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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by bricktown73, Apr 7, 2009.


    Glaucoma Well-Known Member

    I would listen to your instincts on this one.

    MattMA Active Member

    Ya it sounded tempting but it's not like the wires don't lead directly into my room

    glockdoc Well-Known Member

    you from mass matt?

    MattMA Active Member

    I was born there

    chronicboomz New Member

    I have 2 x 600w HPS with ballasts, and two 6 inch extractor fans. I would like to run them from a 4 way extension lead plugged into a single UK 230v 50hertz socket. Is this a safe or will it overload the socket/extension lead? Thanks in advance for any info!

    Hoare Member

    you've got 1200 watts with the lights. Add the fans. If they are 50 watts a piece you are looking at 1300 watts. divided by the 230 volts you are looking at <6 amps. What else is on the circuit and whats the rating on the circuits breaker/fuse?
    Is the extension rated for 6 amps?

    SGmenace Well-Known Member

    Hi, hopefully someone can help me hook up my new timing board. I have a 8 gauge wire hooked up to a 40 amp breaker in the panel but I don't know how to hook it up to my relay. Should I get a electrician or is this something I can do myself?

    Heres a pic of the timing board and a close up of the relay



    Also, I wanted to confirm the two wires coming out of the junction box should sandwich my high heat shut off as seen below.

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