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Extracting Alprazolam from Xanax

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by pkrkid73, Apr 4, 2010.


    pkrkid73 Member

    I have thought of a method to extract alprazolam from 2mg xanax tablet. This is to get rid of filters and make onset of effects quicker and to get a higher peak.
    ok, so alprazolam has a higher solubility in acidic liquids. Not very much in water. So I have thought about grinding up 1 2mg Xanax tablet to a powder and mixing it thoroughly with 1 cup lemon juice. after this i will strain the mixture to get rid of filters right there. Most of the alprazolam will be dilluted in the lemon juice. I will then take this liquid i now have and put it in a flat plate to evaporate. Once fully evaporated i will theoretically have a powder on the bottom of the plate. I will then scrape this up and place the entire powder under my tongue to be ingested sublingually.

    Will this work? Do i need to fix any of my method? Will I get a quicker onset and higher peak? Should i use less lemon juice and how much?

    shepj Oracle of Hallucinogens

    You need to know if alprazolam is soluble in a polar or non-polar solvent.

    Without this you do not know if the powder you have is the fillers/binders, or alprazolam.

    Smokiethebear Well-Known Member

    xanax is a fast acting drug...Ive never heard of anyone doing an extraction

    ndangerspecimen101 Well-Known Member

    Someone has some extra time on his hands... it always beats the waiting game!

    But isn't Xanax fast enough ;)

    shepj Oracle of Hallucinogens

    I find it odd how few people i know have ever tried of insufflating alprazolam.. The bioavailable is lower intranasally (I am pretty sure) but it is still absorbed faster, leading to a faster onset.

    You both pointed out the same thing, I think it is commonly known that it has a fast onset.

    If it has a fast onset and has a very good bioavailability (80-90% orally), maybe their intentions are not to ingest this orally nor intranasally? With no fillers and no binders one would have pure alprazolam, which would remove the need for filtering, hence making it easier to inject.

    If that is the case, Alprazolam is rather dangerous to inject and should probably be avoided.

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