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flushing before harvest

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by splifman, Mar 2, 2007.


    splifman Well-Known Member

    Is it absolutely necessary to flush your plants before harvest? I have several plants in my flower room that are at different stages of flowering. They all get fed from one res, so it will be a challenge to flush the the ones that are about to be harvested and not the others.

    Thanks... bongsmilie

    greenbeast Well-Known Member

    YES!!! make sure you flush your plants or else they will end up tasting nasty!

    Flush them and only give them straight water 2 weeks before harvest.

    th3bigbad Well-Known Member

    flush for 2 weeks??? maybe u mean 2 days? sounds lil off, but who knows im baked

    splifman Well-Known Member

    Anyone else with hydro experience have any input on this? Two weeks does seem like an aweful long time to flush for. Thats like 25% of the flowering time... lol

    videoman40 Well-Known Member

    I am not sure about hydro myself, however either potroast or nongreenthumb both seem to be expert hydro growers here, try one of them. They are both extremely helpful too.

    chabnock Well-Known Member

    I also thought it was 2 weeks. But I just bought my hydro system today, and asked the store owner, and he said no,, only flush for one week. He said if you go longer, you plants will start to brown, and any shorter and you will get a bad taste.

    I talked to him about growing tomatoes, and every question I asked he answered me for BUD...HAHAHA.. SMART MAN HE IS...

    Peace, and hope your growing goes well...
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    splifman Well-Known Member

    haha!! all those guys know why people really come to their stores!! Thanks dude. One week sounds about right... THe time is approaching... Good luck with your tomatoes...

    chabnock Well-Known Member

    No!! No!!! Really.. I do have a tomatoe plant also.. hehehe But that is not the one I worry about.. It is just for snacking on when I get the munchies...:roll:

    Remember,, this is my first hydro system.. and the only reason I bought it was because of the trouble I was haveing with my first grow with soil. BUT OH MAN>> it has only been 6 hours since I took my plants from soil to Hydro.. I washed the soil off carefully thinking I would kill most if not all my plants.. They did not wilt or anything so far,, amatter of fact they look so much better already.. the leafs that had rolled under like rams horns have already started comeing back and they look so much healthier.. I doubt if I will ever go back to soil.. But hey this is my first 6 hours.. Tomorrow you might hear me screaming BLOODY MURDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    splifman Well-Known Member

    LOL! dude, i started with hydro right away. Never used soil ever. I always thought that hydro seemed easier and all the crap with nutes etc, just seemd like a pain in the ass. I have not really had any problems (knock on wood). I don't even have a ppm meter, lol! I will get one soon though. You shouldn't have problems. Just remember, easy on the nute solution while the plants are young or they will appear droopy. Thats pretty much the only issue I ever had. Ohh yeah, and pH. Keep it low like 5.3 to 5.8.
    Let me take another hit....

    chabnock Well-Known Member

    I AM FALLING IN LOVE!!!!! If my Hydro system had curves, I would marry it...hahaha.. This thing is great. I washed all the soil from roots to replant in my hydro, and even today my plants look much better with more growth then before. I am going to look into getting a PPM meter. I wonder how much they cost?

    Splifman, can you show some pictures of your plants and system?

    Later, and good luck with the harvest. Sure hope it is some great bud.

    splifman Well-Known Member

    yeah dude, its an ebb and flow system. It has a flood tray, resevoir with some airstones and the submersable pump. I'll try and find some pics and post when I get back later. Usually I just take pics of the plants though, but I think I have a few of the actual system.
    I like the ebb and flow because it gives you a lot of freedom on where you put the plants and how many you have etc...

    chabnock Well-Known Member

    I have tried to find info on the ebb and flow system.. did not find anything.. I do not understand how this one works. Unless it is where you have the small hoses that feed each plant the water and nuts.

    My system I would think would be hard to grow more then 6 plants, and even then it would be a tight fit.

    splifman Well-Known Member

    dude, ebb and flow is the easiest hydro system there is. THe system you described with the small hoses, is a drip system. It's also an easy system to use, but ebb and flow is the most straight forward.

    all you need is a tray, resevoir, airstones, air pump and submersible water pump. You keep your plants in pots in the tray and the tray gets flooded a few times a day.

    Its worked well for me. I'm sure your hydro store has the necessary trays and res's that you need.

    chabnock Well-Known Member

    sound just about like my system. Except for the air stone and air pump.. which I am already thinking of getting this friday to get air into the water. Am I wrong to put a air pump, with stone into my resevoir?

    splifman Well-Known Member

    Interesting system. are the roots constantly submerged in the water? You should definitely get an airstone though, to prevent algae growth and get oxygen to the roots, etc.

    chabnock Well-Known Member

    No,, my system floods the tray every 4 hours for 3 minutes. Then it drains. How does your system work?

    I thought the Algae needed light to grow? This is the reason my resevoir is covered to keep light out. But I will still being getting the air stone. I have read it also help to get air into the water for the plants. Is this true?

    cybrocaster Active Member

    Yo Buds alike,I have never heard of anyone washing there roots clean,and then putting in hydro, I have thouht of it , or someone mentioned it, some where along the line.Didn't think it could be done, changes my why of thinkin again!!I have a hydro, but growing in dirt now to get mothers saved.Have been reading alot of good stuff on this site. I am wondering if there is a good pic or drawing of a hermi. My plants are making me wonder.They are old enough to be preflowering,maybe they need more time.

    splifman Well-Known Member

    search the forum with key work hermi. I read a thread a few days ago, where I guy posted a really good pic of his hermi.

    chabnock Well-Known Member

    Just checking to see if that Amsterdam Connection thingy will stay on my post. I have no idea how it got there.
    :? :?

    KushMaster85 Well-Known Member

    This is the new Rollitup.org server. They have been making changes to it recently.

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