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Experienced Electrician! Here to Answer Any and All Growroom Electrical Questions

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by bricktown73, Apr 7, 2009.


    619kt619 Member

    I understand your concerns regarding confidentiality, If I was certified confidentiality would be of upmost importance to me and potential clients that need my help.

    With that 60 Amp breaker I would recommend installing a sub panel right next to your tents, then you can run out two separate 15/20 amp circuits. One for each tent, but like I said it would require the work of a professional
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    Laerton420 New Member

    Great advice. I was drawing up plans to do exactly that. I completely agree with you on the professional help. Looks like im shopping for a good electrician who is discreet. My intention was to install a sub panel between the two tents with 2 15- 20 amp breakers in it. One for each. Does that sound viable? I thought perhaps i could do the work in the room and get a pro to tie in everything at the main box.
    P.s. you have already been of great help and i wish to express my gratitude at you taking your time to advise me on this.

    619kt619 Member

    yep, you are definitely on the right track and your research is paying off big time. You will save a considerable amount of cash . If you want any help during the build just PM me with pics and stuff and I can help you out

    Laerton420 New Member

    Man. Thanks. Truly appreciate you. Very helpful.
    Lucky Luke

    Lucky Luke Well-Known Member

    Speak to the owner (not staff) of your local hydroponics shop. I'm sure they would have someone (like an electrician who grows) who they could put you in touch with.
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    Jypsy Dog

    Jypsy Dog Well-Known Member

    Just get your 6/3 pulled out to your main for a Sparky to bring it in. You can handle all the rest. Setting the Sub is not a big deal. Plenty of info online on pulling your branch circuits. Did a hook up/in for a guy with a Tanning Bed. He got all his education online and did a pretty good job. [​IMG]

    Ryry94 Active Member

    I had the same concern and just ended up telling the electrician over the phone before he even came to my house. Legal state, but some people just refuse to work on weed projects or charge double, I wanted to avoid both. After talking to the electrician for a while, he suggested that people ask for a new dryer plug (220v) in the grow location, because you are going to move your laundry room, right?. Then buy one of those awesome controller boxes that plugs into the 220 dryer outlet and provides all sorts of outlets for lights and the rest of crap we need to plug in.

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