp Tiger Bloom +1TBS Big Bloom + 1/4 tsp Beastie Bloom
    Week 8-- 2Tsp Grow Big + 2 tsp Tiger Bloom +1TBS Big Bloom + 1/2 tsp Beastie Bloom
    Week 9-- 2 tsp Tiger Bloom +1TBS Big Bloom + 1/4 tsp Cha Ching
    week 10-- Same as above
    Week 11--2 tsp Tiger Bloom +1TBS Big Bloom + 1/2 tsp Cha Ching

    At beginning of week 11--Check Trichomes-- Flush if ready.. otherwise, continue as with week 11 every week until you flush!

    Also recommended--but not a necessity--
    Bush Doctor Sledgehammer (prevents lock-out)
    use 2 drops per gallon of water between feedings starting in week 4 of 12/12

    PHASIC SHEDULE: (per gallon)
    (follow this for bubblers, OR you can use these amounts when watering in soil but is not as good as the weekly schedule for soil!)

    New Clones, or when seedlings get 3 sets of leaves- 1tsp Grow Big + 2tsp Big Bloom
    Week 3 of veg (unless going 12/12) ADD 1tsp Grow big + 2 tsp Big Bloom
    4 Days Before going 12/12- Add ¼ tsp Open Sesame
    Day 1 of 12/12 Drain Reservoir & refill. Add 2 tsp Tiger Bloom + 1TBS Big Bloom + ½ tsp Open Sesame
    Week 3 of 12/12Add ¼ tsp Beastie Bloom
    Week 5 of 12/12Drain and refill reservoir Add 2 tsp Grow Big + 1 tsp Tiger bloom + 1 TBS Big Bloom + ¼ tsp Cha ching
    3-5 Days Before harvest-- Drain and refill reservoir add 2 drops Sledgehammer

    keep the res filled in between feedings with ph adjusted water--

    The reason Fox Farms doesn't list nutes for weeks 2 & 4 is that it ASSUMES your res won't go down, so you won't NEED any additional nutes (if your res stays full- great!)..
    but if the plants are pretty big, or the room is warm/dry-- they can need refilling up to 3-4x a week!!! The chart doesn't take that into account--
    Remember-- feed AT MOST 1x each week-- only water in-between!
    Use additional nutes from week one at 1/2 rate until in flower (between recommended feeds) then in flower-- for additional feeds, use the nutes from the 1st week of flower at 1/2 rate in between...again--NEVER feed more than 1x a week!

    Bubblers MAY use the weekly Schedules-- BUT ONLY if you use an ec/ppm meter to keep the levels where they should be....
    an ec around 1.2-1.5 in veg.. then 1.5 -1.7 in flower until the last 2-3 weeks... then can go as high as 2.0. Watch your plants! they'll tell you if you are over/under feeding!

    Week ONE is NOT as soon as they are sprouted and have leaves! Week one is after they have 4 sets of true leaves---
    Start your new seedlings in JUST Ph adjusted water (can use hydrogard & superthrive)
    When they get their 3rd set of leaves--add HALF of the amount called for in phase 1 of your phasic schedule--
    When they open another 2 sets of leaves (fully!) then add the other 1/2 to bring it to the amount required for "Phase 1" this will greatly reduce the possibility of nute-burn or over feeding...and allows the babies to adjust to the nutes easier.

    Note about flushing
    If growing in Soil, you usually Start flushing (running clear water thru the soil to rinse out the unused nutes) 2 weeks prior to harvest. This is necessary to force the plant to use it's stored nutes & proteins, that otherwise result in harsh or grassy product.
    But flushing also OFTEN results in losing yield; since you will reduce the available nutrients to the plant during the last 2 weeks of growth when the plants usually put on the most weight.
    Simply STOP Nuting at whatever week you are at when time to flush.
    IF you use the Emergency flush method, follow the entire schedule until the plants are ready to harvest.

    Hope this helps all that use Fox Farms nutes.

    edux10 Well-Known Member

    so use those levels for every watering? This won't lock out nutes?

    Why are some ppl saying use every watering and some say use every other or every 2 waterings, feed.

    What should the ppm be?

    Shold the ppm comming out the bottom of the pot be the same as it going in?

    What abot when I transplant and the runoff is at 1000 or 1100ppm already? Do I go full strength? Do I just water If I just water, at what point do I go to feeding? Thanks, I am working thru my FFoF grow now, it was WAY WAY harder for me to understand compared to DWC. Thanks!!
    M Blaze

    M Blaze Well-Known Member

    Sorry for the late reply edux, I dont use FF products but I thought this info would help others because I see a lot of questions about FF nutes. Personally I would be using nutes everyday with the odd flushing and flooding. Im not sure what the PPM should be but remember that you can adjust the strength to suit your plants needs. They will let you know if your giving them too much.

    I was hoping other FF users would add to this thread and give their imput aswell.


    GrowTech stays relevant.


    GrowTech stays relevant.


    rubancinta Active Member

    I just realized how extensive the FF feeding schedule is. I'm straight with just the Grow Big and Big Bloom for now. All that other shit is just redundant.

    ste147 Well-Known Member

    Whats the foxfarm hydro range like?? i was thinking of going with advanced nutrients for hydro, is this a good choice?
    M Blaze

    M Blaze Well-Known Member

    I dont think it matters too much about what brand you choose aslong as you use them correctly to get the maximum benefit out of them. I use about 5 different brands during various stages but its not as easy to do it that way and is easier to stick with one brand..
    northeastern lights

    northeastern lights Well-Known Member

    I've been using FF for a long time and i find with most strains (in soil) 3 tsp of grow big burns. Just my $.02 Love the FF line-up.
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    GrowTech stays relevant.

    The other nutrients provided by Fox Farm are not redundant unless you only see yourself producing the basic crop. Using the other products will increase yield, etc noticeably.
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    Sure Shot

    Sure Shot Well-Known Member

    I follow this schedule to a T except for the rinse.
    My results have been :weed:
    And it's hard to burn even if you overdo it!

    l3ordum Member

    i'm about at the end of week 5 i'm going to veg a little longer but i have just been using 1tsp Grow Big per gallon and that's it ( its what the bottle says) so i take it that i'm safe to step that up to at least 2 tsp/ gal. and it would be helpful to add big bloom and open sesame? i was just going to use grow big for veg and big bloom for flower Thanks alot for this post my plants are going to love you guys for it!:hug:

    BrotherJay Member

    What is the EC range and how do I calculate it? And also, I thought you use Grow Big for veg and Big Bloom for flower. The schedule says its OK to combine them in both stages, am I reading that right? Thanks, BJ

    williewill420 Active Member

    I use fox farms grow big, tiger bloom, big bloom and liquid karma with great results. I tried to use all the other fox farm stuff too but I couldnt tell much difference to make it worth spending all that extra money. I never go over 1 tsp of grow big, 2 tsp of tiger bloom, 1 tsp of liquid karma and 1 tbl of big bloom grown in bx pro mix

    groputillor Active Member

    I had great results on my first grow with the main three foods from fox farm and now I'm using all six. I'm having a bit of nute lockout since starting the strong stuff. Bush Doctor Sledgehammer isn't available anymore. Do you know what was in it and what product would be comparable? I'm hoping to get this thread going again even tough it's old cause Fox Farm's great and M Blaze does good work clearly.
    My understanding is that when you begin adding a lot of Phosphorus it locks everything up, but calcium and magnesium can stop that from happening?? I dunno I'm still noob and need help here.

    AverageJay Member

    Awesome thread, really helps the newbie here. Read a lot on Fox Farm and they're available where I'm at so I'll give them all a shot after I get my first grow under my belt.

    Snak Active Member

    I too have been using the FF trio (with Open Sesame) for my grows, and they work great.

    One thing I've noticed though is that following the schedule exactly as written leaves my plants without enough nitrogen to healthily make it through flowering. If I only veg for 3-4 weeks, my plants may only get one feeding of Grow Big, then the schedule calls for removing Grow Big for the first two weeks of flower.

    The first two grows, this sort of things has led to clear nitrogen deficiencies earlier than I wanted. After reading some of Uncle Ben's threads and posts on the benefits of nitrogen in flower, I've found myself adding Grow Big to my Tiger Bloom mix as needed.

    Also, I suspect that the FF nutrients may be a little low on trace minerals. I have some CalMag around cause I've battled such deficiencies before.

    But its a great product, easy to use, good results.

    bosox1789 Member

    I've been doing a lot of research into the Fox Farm system and thinking about doing it this year for my 2nd summer grow. I grow outdoors.... will this schedule still work? If not, what do you suggest?

    Unclejoe51 Member

    Why do the bottles & the printed feeding schedule vary so much?? The feeding schedule says, "1 TBS of Big Bloom but the bottle says 4 TBS/Gal."

    SirXloin Member

    To bring up an old thread.

    What is up with Fox Farms. On the bottle of Grow Big, it clearly calls for "1/2 of a teaspoon" for seedlings and week one. The schedule call for Big Bloom. I am going with Grow Big.

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