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Female plant is producing seeds. Should I harvest ASAP??

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by uniden555, Mar 21, 2007.


    uniden555 Active Member

    Hi Guys, I just noticed that one of my female plants is developing seeds and already has some seeds. Does this mean that I should harvest ASAP as the plant is no longer going to continue to flower/produce resin, etc?

    Thanks much!

    mogie Well-Known Member

    Indicates it could be a hermie.

    FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half

    yeah probably a hernie unless you had a male somewhere.Keep it away from any females

    uniden555 Active Member

    yo> Thanks for the responses.. The female plant has been flowering for 5 weeks and somehow got polinated.. Therefore it is producing the seeds as a regular plant would. The odd thing is that I only had two plants and both are female. I wonder if someone in the neighborhood had some males. My question is because it is now producing seeds, does this mean that the buds are no longer going to continue to grow or develop? I would like to limit the number of seeds I have to pull out later, but do not want to cut it down yet if the buds can still develop more. I have included pics.

    Thanks again!!! Much appreciated.

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    uniden555 Active Member

    Yo>> just realized that my plant maybe is a hermi.. I thought that it just had seed sacks, but now when I look closer they look like male flowers. That would make sense since I dont have any male plants. The odd thing is that the female plant that I have next to it has been flowering for five weeks and doesnt have any seeds.. That is why I just assumed that the other plant was pollinized and not a hermi.. Ive included another close up picture hoping that you can tell me if its a hermi or not.. Possible male flowers are circled.

    Thanks again!

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    cali-high Well-Known Member

    thats a tuff call. im not an expert with hermies maybe fdd2blk or someone will help you out.

    i dont know

    Wavels Well-Known Member

    Hi uniden, that photo shows bananas, which have obviously spread some pollen. That plant is a raging hermie!
    Looks like you missed a cluster of bananas a little to the right of the top circle.
    I would kill it.
    Good luck.:joint:
    Soda Pop

    Soda Pop Active Member

    Hermie. No question. Oh well, embrace it! It's always good to have a couple of seeds in the 'ol seedbank.;-)

    uniden555 Active Member

    thanks much> Yeah, I definitely think its a hermie.. that would explain how it has seeds when I have no male plants to provide pollination. The only odd part to me is that I have a female plant growing next to it has been flowering for five weeks and has not developed any seeds. Maybe I have just been really lucky and it hasnt been pollinated yet by the hermie.. Makes me wonder if I should just leave the hermie to increase its bud size since it hasnt pollinated the female plant next to it..

    Thanks again>

    VictorVIcious Well-Known Member

    I bet it already has. It won't do much good to get rid of it now.

    OverD0se Active Member

    When your plant produce seed,It doesnt mean you will not get any bud or your bud will not grow But your plant will put most of energy on seed producing and your bud will not as big as always but you can smoke them without prob. You could make fem seeds from a hermine ... but I think its too late , Dont kill your plant after harvesting..put it back on 24/0 light and let it grow ... then you can start a new flowering to get femenized seeds

    burlingo Well-Known Member


    Lowkster Well-Known Member

    Yep, dats sounds about right!
    ink slingin' in the 805

    ink slingin' in the 805 Well-Known Member

    wow, ok cool.. found EXACTLY what im looking for. i am having the same problem, except i believe one of my girls turned hermie after a light leak because the male flowers have stopped. except the damage is done on all the inside nugs, they have all turned to seed clusters. however, all of my outside colas and main cola is untouched. my resolution, f*ck it, i could always use seeds, espically deez sour diesel seeds =) but now im just worried that all the energy will be focused on the seed production and not bud production.. any recomends? and i already have a 215 so i dont mean THAT kind of recomend.... =)

    Babyjesus420 Active Member

    In my experience plucking the seeds does not shock the plant at all and does improve bud production one of my females has been pollinated removed as many seeds as possible and they seem too be taking it very well i just plucked the seeds as iseen them and i might get 10-15 mature seed witch i was told would be 99.9 female so im very happy im looking at 2-3 oz yeild next time i will be checking everyday begining the first day of flower for any signs of male flowers or possible pollination of any kind will keep a spray bottle in hand as i pluck to soak the surronding areas flushing/killing the pollen limiting the amount of seeds if any i would have to pluck but am enjoying this growing thing good luck with your future grows:hump:

    AKRevo47 Well-Known Member

    You can see the male flowers on the first pic. The seeds came from that plant.

    AKRevo47 Well-Known Member

    Here they are, check out my hermie. If you can avoid pollinating the rest of your crop, then keep it and make some butter or hash :joint:

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    mckinney madness

    mckinney madness Member

    just continue to grow that shit up and smoke it, least u no now for next time. would be a sin to get rid of a ganja plant that may well get u high

    cocopops Member

    i had a hermi plant pollinate a female plant and i got seeds off of it will these seeds now also have the tennancey
    to also be hermi plants

    jake1288 Member

    i have the exact same problem right now. female plant with buds just starting to show little premature seeds that come out of the bud when forced out (i was jonsing and cut a bud off to dry out and smoke, and found a seed?) I was gonna just harvest it, but i read that if i keep it, and pollinate a female later with it, the female it pollinates will produce seeds with 75% chance of being female. is this correct? does anyone know? if so, how do i know when to put the two together, and how it works? will the hermy produce hermy seeds and the pollinated female produce fem seeds? or vise versa? im a damn noob at this. first year growin. dont know much.

    -and ya i know this is all from last year, but i've been looking everywhere for some advice and cant find it anywhere.

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