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First Aquamist Grow

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by whutsupevry1, Apr 9, 2008.


    whutsupevry1 Well-Known Member

    Okay my aquamist III arrives tommorow. I plan to fill it with tap water and my nutes and then let airstones run for 72 hours minimium, kinda until I feel like it. I will then put in 26 rooted white rhino and 4 Sweet Tooth clones. I am a bit concerned about spacing and how long I should veg for. They are in a closet I am not sure about the size I will take measurements, but the room is open with an air conditoner to handle heat issues and a can fan to exaust. I am using GH nutes with Flora-Nectar and Vegan Compost Tea. Room tempature is a consistent 80, Is that too hot? My Ph is 6.5 and veg nutes ppm is 1900. They will veg under a 400 watt halide with a hortilux bulb and I probably have to flower under that as well because wife is a big jerk and wont give me any money. Walls are covered in co-extruded plastic. Any tips and hints would be greatly appreciated, second grow.:peace:

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    Puff Well-Known Member

    Well at a minumum they should have 10" inches. 5" from stalk to rim of container. This is a setup where the containers are 9" in size. You can try and go 8" but make sure you give them space or you will have scrawny plants. If you can veg for 4-6 weeks, you want to give the plant a chance to sexually mature on its own. If you cut the light back before any preflowers develop the plant will still have to mature but doing so in less light. It wont speed things up. The easiest route to a short flowering period is turning the lights to 12/12 when they plants tell you their ready. I got all this from the growers bible, its sounds like good advice and Im going to go by it in my grow. I also hope to flower in the next week or two.


    whutsupevry1 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Puff I apreciate the insight very nice plants in your pictures. Okay Wife is being nice and approved a 400 watt HPS, Right now they are in clone domes under a 125 hydrofarm cfl, I will veg using the 400 halide and flower using the hps.

    whutsupevry1 Well-Known Member

    Okay Aquamist got here today Growgenie - The #1 Retailer of Aquamist aeroponic and hydroponic Systems is where I got it. No problems at all very efficient, would and will order from them again. Here are a couple pictures of it so you can see how close my plants will be and why I am not sure how long to veg for?? The jug on top is a one gallon water jug just to show size. I added my veg nutes ppm is 2300 and I am just going to let it sit with airstones until probably saturday or sunday. My main concern is the spacing any tips from someone who has grown with these would be greatly appreciated

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    whutsupevry1 Well-Known Member

    Okay added plants today am going to keep them under 125 watt for a day or to and watch how they are doing. Here are day one pictures. Their are 28 white rhino and two sweet tooth clones

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    headbandrocker Well-Known Member

    nice! any advantage of the newer ams over the old ones?

    iceman77776 Member

    lookin good, however is that enough room for 30 plants?
    by the time there vegged 6 weeks wont there be extreme foliage?

    jack. Member

    Are there any finished thread w/ Aquamist???

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