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Female plant is producing seeds. Should I harvest ASAP??

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by uniden555, Mar 21, 2007.


    artofit Member

    Anyone reading this thread and looking for advice on seeding females need to be informed that the Internet is full of misinformation about growing. rollitup.org is just about the only site with informed and experienced members but that is not always true either. From my own experience and from long ago when I could smoke and was growing pot when I was overseas, I can tell you that:

    1. hermaphrodites don't necessarily produce hermies but some of the seeds definitely will produce hermaphrodites again though this maybe due to other factors.
    2. Not all the seeds from a hermaphrodite will be females but most of them are.
    3. Females pollinated by a hermie in the same strain will not produce all or mostly female seeds but genetics will remain the same. A female pollinated by a hemie of a different strain will produce really shitty and unpredictable seeds 99% of time but once in a great while they produce real good seeds of a new hybrid strain taking mostly the genetic characteristic of the hermie's strain. F-2 seeds normally loose their genetic signature and I have no idea why it works like that.
    4. thc production appears to stop when a female goes into seeds but the weed is still pretty good.

    My recommendation is that you separate the hermies or seeding females right as soon as you discover them and if that is not possible, you should get rid of the damn thing if you have other plants in your grow. If the seeding plant is your only one, then you really don't have a choice. Just let it ride and harvest when 20% of the trichomes turn or wait until seeds are matured if you want the seeds. if you have several plants, just be a man, get rid of the hermies and chalk it up as experience (that is, don't get your seeds from bozos and don't buy from seed producers that can not control their production quality. It is not the price of seeds but it is the time, energy, other expenses and taking a chance with the horse shit "multi, multi billion $ war on marijuana" and of course the self serving narc agents and judges.

    On a different note, I wish I could still smoke the wonderful herb but I am still thinking that law is to protect the people and to provide justice for the people. I wish the heck someone from the other side of this issue could tell us all what justice does this "war on pot" serve and how it protects anyone????? except for gangsters, rebel forces in South America and lazy dope peddlers and jobs of narc agents. Oh, ya children you say??? What a f***ing joke. It's been a complete failure and loss of nearly trillion dollars in the past 40 years. For a country facing bankruptcy and drowning in social injustice the money, the efforts and the law and justice sure could be used in a much better way. Legalization will free us all. Plant seeds everywhere my friends. Plant seeds at police stations, at court houses, at judges back yards, in public places and everywhere else you can plant your seeds. How the hell can they keep it illegal when it is growing everywhere and out of their ass?
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    sunflwr2 Member

    Please help me!!!
    I have a female plant that seems to only be producing seeds out of the polyps. so far there is no type of bud forming.. what should I do - do I pull the seeds off and hope the plant will form buds - or should I leave the plant alone and let it do it's thing.
    I just don't want to waste my time on a plant that is not going to produce buds..
    I am soo confused

    cumeoh16 New Member

    Thank you so much @Artofit, I think that was pretty comprehensive, but my case I have two that have shown that ground and at the 7th week, and the remaining four are landing wrong (though different varieties of seeds). As a newbie armed with all kinds of good arsenal plantation learn from the best HERE! BRAVO!

    bullSnot Well-Known Member

    at 3-15 dollars a pop for seeds - when you seed bud you hit the mother load. A plant is way more valuable for seed than bud - in a legal country anyway

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