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FIJI water tastes great but is it good for seedlings?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by anhedonia, Dec 26, 2009.


    anhedonia Well-Known Member

    FIJI water analysis- silica 91 mg/Liter, Calcium 18,Magnesium 14, PH 7.8, TDS 220

    Should I lower the ph and feed this to the seedlings? They just broke the dirt. Ive had alot of bad luck with seedlings and Im not feeding them tap this time. I can get them to start out great but they soon turn yellow, stretch and either stunt or die. Ive figured its got to be the water.

    pastafarian81 Well-Known Member

    I use tap. My plants don't mind it. Why waste money on bottled tap water.

    anhedonia Well-Known Member

    Our tap water is pretty hard. This fiji water comes from a natural artesian aquafer. Could somone tell me wether this stuff could be used for seedlings or what other source I should be using? Anything better than tap.

    Uk.Cobra Active Member

    filtered water if you got a water store near by would be your best bet

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