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Emerald Triangle Seed co.

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by puffntuff, Mar 30, 2011.


    Unequalibrium Active Member

    Good luck with these breeders. I don't know how their regular seeds look, but I just got 5 femmed and 2 are ok, 1 is kinda pale, 1 is completely white, and the other one is the smallest, most deformed seed I've ever seen. And none of these were freebies. I sure hope they're stable. If I had to judge by looking at the seeds, I doubt it. Probably hermie city. I guess I'll have to run them to find out and hopefully I'll prove myself wrong.

    Dephect Member

    Popped my 5 reg Bubba 76 seeds before my Trinity Kush. All the Bubba seeds are strong seeds, 3 of them have really thick stems and the other two have slightly thinner stems at the bottom (probably due to my placement in the cubes) but are thickening up at the top. So yeah 100% germination rate and going great so far.

    rollanotherbowl Member

    Seriously? how could you possibly know what the genetics are like just by looking at the seeds?

    The ETS seeds I received didn't look particularly super large or impressive, but they all germinated quickly and all of the resulting seedlings are healthy.

    I unfortunately didn't receive the free pack of 5 reg Bubba 76 like I was supposed to, but I did receive my 10-pack of feminized Super Sour OG. The pack actually contained 11 seeds... + I also got another Super Sour OG fem freebie, a Grapefruit Krush fem freebie, and a Emerald Jack fem freebie.

    So, I have 12 Super Sour OG, 1 Grapefruit Krush, and 1 Emerald Jack at the moment. All feminized... All seedlings are healthy, and the Super Sour OG all look pretty uniform.

    I'm pretty excited for the Super Sour OG. I believe it is the Blueberry Headband shown in their Youtube video crossed with their Loast Coast OG. That's a lot of Chemdawg/Sour D/OG Kush heritage there, and the Blueberry could add something interesting. As long as the genetics they're using are good, legit versions of the strains, these should be something special.

    I think the main idea here is they are using popular clone-only varieties and mixing them with quality old school/landrace genetics to put out high quality variations of the clone-only strains to sell to the public.

    For example, in the youtube videos they have shown, they showed Blueberry Headband, 707 Headband, Bubba Kush, and The Snow, but they don't have any of these for sale.

    The Super Sour OG appears to be Blueberry Headband x Lost Coast OG (their cut of OG Kush). California Wildfire appears to use the plant they called "The Snow" in its cross... which sounds like it should be similar to Chemdog's Snowdawg/Super Snowdawg. "The Snow" is from Oregon and I guess must be Chemdawg #4 x Northern Lights #5? The Bubba 76 is obviously their Bubba Kush cut crossed with an old Afghan kush.

    I sent them an email asking some questions about some of these strains, but haven't received any reply. Hoping the Super Sour OG turns out good...

    RoloTomassi Active Member

    well, it's generally believed that darker seeds are more viable than their lighter siblings... I'm not 100% sure why that is - perhaps it has to do with the seeds ripeness before harvest but I seem to recall hearing this advice in cervantes' DVD and a few other places. The lightness/darkness of a seed seems to vary by strain so I think one has to take that into consideration when evaluating seeds in this way. As far as seed size goes I don't think that has much to do with viability as it seems to vary by strain but seed hardness is a factor.

    Ultimately I would germ the seeds and see how they grow before making any determination about their genetics. Judging a company by the appearance of their seeds seems a bit harsh... and what's the rush?

    Unequalibrium Active Member

    Really? Harsh? Judging a SEED company on the appearance of their SEEDS is not harsh in the least. Shitty tiny deformed seeds grow shitty, runty, slow growing plants that aren't worth screwing with and investing a bunch of time in, and white seeds don't germinate at all.

    RoloTomassi Active Member

    Seeds not germinating isn't an appearance issue.

    Unequalibrium Active Member

    It is when I can tell by looking at them that they won't germinate. Super tiny deformed seeds or white seeds, unless you're blind appearance matters a lot. You can twist it any way you want. And when the seed distributor doesn't even allow the word germinate to be used in a email, appearance is an issue regardless of what your opinion is.

    RoloTomassi Active Member

    Appearance is a way to evaluate the potential for seeds to germinate. I discussed that a little in post #24 however some of the appearance criteria you are using is irrelevant. It's happened that perfectly fine looking seeds don't germ and somewhat light looking seeds do germ, all I'm advocating is that for purposes of characterizing the quality of a particular seed vendor, one make a final judgment based on performance not on appearance... I don't understand what the rush is.

    Enigma684 Well-Known Member


    tingpoon Well-Known Member

    the sour jack popped no problems, im really looking forward to gettin those in. i've seen little dinky beans turn into gorgeous green bushes so i try not to judge by the cover. i dont think we should try to predict nature just do the germin process and see what happens.[​IMG]

    puffntuff Well-Known Member

    The littlest seeds are dynamite seeds and they are dank as it gets.

    XxsmokexX52 Member

    I posted some of these on another thread, but thought I'd share here to.

    The first 2 pics are of the Super Sour OG fem. and the second 2 pics are of the Emerald Jack (flowering)
    There in Sunshine #4 & perlite in 5 gal. buckets.
    The Super Sour OG smells the best out of the 2, but that's my opinion.(but both smell like strate dank!!)
    So far so good here, hope everyone else gets some dank!!

    Super Sour OG.jpg DSC03617.jpg DSC03653.jpg DSC03630.jpg

    Toolegit2quit Active Member

    Emerald Triangle has a lot of very nice sounding strains!! the sour lemon og, the super sour og, and others.. They all sound delicious.

    Has anyone grown any of these out yet? how was the yield? I'm a huge sour diesel and og kush fan so I really want to try the super sour og, but I don't have any more room for plants that don't have large yields... I have my "connoisseur" strains picked out already, now I'm looking for larger yielding strains that still have great taste. anyone got pics of some super sour og almost done flowering?

    XxsmokexX52 Member

    soon my brotha, soon. I want to veg as long as possible, but I think I'm going to induce flower Wednesday (8 weeks of veg). The SS OG is supposed to dub. in size once it's in flower so fingers crossed. But, like you mentioned I too am a huge fan of both Diesel & any OG Kush so I can'twait!! I'm also going to try this new "bud" swell my buddy gave me. Run a little test on the SS OG.

    boogaloobrown Member

    I'm on week 8 flowering with 2 Mastodon kush's. Both were topped once. The biggest is about 5' tall and 3' wide. My tent is 3x3x7. The description ECS gives is dead on, these plants produce monster buds. Ill post a final weight in a couple weeks.

    Monkeymonk840 Active Member

    Has anyone tried the blueberry headband

    cotchept Active Member

    The Bubba '76's are great if you want a top notch indica. Really easy to find a Pre-'98 Bubba pheno but it will be more leafy and less stretchy than the cut is. They're frosty stout plants. Can't wait to sample them in a few week. Oh and remember to avoid their Fem seeds as they outsource them and only breed Reg seeds in house.

    Bubba #1

    Bubba #2

    cotchept Active Member

    I would also like to know if anyone has tried it. I'm looking for a blueberry or blueberry cross and this might be the one I scoop up considering how well my Bubba's are doing and how inexpensive ET's seeds are.

    Monkeymonk840 Active Member

    Those bubbas r nice I'm runnin Cali cons pre 98 bubbas. But I picked up the blueberry band and bonkers from next gen. Also purple wreck n s.a.d. I collect top sellers. But I'd like to pop those bbhb.
    Capt. Stickyfingers

    Capt. Stickyfingers Well-Known Member

    Their fems are some of the best genetics I've gotten so far and I've gone through a lot of different beans through the years. Whoever they're outsourcing to is doing a fabulous job. Don't spread bs.

    Grapefruit Krush


    Lemon Diesel



    Lost Coast OG


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