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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by bricktown73, Apr 7, 2009.


    Glaucoma Well-Known Member

    I would listen to your instincts on this one.

    MattMA Active Member

    Ya it sounded tempting but it's not like the wires don't lead directly into my room

    glockdoc Well-Known Member

    you from mass matt?

    MattMA Active Member

    I was born there

    chronicboomz New Member

    I have 2 x 600w HPS with ballasts, and two 6 inch extractor fans. I would like to run them from a 4 way extension lead plugged into a single UK 230v 50hertz socket. Is this a safe or will it overload the socket/extension lead? Thanks in advance for any info!

    Hoare Member

    you've got 1200 watts with the lights. Add the fans. If they are 50 watts a piece you are looking at 1300 watts. divided by the 230 volts you are looking at <6 amps. What else is on the circuit and whats the rating on the circuits breaker/fuse?
    Is the extension rated for 6 amps?

    SGmenace Well-Known Member

    Hi, hopefully someone can help me hook up my new timing board. I have a 8 gauge wire hooked up to a 40 amp breaker in the panel but I don't know how to hook it up to my relay. Should I get a electrician or is this something I can do myself?

    Heres a pic of the timing board and a close up of the relay



    Also, I wanted to confirm the two wires coming out of the junction box should sandwich my high heat shut off as seen below.

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    AfricanGrow New Member

    Hi there mate was hoping you could help me with something. Well actually a few things.

    Am trying to understand a bit more behind the electrical of a set up.

    See I'm am only used to running extension leads to my ballasts ( to power lights obviously ) straight from wall sockets in designated room/rooms as not to short out room.

    I want to wire a independent breaker just for my lights and fans etc ( ideally closer to the room )

    Want to run a 3800watt room
    10x10 or 12x12 ( 5x600 hps and 2 x 400 mh )
    As well as my exhaust fans aircon and fans.

    We work on 220v here in Africa

    2Hearts Well-Known Member

    I can never match up the voltage or ampage of pc fans and those small 12v dc adjustable chargers. I always run two in parallel to make it a little better of a match but mostly their way out. Ive always wondered if its safe and what effects mixing different voltage and ampages?

    One example is the fans are 12v and 0.3 amps but i run two making ampage of 0.6 in parallel and hooked upto a transformer/charger set at 6v 1.2ampage.

    There are many other voltage settings too all changing the ampage.


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