Electrical help! Surge protector suddenly keeps tripping....?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Mr.Goodtimes, Jan 9, 2017.


    Mr.Goodtimes Well-Known Member

    Hey guys have an electrical question if someone could help...

    I have a 15amp surge protector plugged into a 20amp breaker. I have 2 600w and two small water pumps plugged into the surge protector.

    It has been running fine for years, but two days ago this damn surge protector starts tripping out of the blue. I mean it's on a dedicated 20amp breaker and it isn't overloaded...

    We just had some freezes and rapid change in temp, maybe the wires at the breaker came loose due to weather change? Idk just brainstorming... The surge protector still says grounded and protected, so I doubt it's a problem with that... Maybe a wire is loose causing a surge and the strip to pop?

    The receptacle is in my garden (obviously) so I can't get an electrician. Can anyone help me trouble shoot this?

    Rocurse Active Member

    I dunno bro. 20 amp breaker pretty small. I had a 100 amper, with 7000 watts, 2 A/C's, fans, yada yada. Not only did blow the panel, I blew the transformer on the pole our front! Huge explosion and everything! Power company had to install a heavy duty transformer!! And I had to install a 200 amp breaker in my house, and 100 amper in my room.Guess my point is, overkill is paramount. If you've been gettin away with it, prob just luck, lol. It could be from something else overloading in your crib. Just the equipment goin bad, who know's without a pro. IMHO
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    grow1620 Well-Known Member

    If it's tripping out of the blue I'd replace it.
    Could it be tripping when the pumps come on? When pumps start up they spike higher in watts to start or w/e . I could see maybe over time as the pumps wear down it might take slightly more amps to kick them on.
    If it trips when you wiggle plugs around then maybe you could pop it open and tighten something up?They are pretty basic in side.
    I dunno...just tryin to help :)
    Zombie brains

    Zombie brains Active Member

    If you have an amp clamp then utilise that to start with. If you don't try plugging just one in at a time and seeing if anything pops it.
    However I see you mention a garden and changing temps, I'm thinking that you could have moisture forming in your ballasts which would cause them to randomly short until they give up the ghost for good. If possible check all electrical connections for signs of damage, loose wires or burning. But please make sure that the power is isolated first.
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    Alienwidow Well-Known Member

    Replace the surge protector, or run an extension cord from another circut to one of your lights.
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    Mr.Goodtimes Well-Known Member

    Thanks for talks advice.

    I think it was just the surge protector, it's the same one I used when I very first started so it's like a decade old lol.

    I replaced the surge protector and so far so good.

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