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Enough light stress to cause Hermie issues?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by statik, Jan 29, 2010.


    statik Well-Known Member

    So I picked up 4 clones from a local club about 2 weeks ago. They were rooted pretty well so I just threw them straight into flower. Should not be a problem there.

    Last week we had some big storms roll through. Power went out @ the house for about an hour and a half. Power did go out BEFORE lights were supposed to come on. So they sat in darkness for about an extra hour and half than normal.

    About 5 days later, the power company was messing around and lights went out about a half hour before normal.

    Do you think this would be enough light stress to cause hermie issues? A couple of my clones have popped male flowers, along with female.

    The only other issue I can think of that has caused them ANY stress at all is slightly low pH...and thats a new development.

    +Rep for sound advice.

    Oh, on a side note..I guess when the other patient I am growing with took the first clone back to the club (it was BAD hermie, every node!)...they tried to claim that any other hermies in the room could cause others to go hermie. I call bullshit, as far as I know a hermie in the room causes seeds.

    Right? :shock:

    CLOSETGROWTH Well-Known Member

    Well, messing with a light schedule again and again can cause issues like yours.. especially if its a sensitive strain. It is a good possibility. I wouldnt rule it out.
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    statik Well-Known Member

    I was afraid of that. I guess it's better than the alternative though, the club selling me hermie clones! :o

    Much appreciated for the confirmation.


    jawbrodt Well-Known Member

    Yeah, the club is selling you shit clones. Those extra hours of darkness aren't enough to cause them to go hermie. And as you guessed....hermies can't turn other plants hermies, unless you practice grafting techniques and grafted them to one another. :lol:
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    mr.smileyface Well-Known Member

    Ive had hermies once. The light timer failed to turn the lights off for 4 days straight. Biggest burn they and I, have ever took.
    It happend in the 3rd week of flower and they were the worst case of gayness ever. They were sheMALES.
    Jack in the Bud

    Jack in the Bud Active Member


    I'm not a plant biologist by any means but I have raised 15+ crops in the last 7 or so years. And I've had some hermies before.

    It is my opinion that if a plant is genetically predisposed to go hermie, it's going to do so no matter what you do. My crops get their light cycle interrupted all the time and I haven't had a hermie show up for quite some time.

    In fact the only times I got any hermies was when I was starting out and was using random bag seed to grow from. Since getting some (non-feminized) seeds of the strain Allegria a couple years a go I haven't had a single hermie.

    In fact it's also my opinion that it's this whole "feminized" seed thing that's spreading this hermie trait around and making it show up more and more. It would be interesting to know if those clones you got came from a mother plant that came from a feminized seed (or had one further back in it's genetic lineage).


    PS: I'm pretty sure soil PH doesn't have a fucking thing to do with a plant going hermie.
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    BlueFish Active Member

    My plants got very light stressed and not one went hermie on me. First my timer failed and they spent an extra 7 hours in darkness one day. I just adjusted the schedule to the new dawn and they never showed any signs of stress. Later I had a much more intense problem. My aeroponics system developed a major leak when some of the silicon cracked, which dumped 5 gallons of water onto my floor. I'm on the second floor of an apartment complex, and the water soaked through and leaked into the apartment below me. I was notified of the leak when maintenance called to tell me they were on their way (they got here 3 minutes later). I had to open the box during the dark cycle while flowering, shut off the aeroponics for the next 10 hours and flood my bathroom by disconnecting the water line to my toilet to pretend that's where the water came from. It was hectic, but the maintenance guy bought it and my girls are still growing fine, not one hermie in the bunch. I've also nute burned these girls and had a nasty pH problem. Not one male flower.

    Based on my experience, I'm inclined to agree that there's a genetic disposition to hermaphroditism, and some plants are just going to turn hermie on you. Whether or not it's a result of the feminized seeds is an interesting thought, but I know nothing about that process or cannabis genetics so I can't develop an educated opinion on it.
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    Cesaro Well-Known Member

    Plants go hermie for a number of reasons actually. You probably just have superior growing techniques, and good genetics.

    However, if you goof up enough you will get hermies, it's basically the plant thinking the world is coming to an end and bam it has some male flowers to continue on. It's a crude analogy but that is why it happens. Most flowering plants are hermies, and while marijuana is a rare case of a plant the exhibits male or female flowers, I believe that all flowering plants descended from Hermie ancestors.

    My uncle grew some bag seed that turned hermie about 4 weeks in. We think that the bottom of the tent was getting light leakage due to the air flaps at the bottom. Only the bottom branches hermied, still ruined the entire crop in that tent though.
    weed monkey

    weed monkey Active Member

    i agree with jack in the bud, hermies all genetics. 90% genetics maybe 10% of the time its stress issues. the plant does'nt have enough cognative reasoning to know that the world is coming to and needs to do somthing.
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    GeeTee Well-Known Member

    the club sold u some shitty clones. 1hr of xtra darkness wont cause that . it wood b like a plant thats outside not recieving any lite for the 1hr if it was cloudy and thers no sun

    cowboylogic Well-Known Member

    First I agree with you on the whole FEM movement so too speak. Good genetic and growing habits along with regular seeds will almost always provide a 70% or better female rate. On the PH issue though. Extreme changes in PH can cause enough stress too hermi a plant. But the plant itself would certainly already be showing signs of PH issues.

    cowboylogic Well-Known Member

    Take your light meter outside this summer on a sunny day and on a cloudy day. I think you will be surprised at the penetrating power of the sun.

    GeeTee Well-Known Member

    even on a cloudy day wen its bout to rain and everything is dark?

    jawbrodt Well-Known Member

    I'm another who agrees. I've put my plants through hell(not intentionally.lol), with overfert, deficiencies, excessive PH poblems, sloppy transplanting, light leaks, heat stress, etc....(just about anything you can think of.lol), and have only had one turn hermie out of about 100 plants. None of those were grew from feminized seeds. I think the 'FEM process' predisposes them to becoming hermies, if people are having thier plants turn hermie, that easily. I think I'll stick with regular seeds from now on, and wait the 4 weeks to sort out the males, then clone til I'm blue in the face.LOL

    statik Well-Known Member

    yeah dude. Anything stronger than moon light is enough to wake plants up and put them in light cycle. Crazy huh? Think about it, you can still get sunburned on a cloudy day.

    Thanks a bunch guys. I am going to have to go through and read each one of these posts again. Ya'll got some rep coming your way for sure.

    As far as the whole Hermie/Fem seed issue goes. Ask our very own Subcool what he thinks about that. From what I remember, he is of the opinion it's a horrible practice, I fully agree.


    statik Well-Known Member

    What kind of tent were you using? I am currently in a Silver Edition HydroHut.

    statik Well-Known Member

    What kind of fluctuation are we talking about here? Like I said this is a new issue on the part of the clones. I am in CoCo, so I keep my pH a little low.

    However it has dropped from about 5.9 to about 5.6 in some buckets (raising it back up today to about 6.0)

    I mean, I hear of pH raising and lowering on people all the time..and have never heard that to be blamed as the cause of hermie problems.

    Would this pH stress be enough you think?

    statik Well-Known Member

    Yep. I have seen people put plants through hell as well...with no hermie issues at all. I seriously think the FEM seed movement is hurting our gene pool big time.

    I wonder if these clones came from FEM seed now. I am going to find out, I'll tell ya that much. From the sound of it, there really hasn't been enough stress to cause hermie issues unless the plants already kind of had a disposition to do so.

    Also, the fact they said that BS about hermie's being "contagious" (knew that was wrong, but had to ask anyway)...I dont doubt that something is kind of fishy over there with their cuttings.

    Here's the tripper though. After they told my partner that it could have been caused by another hermie in the hut (contagious)....They told her to just take it home again!?

    Now why in the world would you tell a patient to take a hermie back into the hut when you KNOW they have 3 other clones from you in there? Why, so the supposed contagious hermie can "infect" the other clones and seed the patients entire crop?

    I'm going to have a talk with those people in there.... :fire:

    jawbrodt Well-Known Member

    ^Yeah, they sound like a bunch of dumbasses who are taking advantage of honest people. Who knows, they might even be taking seeds from hermie plants, and pawning them off as genuine FEM seeds.(don't let anybody tell you that they're the same thing, because they are not)

    statik Well-Known Member

    Thing is the meds themselves in this place are great. I have been to a handful of clubs in my area, and ever since I found this one I haven't gone anywhere else.

    When it comes to smoke coming out of the place I have no complaints whatsoever.

    I just want to know for sure if these clones going hermie is my fault, or the suppliers.

    I was unaware of the hermie seed/fem seed fact you brought up. That makes sense to me now. I had a few Purple's that were hermies a couple years back. I kept the seeds and grew them (this run). Planted 10 seeds, I have 1 plant (left from those)...and it hermied on me a while back.

    I did actually expect it to happen with that plant though. Hoped it wouldn't, but was not surprised really. I am almost tempted to keep growing her (I have clones) anyway. She/it is an awesome producer, and potency is great.

    Anyway, anyone else got any input on my current issue with hermie/club clones? :wall:

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