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Fish Fertilizer or Fish Emulsion

Discussion in 'Organics' started by putonaz24, Apr 29, 2009.


    putonaz24 Active Member

    So for my last few grows i have been using Alaska fish fertlizer (wich contains grounded up fish guts, bones, brains, etc) i have found this to be a great organic fertilizer for the vegitative period. im just wondering what else might be a better organic fertilizer for the flowering phase as fish emulsion is higher in nitrogen and lower in phosphates and potassium

    KW11523 Active Member

    I'm interested to see how that fish food works for you. I met a buddy from work, we have shared ideas about growing. Long Story short, He is a native fellow. He's told me that he was taught to grow when he was nine by his grandmother.
    From what hes told me, the scales from fish work really good. So I'm playing with the same idea, and I'm revealed that someone might be playing with the same ideas. I mean no disrespect to anyone reading this.

    But When You Hear About Fish Scales Being An Old Indian Trick, To Growing.

    You Begin To Wonder
    dirt clean

    dirt clean Well-Known Member

    fish emulsion is good. 0-10-10. Or age old organics from bghydro.

    Vagitarian Active Member

    I have read in high times that the idea of planting fish under your garden is useful, but should be done a year before any planned crops? ne one else see this?

    lazy88 Active Member

    ud have to bury them pretty deep..ud think the smell would attract animals...? but i use fish emusion in my aerioponics system..it does the job for me...:)

    lazy88 Active Member

    i like your lil saying there puto...lol..nice....

    MrBaker Well-Known Member

    bonide makes 2-4-.5 fish emulsion. It's pretty common.

    Rhizome Member

    I used Alaska MorBloom 0-10-10 with great results. I wanna switch to a high P Bat Guano instead though.

    BongFiend420 Active Member

    Hey what goin down man, I read your question and Bone Meal is a great organic fert in the flower stage. It's especially high in phosphorus and calcium, plus has lower amounts of nitrogen. You can also choose to use other organic sources high in phosphorus such as bat guano. You can usually buy both these at most local garden stores. Hope this helps.

    plaguedog Active Member

    Fish hydrolysate is the best option really. Emulsion's are usually full off heavy metals and other nasty shit.

    Alaska is owned by Scott's/Miracle Gro btw.....

    Neptune's harvest line is a good product, get the 2-4-1 fish and seaweed. Works great for flowering.

    Tw3nti3ight Well-Known Member

    I use the Alaska Fish Emulsion as well, mines rated at 5-1-1. Great for vegetative growth, I also added AN Big Bud, plants grew big, my two Haze's are damn near 5 feet tall. I like the fish emulsion, I also have the flowering emulsion too, rated at 0-10-10. My plants are budding beautifully.

    I have a journal in Organics labeled "My Shizzi"

    Wetdog Well-Known Member

    +1 on the Neptune's Harvest.

    Good stuff and the price is right.

    Trump Casino

    Trump Casino Member

    Alaska MorBloom Isn't Organic.

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