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Experienced Electrician! Here to Answer Any and All Growroom Electrical Questions

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by bricktown73, Apr 7, 2009.


    nxsov180db Well-Known Member

    I had to buy a pushmatic 50A breaker not to long ago, none of the electrical supply stores in my area had them in stock so I just bought one off Amazon with free 2 day shipping, just figured I'd let ya know in case you go that route...

    Smellinsweet New Member

    Thanks for all the help. I had an electrician I know over to look at everything earlier. Looks like I need a few upgrades to do this the right way...

    Feirefiz Well-Known Member

    hello i have a electrical question about wiring an exhaust fan to a thermostat and a cycle timer,
    ultimately i am looking to have my one fan, exhaust air during the day hooked to the thermostat, but when lights go out and the temperature drops to the point that the thermostat stops coming on i would like the fan to come on say 5 minutes every half hour. this question has been asked before, and the consensus seems to be adding a transformer, and relay to separate the circuits. My question(s) is/are, could i not just hook up the thermostat, and timer in parallel to the fan?, would a backfeed of power into the thermostat and/or timer really be an issue? alternatively i have considered hooking the thermostat and cycle timer to the fan and just have the thermostat and timer each hooked up to a timer that would have the thermostat circuit live for 12 hours of the day, and the cycle timer the other 12 hours, but then i am dealing with a backfeed of power into whichever timer is off while the other is on, would this be an issue?

    i hope that is as clear as it is in my head, i am a mechanic by trade but not an electrician, a/c still eludes me a bit and would like a second opinion

    elkamino Well-Known Member

    I need to run 2 inline fans at half speed. I have the 2 fans and the two timers but only one fan speed regulator. Any reason I CAN'T:
    1. Plug fan speed regulator into the wall
    2. Plug a power strip into the regulator
    3. Plug in 2 fans on 2 separate timers, running on different schedules, into the strip that's already "dimmed" by the regulator?


    619kt619 Member

    What is the regulator rated for? and how much power are you pulling with the timers and fans? So long as the timers and fans do not exceed the rating of the regulator you should be fine
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    elkamino Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the response. FYI everything is UL listed. The regulator is a Speedster, 120 volt/15 amps. The 2 fans are both pretty small, 4 inchers. Both run fine at 50% (unlike my inlin duct extender), I just didn't know if the 2 different loads would tax the regulator in some way, since they'll sometimes both be off, or both be on, or one off and one on. Thanks again. :eyesmoke:

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