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Foliar Feeding

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by sguardians2, Sep 15, 2009.


Foliar feed or not?

Poll closed Oct 15, 2009.
  1. Yes, foliar feed to enhance soil nutes.

  2. No, the soil have enough nutes no need to foliar feed.


    sguardians2 Well-Known Member

    Here is my major plant, topped 3 weeks ago.

    Grown in MG potting soil with perlite, bat quano, and worm castings added.

    About 6 weeks old, started under cfls for the first 4 weeks (grew slowly). Then switched to a 600 watt hps (grew much faster).

    Had a few heat issues ran at about 90 degrees f got that fixed now, about 80 f now. She has 4 main colas from using Uncle Ben's topping technique. Thanks Uncle Ben and RUI!!

    My question is, should I start foliar feeding her with my 1/4 strength seaweed, fish emulsion spray?

    When to feed, during it's 18/6 light cycle?

    And how often to feed?

    Any help would be verywelcome.

    BTW, I only have to water her about once a week or less because I use a moisture meter and I know how horrible overwatering is to my plants, I killed her twin by overwatering, causing nute lock-up, root rot, and general disaster. That is why I will only use foliar feeding, and soil watering, because the soil mix has some nutes already.

    My NPK levels in my soil are very good at this point.

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    LifeGiver Member

    I most certainly do foliar feed, since it really helps plants with undiagnosed nutrient disorders. The only time that I have heard that you SHOULD NOT foliar feed is when your buds are big and thick and don't dry out well in between waterings, then you can get bud rot (especially outdoors). Otherwise I have found foliar feeding to be a great way to give the girls a boost.
    My formula:
    into one gallon of pH balanced water I add
    ~1 tsp coco-wet (wetting agent)
    ~1 tsp cold pressed seaweed extract
    ~1 tsp fish emulsion fertilizer
    (on occasion I will add a gram of MgSO4 or CaSO4 if there appears to be a problem, but there should be enough goodies in the seaweed and fish fert)
    several drops of Superthrive
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    sguardians2 Well-Known Member

    Good answer, thanks!

    So that's one yes vote.

    bump bumpity bump
    welsh wizz

    welsh wizz Well-Known Member

    Not under a hps surely it will burn the leaves as water on leaves acts like a prisom and brown burn marks are left?

    sguardians2 Well-Known Member

    OK, you believe that the water will burn the leaves, so I take that as a no vote.

    Thanks for responding!

    sguardians2 Well-Known Member

    Hmm. a prizm magnifier, is that what happens to plants with dew on them?

    Just a thought.
    Green Cross

    Green Cross Well-Known Member

    But fish emulsion is all you need. The plants love foliar feeding with the stuff, but it's so stinky! Alaska fish 5-1-1 :spew:

    Warning: never use more than a drop per gallon of super thrive. More isn't better.
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    sguardians2 Well-Known Member

    Boy, you got that right, STINKYYY!

    littlewing Active Member

    im a no too, burnt the shit out of my leaves, dont know bout cfls but my hps burnt em.

    sguardians2 Well-Known Member

    Okay, more experiences on the no side, hmm....

    Still learning.

    bump bump

    LUDACRIS New Member

    dont do it.


    LUDACRIS New Member

    absoloutelly correct.

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    sguardians2 Well-Known Member

    What's up, Luda!

    Thanks for the response!

    LUDACRIS New Member

    not much mate.
    how about you ?????.
    (i dont think we have met before).


    sguardians2 Well-Known Member

    No we haven't, just love the name and the artist.

    messedup Member

    Foliar feed the under sides of the leaves, this is where the "mouth" of the leaves is, the droplets will also be out of the direct light so burning wont be an issue.
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    sguardians2 Well-Known Member

    Very, Very interesting! never thought of that. Sounds like a good idea.

    Thanks for posting, anyone else agree with this?

    bumpity bump

    doc111 Well-Known Member

    I think foliar feeding is o.k. in order to correct a nutrient deficiency quickly or if you suspect lockup. Foliar feeding bypasses problems with an extreme pH or salt buildup (that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to correct the problem with your soil). If you are using HID's or any light for that matter, raise it when foliar feeding or move your plants out of the direct path of the most intense light. Wetting agents are good to use for foliar feeding because they help the solution stick to the leaves and you don't get droplets (which can act like a magnifying glass). I don't think you should use it as a regimen though. If the plant has all the nutes it needs from your soil or nute solutions, then what's the point?:leaf:
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    sguardians2 Well-Known Member

    Hmmm, what is the point? With no nute lock-up from over-watering, bad PH levels etc....

    Any thoughts on that?
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    doobnVA Well-Known Member

    I have never tried foliar feeding as I'm a bit put off by the thought of mold, etc, but I don't think it should be completely discounted.

    Are we really that dependent on someone else to tell us what to do that we can't solve a simple problem ourselves? Okay, so a drop of water under a light acts like a magnifying glass and can burn your plants. If you foliar feed while the lights are out, this becomes a non-issue. Mold and mildew are completely preventable as well. Good air flow, proper humidity levels and temperatures are all things that have a direct influence on mold and mildew growth. Obviously you don't want to spray the flowers (buds) with water or fertilizer, especially close to harvest time, so BE CAREFUL! Don't go in there with a fire hose and soak the whole room.

    I think the "pros" outweigh the "cons", as long as you use common sense. Unfortunately, there seems to be a shortage of that and NO you can't borrow mine...

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