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Family Guy Spews loads of crap about pot.

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by Stoned Bhudda, Aug 6, 2007.

    Stoned Bhudda

    Stoned Bhudda Well-Known Member

    I no longer watch Family Guy. Yester day, I wathd a new episode where Peter and Lois want to enter a talent show, and play music. They riad Brian's stash in te cigar box underneath his bed, and roll some joints. Nexy its shows the completely retarded on the couch, naked, while Peter eats a guitar. They get to the tallent show and smoke a joint before playing, then they go on stage, and play a cool song. When they gt hmethey are confued about why they didnt win and heres where it get strigh up LIES!!! Chris walks i an lls them that pot is a form of LSD!?!?, that it kills brian cells, and then It cuts to a scene wehere Peter and Lois are on stage again, but they are rolling around on the floor screeching, and smahing tier guitars. Chris explains to them the pot makes you think that you play better, but really it makes you play worse. It also shows Peter an Loisin the kitchen. Lois wants to make cookies, then Peter say thy dont have t becuase they are in a majicland of candy. It shows them dancing through a happy land, with colors and unicorns, and clouds that talk. Then they are licking a giant sunday, wich actually turns ou tp be Chris sitting on the couch. It was all complte bullshit. LIES FUCKING LIES!! How can they do that on tv!!! They are tricking youth into thinking that pot is worse tha crack... Bullshit. I was so angry, I amoslt called the studio and bitched them out. Fuck. Atleast tell he truth. It was discusting.

    socal*bud Active Member

    Wow thats so gay. Ive seen this alot on tv unfortunately. They make weed "the worst drug" and "tha gateway drug" and if you smoke bud you will turn into a meth addict. Complete bullshit, lets just hope people are smart enough not to believe their lies.

    magicdude22 Well-Known Member

    they only do this because its the most wide spread drug. and its the most wide spread drug because of the fact that its not nearly as harmful as many of the others. only if the government didnt have an agenada (sp). we would all be living in a much happier greener place

    Sabud Well-Known Member

    OMG I FORGOT lol fdd and everyone was talking about that epsidoe last night but i said i dont remember seeing it but now i remember somewhat. Yah they smoke and they look like cool hippies playing peace songs then it flashes to real life lol there drooling and smashing guitars . the licking chris thing was funny.

    It is bullshit but you gotta admit its kinda funny
    Stoned Bhudda

    Stoned Bhudda Well-Known Member

    It was funny, but thats the rough part. Kids are gunna beleive it now, because it was funny. Humor is the best way to educate kids. By kids laughing at that, they go ha what a fuckin idiot! Im neaver doing that! They are smart, but we have to be smarter

    Chiceh Global Mod, Stoner Chic Staff Member

    I saw that episode and saw right through it. They make it seems bad but yet really good.

    Sabud Well-Known Member

    lol agreed

    cincismoker Well-Known Member

    it looked more like a acid trip but it not guna stop me from watchin family guy lol

    biggflintmi Well-Known Member

    I dont think many kids watch it anyway and the parents that do let their kids watch it are stoners. So dont worry they will all eventually smoke out anyway:joint:

    HumboldtGreenz Well-Known Member

    I think you need to lighten up and not worry about Family Guy putting pot in a negative light. That is NOT a children's show. You should go smoke another one and relax.

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